2004-01-06 Josh Coalsonadd link for digitalsoundboard.net
2004-01-02 Josh Coalsonadd comment for flac-tools link, add links for archive...
2003-12-31 Josh Coalsonrevamp ogg flac file decoder; it needed to be derived...
2003-12-31 Josh Coalsonminor cleanup
2003-12-31 Josh Coalsonfix up reporting of the current frame to the write...
2003-12-31 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2003-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix bug in dummy tell callback
2003-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix bug in read callback where *bytes was not being...
2003-12-30 Josh Coalsonrevamp the Ogg decoding logic; much more stable now
2003-12-30 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2003-12-29 Josh Coalsonadd #ifdef FLAC__ONE_FLAC_FRAME_PER_OGG_PAGE section...
2003-12-27 Josh Coalsonadd link for CD Wave
2003-12-18 Josh Coalsondrop Easy CD-DA Extractor link (not freeware)
2003-12-18 Josh Coalsonworkaround MSVC bug re: scoping of nested classes
2003-12-18 Josh Coalsonfix plugin to match latest api for replaygain synthesis
2003-12-18 Josh Coalsonfix __LIBNAME__ definition
2003-12-18 Josh Coalsonuse double for scale factor instead of float
2003-12-18 Josh Coalson#pragma to turn off useless MSVC warning C4800
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonobliterate obsolete winamp3 plugin
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonfix endian bug when applying replaygain
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonfix bug where apply gain is used on a file with no...
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonfixes from MSVC build
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonugh, it's FLAC__ASSERT() not FLAC__assert()
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonuse FLAC__assert() instead of assert()
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonrename string.* to more unambiguous local_string_utils.*
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonrename string.* to more unambiguous local_string_utils.*
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonfixes for MSVC
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonfix typos, some calls to seekable stream decoder instea...
2003-12-17 Josh Coalson#include stdlib.h for size_t
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonmore re-org fixes
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonfix AC_OUTPUT screwup from re-org
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonadd undocumented option --apply-replaygain-which-is...
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonstamp a CVS+date for the version
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonadd Audio::FLAC S/W link
2003-12-16 Josh Coalsonfix bug in the returned size
2003-12-16 Josh Coalsonuse size_t for return type
2003-12-16 Josh Coalsonadd test of --add-replay-gain
2003-11-30 Josh Coalsontypo
2003-11-30 Josh Coalsonremove old news links
2003-11-27 Josh Coalsonfix bug in sample_number calculation from frame header
2003-11-20 Josh Coalsonimprove wording for "what is FLAC" section
2003-11-20 Josh Coalsonfix typos
2003-11-19 Josh Coalsonadd slim and phatnoise boxes to hardware faq
2003-11-19 Josh Coalsonadd news item for phatnoise home player
2003-11-18 Josh Coalsonadd squeezebox news item/links
2003-11-17 Josh Coalsonadd link to hans' comparison page
2003-11-17 Josh Coalsonfix broken links
2003-11-14 Josh Coalsonfix bug (debian #213172): bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugre...
2003-11-13 Josh Coalsonuse new Ogg FLAC file encoder where appropriate
2003-11-13 Josh Coalsonbetter end-of-file/stream checking
2003-11-12 Josh Coalsonadd primuslive.com news item
2003-11-07 Josh Coalsonremove logo from todo list
2003-11-07 Josh Coalsonuse new logo from Mike
2003-11-07 Josh Coalsonadd proper news links for bygone status items
2003-11-07 Josh Coalsonfix error in encoded residual definition
2003-10-31 Josh Coalsonadd rhythmbox link
2003-10-29 Josh Coalsonadd link to FLACer
2003-10-13 Josh Coalsonadd Magnatune item in status/links
2003-10-09 Josh Coalsonadd mplayer link, fix MAC link
2003-09-26 Josh Coalsonadd ogg seekable stream and file encoder and decoder...
2003-09-26 Josh Coalsonimplementation finished
2003-09-26 Josh Coalsonrewrite to use ogg encoder aspect
2003-09-26 Josh Coalsonminor syntax
2003-09-26 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2003-09-26 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2003-09-25 Josh Coalsonadd OggFLAC__ogg_decoder_aspect_reset()
2003-09-25 Josh Coalsonadd metadata callback back to ogg stream encoder
2003-09-25 Josh Coalsonadd a "tell" callback to the seekable stream encoder...
2003-09-25 Josh Coalsonrewrite to support seeking
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonminor syntax
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonuse resolved_state_string as much as possible
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd resolved_as_cstring()
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonremove leftover and unimplemented proto FLAC__file_deco...
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd the metadata callback back in the stream encoder
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd id for xmcd
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd OggFLAC__stream_decoder_get_resolved_state_string...
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd OggFLAC__stream_encoder_get_resolved_state_string()
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd OggFLAC__OggDecoderAspect member
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd private dir
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2003-09-24 Josh Coalson*::State::resolved_as_cstring() is now inlined
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd OggFLAC__stream_encoder_get_resolved_state_string()
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonmore API comments, add OggFLAC__file_decoder_set_serial...
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonmore API comments, add OggFLAC__seekable_stream_decoder...
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd OggFLAC__stream_decoder_get_resolved_state_string()
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd *::State::resolved_as_cstring()
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsoninline *::State::resolved_as_cstring()
2003-09-23 Josh Coalsonbetter handling of FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_READ_STATUS_END...
2003-09-23 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2003-09-23 Josh Coalsoncheck for OOM after ogg_sync_buffer()
2003-09-23 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2003-09-16 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage
2003-09-15 Josh Coalsonreplace the compile time ordinals.h.in->ordinals.h...
2003-09-15 Josh Coalsonslighlty more verbiage for burrrn
2003-09-15 Josh Coalsonadd link to Subset verbiage in --lax docs
2003-09-15 Josh Coalsonadd support for synthesis to big-endian in plugins
2003-09-12 Josh Coalsonadd "what hardware?" and "what software" FAQs