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last changeSat, 24 Feb 2018 06:03:35 +0000 (22:03 -0800)
43 hours ago Mark HarrisSwitch to -fstack-protector-strong from -all master
43 hours ago Mark HarrisAdd GitLab CI
43 hours ago Mark HarrisAttempt to make whitespace a bit more consistent
43 hours ago Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix some MSVC compiler warnings
43 hours ago Mark HarrisUse consistent formatting of units
3 days ago Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix formatting of time stats
3 days ago Mark HarrisUpdate copyright year
3 days ago Mark Harrisopusenc: Improve error reporting
2018-02-08 Mark Harrisopusdec: Update resampler from speexdsp
2018-02-08 Mark HarrisRemove unused Speex header file os_support.h
2018-02-08 Mark HarrisEliminate dependency on Speex os_support.h
2018-02-06 Mark Harrisopusenc: Add FLAC pictures using libopusenc
2018-02-05 Mark Harrisopusenc: Set header gain when requested
2018-02-04 Mark HarrisDon't use reserved identifiers as macro names
2018-02-04 Mark Harrisopusenc: Fix stats and percent progress
2018-02-03 Mark HarrisUse correct format specifier for 64-bit types
13 months ago v0.1.10 opus-tools 0.1.10
3 years ago v0.1.9 Opus Audio Tools 0.1.9
4 years ago v0.1.8 0.1.8 Fixes a memory corruption...
4 years ago v0.1.7 Version 0.1.7
5 years ago v0.1.6 Release version 0.1.6.
5 years ago v0.1.5 Version 0.1.5
5 years ago v0.1.4 Version 0.1.4
5 years ago v0.1.3 Version 0.1.3
5 years ago v0.1.2 Release v0.1.2
5 years ago v0.1.1 Release v0.1.1
5 years ago v0.1.0 Initial release.
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