Avoiding leaks when opus_demo exits with an error
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2018-05-28 Mark HarrisFix DISABLE_FLOAT_API unused parameter warning
2018-05-28 Mark HarrisOnly call isqrt32() with a positive argument
2018-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinOops, fix NaN test
2018-05-15 Jean-Marc ValinAborting on NaN in CELT
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc Valintwo more asserts I forgot
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAsserting on some ctl() calls that should never fail
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding decoder state validation
2018-03-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdding ENABLE_HARDENING
2018-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinForgot one RFC8251 behaviour to disable with --disable...
2018-02-15 Jean-Marc ValinDisabling weak transients and 5ms resolution on voiced...
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdd a simple masking model to the spreading decision
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinMaking sure importance[] is initialized even when we...
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc Valinoops
2018-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinImprove TF analysis RDO to take into account how import...
2018-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinScaling back the pitch filter when most of the energy...
2017-10-30 Roman KalashnikovFix unnecessary assignment.
2017-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinEnable RFC 8251 changes by default
2017-10-08 Jean-Marc ValinFix entropy coder doc
2017-10-08 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifying celt_fir5() since x==y and mem[]={0}
2017-10-08 Jean-Marc ValinFix #undef of constant
2017-10-06 Jean-Marc ValinFixes CELT PLC
2017-10-05 Jean-Marc ValinAdd RNN for VAD and speech/music classification
2017-09-11 Ralph GilesRename arm ne10 assembly optimization files.
2017-09-11 Ralph GilesRename SSE 4.1 files to match their targets.
2017-08-24 Ray Essickfix alignment exceptions
2017-07-25 Linfeng ZhangFix celt_pitch_xcorr() ARM jump table compiling error
2017-06-14 Mark HarrisFree all allocated memory in unit tests
2017-06-06 Linfeng ZhangClean celt_pitch_xcorr_float_neon() v1.2-rc1
2017-06-06 Linfeng ZhangOptimize floating-point celt_inner_prod() and dual_inne...
2017-06-06 Linfeng ZhangOptimize fixed-point celt_inner_prod() and dual_inner_p...
2017-06-06 Linfeng ZhangReplace call of celt_inner_prod_c() (step 2)
2017-06-06 Linfeng ZhangReplace call of celt_inner_prod_c() (step 1)
2017-06-02 Jean-Marc ValinRecalibrate VBR to hit target bitrate on average
2017-06-02 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate dynalloc VBR calibration
2017-06-01 Jean-Marc ValinAdding leakage modelling to boost bands exp_leakage7
2017-06-01 Jean-Marc ValinLet CBR use more bits for dynalloc
2017-05-25 Jean-Marc ValinFixes unit tests that need arch-specific code
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a double->float conversion warning
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes some fixed-point 16-bit int overflows v1.2-beta
2017-05-24 Jean-Marc ValinReducing trim at low bitrate
2017-02-27 Mark HarrisFix compiler warnings
2017-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinFix sum initializer in celt_fir()
2017-02-18 Jean-Marc ValinRemove SMALL_FOOTPRINT code for celt_fir()
2017-02-15 Jean-Marc ValinIncreasing GLOBAL_STACK_SIZE to 120000 to avoid failure
2017-02-15 Michael BradshawReduce the scope of Ne10 includes
2017-02-15 Michael BradshawRemove #include "config.h" from ARM Ne10 headers
2017-02-05 Mark Harrisarm2gnu.pl: Fix GNU ARM .type directive
2017-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids undefined behaviour in ARM-optimized code
2017-01-17 Linfeng ZhangRevise celt_fir_c() to not pass in argument "mem"
2017-01-13 James Zernfixed_debug.h: delete some dead code
2017-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids pre-echo in hybrid mode caused by noise being...
2016-12-22 Mark HarrisFix some compiler warnings
2016-12-20 Jean-Marc ValinMakes analysis run at 24 kHz, with 20-ms frames
2016-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves OPUS_FRAMESIZE_VARIABLE
2016-11-02 Jean-Marc ValinImproves CELT bit allocation at very low bitrates v1.2-alpha
2016-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinDon't use hybrid "weak transients" on vowels
2016-10-28 Jean-Marc ValinDefine "weak transients" for low bitrate hybrid
2016-10-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an unstable energy issue for low-bitrate hybrid
2016-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents ridiculously large gains from causing inf...
2016-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinMake it possible to ignore inverted phase stereo for... exp_bitstream7
2016-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinBitstream change: prevent noise injection in hybrid...
2016-08-15 Jean-Marc ValinRemoved a float operation that sneaked in in the fixed...
2016-08-15 Jean-Marc ValinSpeeding up PVQ search by allocating even more pulses...
2016-08-14 Jean-Marc ValinApply deemphasis to both channels in the same loop...
2016-08-13 Jean-Marc ValinMaking gcc use SSE directly for float->int conversion...
2016-08-13 Jean-Marc ValinReducing dependencies in deemphasis()
2016-08-12 Jean-Marc ValinFixes problem with M_PI
2016-08-11 Jean-Marc ValinMaking stereo_itheta() use the same atan2() approximati...
2016-08-10 Jean-Marc ValinSSE2 implementation of the PVQ search
2016-08-06 Jean-Marc ValinMaking signx[] an int in alg_quant() and removes unnece...
2016-08-06 Jean-Marc ValinSpeeding up PVQ using unlikely() and moving first posit...
2016-08-06 Jean-Marc ValinGetting gcc to use cmovs rather than branches in alg_qu...
2016-08-06 Jean-Marc Valinbiasing quantization
2016-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinFixes "mixed declarations and code"
2016-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinWeighting theta rdo based on channel energy
2016-07-28 Jean-Marc ValinDon't do theta RDO on intensity-stereo-coded bands
2016-07-28 Jean-Marc ValinSaving the state rather than re-compute the best option
2016-07-28 Jean-Marc ValinMaking stereo theta decision based on minimizing distortion
2016-07-28 Jean-Marc Valincontrolling rounding
2016-07-28 Jean-Marc ValinProperly allocation scratch space for resynth encoder
2016-07-28 Jean-Marc Valincleanup: putting resynth flag in the context
2016-07-28 Jean-Marc Valincleanup: line wrapping
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinMove PLC LPC bandwidth expansion before the FIR to...
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinFixes comment
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an overflow in amp2Log2() for very large encoder...
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinFixes cap on gain in denormalise_bands()
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a shift<0 issue in transient_analysis()
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinTighter bound in filter control in PLC
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinMore headroom in PLC code
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinSaturate MDCT output post-TDAC rather than pre-
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids reading beyond the current buffer in comb_filter()
2016-07-24 Jean-Marc ValinDirectly saturate the comb filter output
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinPLC overflow fix
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinPrevent overflows in PLC celt_iir()
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinfixes overflows in celt_iir() by doing proper saturation
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valingetting rid of a PLC overflow (I think)
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinpost-filter saturation
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinsaturate MDCT output
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinsilencing overflows in MDCT and FFT
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinReduce risk of overflowing in mono downsampling