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last changeFri, 22 Jul 2016 20:16:14 +0000 (20:16 +0000)
2016-07-22 Tim TerriberryAdd ids to v-comment.html master
2015-07-08 Ralph GilesFix typo.
2015-05-19 Ralph GilesMark svn deprecated in favour of git.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesAdd test_sharedbook to svn:ignore.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesUpdate svn:ignore for recent changes.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesMore release checklist additions.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesClarify updates on the release checklist.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesAdd a release checklist.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesRecord the release date.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesBump more copyright dates.
2015-03-03 Ralph GilesUpdate changes for release.
2015-03-02 MontySuppress spurious 'may be used uninitialized' gcc warni...
2015-03-02 MontyRoll back unintentionally chaged file (barkmel.c) from...
2015-03-02 MontyRemove a set-but-unused variable (lastdelta) in the...
2015-02-27 MontySomehow the previous svn rm lspmap.png didn't take.
2015-02-27 MontyErrata to correct typo in bark equation in 6.2.5 of...
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