descriptionOfficial liboggplay repository
ownerViktor Gal
last changeTue, 20 Apr 2010 05:49:32 +0000 (15:49 +1000)
2010-04-20 Viktor GalFix oggplay-dump-first-frame master
2010-03-30 Viktor GalUse libskeleton for decoding ogg skeleton stream.
2009-12-26 John FerlitoEnable versioning on kfree-bsd-gnu to be the same as...
2009-12-26 John FerlitoEnable compilation on kfree-bsd
2009-12-22 Viktor GalFix for bogus Ogg streams with decreasing granulepos
2009-12-21 Viktor GalFix for initialised value check for kate and tiger
2009-12-20 Viktor GalAdd semaphore support for OS/2
2009-12-20 Viktor GalAdd oggplay_get_video_aspect_ratio function
2009-11-19 Viktor GalFix for SIMD YUV444 to RGB conversion
2009-09-30 Viktor GalIn oggplay_initialise not all of the return values...
2009-09-30 Viktor GalFix the typo for MSVC x64 SSE2 support
2009-09-29 John FerlitoFix document installation path for packaging
2009-08-30 Viktor GalInitialise the result in oggplay_mul_signed_overflow_ge...
2009-08-28 Viktor GalFix cpu autodetection macros in oggplay_yuv2rgb.c
2009-08-28 Viktor GalAdd project file for building liboggplay with Xcode
2009-08-27 Viktor GalDecode theora headers only once
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