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2014-05-27 Ralph GilesUpdate release version and date on the reference docs.
2014-05-27 Ralph GilesUpdate copyright year.
2014-05-27 Ralph GilesUpdate changelog and versioning for release.
2014-05-27 Ralph GilesFix format specifier width warning.
2014-04-24 MontyCorrect oggpack_writecopy bug reported by Ian Nartowicz...
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2013-05-14 Tim TerriberryUpdate the doc versions for the 1.3.1 release.
2013-05-14 Tim TerriberryBump library versioning and changelog for release.
2013-05-14 Tim TerriberryPrefer the stdint types in config_types.h.
2013-05-14 Tim TerriberryAdd a makefile target to update the doc versions
2013-05-06 Tim TerriberryMinor documentation fixes.
2013-05-06 Tim TerriberrySubject: [PATCH 3/3] Respect the configure --docdir...
2013-05-06 Tim TerriberryTypo fix.
2013-05-06 Tim TerriberryFix broken links in the installed docs.
2013-01-08 Tim TerriberryGuard against very large packets.
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