Fixes two minor issues found in random testing at ridiculously low rate.
[opus.git] / celt_headers.txt
2011-10-27 Jean-Marc ValinMoves the main headers from src/ to include/
2011-10-04 Jean-Marc ValinRenaming the CELT plc.c file to celt_lpc.c to avoid...
2011-09-14 Jean-Marc Valinrenames the libcelt/ directory to celt/
2011-09-02 Gregory MaxwellFix tarball builds.
2011-08-02 Gregory MaxwellRename libcelt/static_modes_(fixed|float).c to .h to...
2011-07-30 Jean-Marc Valins/celt_types/opus_types/ in celt_headers.txt
2011-07-09 Jean-Marc Valinfix autotools build, bump version number draft-07 v0.9.5
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixes the build of the draft
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'silk-repo/master'
2011-04-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge commit 'celt-repo/master'
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc Valinfile list update
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinHeader list