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last changeFri, 14 Sep 2018 20:27:03 +0000 (16:27 -0400)
6 days ago Jean-Marc ValinFixes packet parsing for 16-bit CPUs master v1.3-rc2
6 days ago Jean-Marc ValinClarify configure --help
8 days ago Ralph GilesUpdate ISO Base Media Format draft to version 0.8.1.
10 days ago Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding get_demixing_matrix() symbol clash on unified...
10 days ago Jean-Marc ValinOpusMSDecoder does not have an arch field
2018-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdd include/opus_projection.h to
2018-08-31 Marcin GorzelApply equal bit allocation to ambisonic channels
2018-07-28 Mark HarrisWork around VS2015 internal compiler error staging
2018-07-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixing arithmetic problems for 16-bit CPUs in ambisonic...
2018-07-28 Felicia LimFix bitrate allocation for channel mapping 2
2018-07-27 Joshua Bowmanwin32: Add ambisonics sources to VS project
2018-07-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes C90 "mixed declarations and code" error
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemove ambisonics experimental flag
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinEnable ambisonics by default
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinEnable hardening by default
2018-07-26 Jean-Marc ValinFix comma that should have been a semicolon
6 days ago v1.3-rc2 Opus release 1.3-rc2
3 months ago v1.3-rc Opus release 1.3-rc
8 months ago v1.3-beta Opus release 1.3-beta
14 months ago v1.2.1 Opus 1.2.1 release
15 months ago v1.2 Opus release 1.2
15 months ago v1.2-rc1 Opus release 1.2-rc1
15 months ago v1.2-beta Opus release 1.2-beta
15 months ago v1.1.5 Opus release 1.1.5
20 months ago v1.1.4 Opus release 1.1.4
20 months ago v1.2-alpha2 Release 1.2-alpha2
22 months ago v1.2-alpha Release 1.2-alpha
2 years ago v1.1.3 Release 1.1.3
2 years ago v1.1.2 Release 1.1.2
2 years ago v1.1.1 Opus 1.1.1 release
2 years ago v1.1.1-rc Opus 1.1.1-rc release
3 years ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06 Source of draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06.
6 days ago master
7 weeks ago staging
3 months ago exp_bandwidth_fix4
3 months ago exp_bandwidth_fix3
4 months ago exp_ratecontrol1
5 months ago exp_hardening2
7 months ago exp_hybrid_lbr1
7 months ago exp_spreading_mask1
7 months ago exp_new_tf2b
12 months ago exp_kelly1
14 months ago exp_rnn3
14 months ago exp_hybrid_stereo
14 months ago exp_rnn1
14 months ago draft_wip
15 months ago exp_leakage7
15 months ago exp_leakage4