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13 days ago Jean-Marc ValinFixes comments master
13 days ago Jean-Marc ValinTakes into account a corner case with the multistream...
13 days ago Jean-Marc ValinLowered the smallest packet that the multi-stream encod...
2014-09-04 Jean-Marc Valinupdating the update draft
2014-09-04 Jean-Marc Valinminor language tweak to RTP draft
2014-08-31 Ralph GilesApply further fixes from Ron.
2014-08-31 RonFix mixed-case RFC 2119 keywords
2014-08-31 Ralph GilesFix ambiguous RFC 2119 keywords.
2014-08-31 Ralph GilesClarify ambiguity between 'streams' and 'files'.
2014-08-14 Timothy B.... Ogg Opus updates from Ian Nartowicz.
2014-08-10 Tristan Matthewsos_support: fix misleading comments
2014-08-09 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: bump release date, version, and more... draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: Clean up R128 tag descriptions.
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: Fix a typo.
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: Add R128_ALBUM_GAIN.
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: apply some clarifications from derf.
5 weeks ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04 Source of draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04
5 weeks ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-03 Source for draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-03.
7 months ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-01 This version of doc/draft-ietf...
7 months ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-02 This revision of doc/draft-ietf...
9 months ago v1.1 Opus 1.1
9 months ago v1.1-rc3 Opus 1.1 release candidate 3
9 months ago v1.1-rc2 Opus 1.1 release candidate 2
9 months ago v1.1-rc Opus 1.1 release candidate
14 months ago v1.1-beta Opus 1.1-beta release
14 months ago v1.0.3 Opus 1.0.3 release
20 months ago v1.1-alpha Opus 1.1-alpha release
21 months ago v1.0.2 Opus 1.0.2 release
2 years ago v1.0.1 Official 1.0.1 stable release
2 years ago v1.0.1-rc3 3rd release candidate
2 years ago v1.0.0 Official 1.0.0 release
2 years ago v1.0.1-rc2 Version 1.0.1-rc2
13 days ago master
2 months ago exp_mips_opt
9 months ago opt_float
9 months ago exp_mips_alt
9 months ago silk_pitch_fix
11 months ago exp_surround1
14 months ago 1.0.x
14 months ago msvc
15 months ago exp_temporal
15 months ago exp_temporal1
16 months ago surround
18 months ago ietf-draft
18 months ago exp_analysis
18 months ago exp_delayed_decision
20 months ago exp_bandwidth
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