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2016-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinbump OPUS_LT_REVISION
2016-07-06 Timothy B. TerriberryRemove tabs from source code.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd configure check for Aarch64-specific Neon intrinsics.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxClean up formatting of configure output for ARM intrins...
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxClean up some intrinsics-related wording in configure.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxEnable intrinsics by default.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxEnable Neon intrinsics for aarch64.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxRename OPUS_ARM_NEON_INTR AM_CONDITIONAL as HAVE_ARM_NE...
2016-06-29 Michael GraczykAdd experimental support for ambisonic encoding
2016-05-31 Jonathan LennoxModify autoconf tests for intrinsics to stop clang...
2016-01-12 Jean-Marc Valinbump libtool revision for 1.1.2
2015-11-26 Jean-Marc Valinbump libtool revision
2015-11-05 Radu VeleaAdding AVX config switches
2015-10-16 Timothy B. Terriberryconfigure: Remove empty else clauses from AS_IF
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7: Optimize fixed point FFT using NE10 library
2015-10-07 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7(float): Optimize encode usecase using NE10 library
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxReorganize x86 SSE intrinsics code.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxMove SSE2 and SSE4.1 intrinsics functions to separate...
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxFix instruction used for cpuid test.
2015-09-01 Jonathan LennoxReorganize configure's detection of intrinsics functions:
2014-12-25 Viswanath Puttaguntaarmv7: celt_pitch_xcorr: Introduce ARM NEON intrinsics
2014-12-20 RonFix the quoting of AC_LANG_PROGRAM
2014-10-04 xiangmingzhuCisco optimization for x86 & fixed point
2014-03-19 Martin StorsjoMake the converter handle apple specific...
2013-12-17 Peter fix bashism in ARM optimization handling
2013-12-04 Jean-Marc ValinBump soname v1.1
2013-12-03 Jean-Marc ValinRevert "Disables assembly optimizations by default... v1.1-rc3
2013-12-03 Jean-Marc ValinDisables assembly optimizations by default because...
2013-11-18 Timothy B. TerriberryAdds Neon assembly for correlation/convolution
2013-11-04 Jean-Marc ValinExposes --disable-float-api in autoconf
2013-07-13 RonAlways try to update the version when is run
2013-07-01 RonGet rid of PC_LIBM
2013-06-28 RonMore autoconf housekeeping
2013-06-08 RonDrop the stdint size tests that we never use anywhere
2013-06-04 Aurélien ZanelliAdd run-time CPU detection and support for ARM architecture
2013-05-26 Aurélien ZanelliAdd an option to disable build of extra programs (demos...
2013-05-22 Timothy B. TerriberryMinor configure adjustment.
2013-05-20 RonAdd support for autoconf macros in m4/
2013-05-20 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd ARMv4/ARMv5E macros.
2013-05-18 RonUse m4_esyscmd instead of m4_esyscmd_s
2013-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'surround'
2013-05-10 RonFully automate version updating
2013-05-09 Jean-Marc ValinBump version to match 1.0.x branch
2013-03-13 Ralph GilesRemove -Wdeclaration-after-statement.
2013-03-11 Ralph GilesAdd -Wdeclaration-after-statement.
2013-01-02 Ralph GilesUse AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.
2012-12-05 Ralph GilesBump soname version to match the 1.0.x branch.
2012-11-29 Ralph GilesRemove obsolete check for endianness.
2012-11-14 Ralph GilesEnable maintainer mode by default on automake 1.11
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_analysis7'
2012-09-19 RonJust fix opus-uninstalled.pc instead of tweaking the...
2012-09-18 RonLink the include dir into out-of-tree build dirs
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesOpus custom requires libm unconditionally.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesAdd -lm to the pkg-config link line.
2012-09-17 Ralph GilesRemove FLOATING_POINT from config.h.
2012-09-01 Jean-Marc Valinsome doc for --enable-fixed-point and --enable-floating... v1.0.1-rc3
2012-08-29 Gregory MaxwellCompletely remove the built-in autotools -fstatck-prote...
2012-08-21 Ralph GilesClarify a comment.
2012-08-21 Ralph GilesPropagate OPUS_VERSION to config.h.
2012-08-16 Ralph GilesMove the release version string to
2012-08-15 Jean-Marc ValinBump version number v1.0.1-rc2
2012-08-10 Gregory MaxwellUse provided soname versioning.
2012-08-09 Gregory MaxwellDisable stack-protector for mingw32 and remove win32...
2012-08-08 Jean-Marc ValinBump version number to 1.0.1 and set libtool version v1.0.1-rc
2012-07-07 Gregory MaxwellMake stack-protector check use AC_LINK_IFELSE.
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellAdd configure option to disable stack protector.
2012-06-11 Gregory MaxwellAdd -fixed to the version string & clarify that fixed...
2012-05-18 Ralph GilesRemove the obsolete LIBOPUS_SUFFIX define.
2012-05-18 Ralph GilesMove the various version defines to be together.
2012-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinSync with draft -14
2012-05-16 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'tmp_draft'
2012-05-15 Jean-Marc Valinversion bump draft-13 v0.9.11
2012-05-15 Gregory MaxwellMake vararray and restrict checks fail GCC 2.95.3's...
2012-05-15 Gregory MaxwellImprove portability to BeOS via some fixes...
2012-05-15 Gregory MaxwellMake vararray and restrict checks fail GCC 2.95.3's...
2012-05-15 Gregory MaxwellImprove portability to BeOS via some fixes...
2012-04-24 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit '390c89225d'
2012-04-24 Jean-Marc ValinAdds some references, bumps version number
2012-02-17 Jean-Marc ValinLast updates for draft -11 v0.9.9
2011-10-31 Jean-Marc Valinversion bump
2011-10-31 Jean-Marc Valinversion number bump draft-09 v0.9.7
2011-10-28 Ralph GilesCheck for __malloc_hook and define MALLOC_FAIL appropri...
2011-10-27 Gregory MaxwellTest cleanups and renaming.
2011-10-21 Gregory MaxwellDon't use -fstack-protector-all when its not supported...
2011-10-21 Gregory MaxwellFix stack corruption with high rate SILK encoding added...
2011-09-15 Gregory MaxwellDocumentation and build script updates.
2011-09-14 Jean-Marc Valinrenames the libcelt/ directory to celt/
2011-09-07 Ralph GilesAdd initial Doxygen support for generating api document...
2011-09-03 Ralph GilesFix the 'distclean' target.
2011-09-02 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp-highpass'
2011-09-01 Gregory MaxwellVarious minor cleanups (removing dead arguments, macros...
2011-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinImplements the OpusCustom modes (mostly) properly
2011-08-31 Gregory MaxwellAdds many syntactically unnecessary parentheses to...
2011-08-28 Ralph GilesAdd pkg-config support files.
2011-08-11 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a fuzzing mode that causes the encoder to make...
2011-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinRe-enables test cases, including the rotation test
2011-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinUsing the real version name instead of the last tag...
2011-08-02 Ralph GilesTell automake to put object files in subdirectories.
2011-08-02 Ralph GilesQuery git for the repository revision and use that...
2011-08-01 Jean-Marc ValinAdd a function to query the Opus version