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[opus.git] / src / tansig_table.h
1 /* This file is auto-generated by gen_tables */
3 static const opus_val16 tansig_table[201] = {
4 0.000000f, 0.039979f, 0.079830f, 0.119427f, 0.158649f,
5 0.197375f, 0.235496f, 0.272905f, 0.309507f, 0.345214f,
6 0.379949f, 0.413644f, 0.446244f, 0.477700f, 0.507977f,
7 0.537050f, 0.564900f, 0.591519f, 0.616909f, 0.641077f,
8 0.664037f, 0.685809f, 0.706419f, 0.725897f, 0.744277f,
9 0.761594f, 0.777888f, 0.793199f, 0.807569f, 0.821040f,
10 0.833655f, 0.845456f, 0.856485f, 0.866784f, 0.876393f,
11 0.885352f, 0.893698f, 0.901468f, 0.908698f, 0.915420f,
12 0.921669f, 0.927473f, 0.932862f, 0.937863f, 0.942503f,
13 0.946806f, 0.950795f, 0.954492f, 0.957917f, 0.961090f,
14 0.964028f, 0.966747f, 0.969265f, 0.971594f, 0.973749f,
15 0.975743f, 0.977587f, 0.979293f, 0.980869f, 0.982327f,
16 0.983675f, 0.984921f, 0.986072f, 0.987136f, 0.988119f,
17 0.989027f, 0.989867f, 0.990642f, 0.991359f, 0.992020f,
18 0.992631f, 0.993196f, 0.993718f, 0.994199f, 0.994644f,
19 0.995055f, 0.995434f, 0.995784f, 0.996108f, 0.996407f,
20 0.996682f, 0.996937f, 0.997172f, 0.997389f, 0.997590f,
21 0.997775f, 0.997946f, 0.998104f, 0.998249f, 0.998384f,
22 0.998508f, 0.998623f, 0.998728f, 0.998826f, 0.998916f,
23 0.999000f, 0.999076f, 0.999147f, 0.999213f, 0.999273f,
24 0.999329f, 0.999381f, 0.999428f, 0.999472f, 0.999513f,
25 0.999550f, 0.999585f, 0.999617f, 0.999646f, 0.999673f,
26 0.999699f, 0.999722f, 0.999743f, 0.999763f, 0.999781f,
27 0.999798f, 0.999813f, 0.999828f, 0.999841f, 0.999853f,
28 0.999865f, 0.999875f, 0.999885f, 0.999893f, 0.999902f,
29 0.999909f, 0.999916f, 0.999923f, 0.999929f, 0.999934f,
30 0.999939f, 0.999944f, 0.999948f, 0.999952f, 0.999956f,
31 0.999959f, 0.999962f, 0.999965f, 0.999968f, 0.999970f,
32 0.999973f, 0.999975f, 0.999977f, 0.999978f, 0.999980f,
33 0.999982f, 0.999983f, 0.999984f, 0.999986f, 0.999987f,
34 0.999988f, 0.999989f, 0.999990f, 0.999990f, 0.999991f,
35 0.999992f, 0.999992f, 0.999993f, 0.999994f, 0.999994f,
36 0.999994f, 0.999995f, 0.999995f, 0.999996f, 0.999996f,
37 0.999996f, 0.999997f, 0.999997f, 0.999997f, 0.999997f,
38 0.999997f, 0.999998f, 0.999998f, 0.999998f, 0.999998f,
39 0.999998f, 0.999998f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f,
40 0.999999f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f,
41 0.999999f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f, 0.999999f,
42 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f,
43 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f,
44 1.000000f,
45 };