2007-02-04 Josh Coalsonuse inline byte-swapping function for MSVC
2007-02-04 Josh Coalsonfix bug where specifying --picture in FLAC-to-FLAC...
2007-02-03 Josh Coalsonminor asserts
2007-02-03 Josh Coalsonminor syntax
2007-02-03 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonadd 2007 copyright
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonbump version to 1.1.4-alpha1
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonadd dithering to lp coeff quantization
2007-02-02 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonfix problem in frame size calculation in analysis mode...
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonadd workaround link for installer on vista
2007-02-01 Josh Coalsonadd support for passing frame size to analyzer; analyze...
2007-02-01 Josh Coalsonspeed up precompute_partition_info_escapes_()
2007-01-31 Josh Coalsonbump requisite _MSC_VER to <=1600 for fseeko/ftello...
2007-01-31 Josh Coalsonconvert C prototypes for functions with no args from...
2007-01-30 Josh Coalsonminor typos
2007-01-30 Josh Coalsonreturn nonzero exit code if invalid option was used
2007-01-30 Josh Coalsonadd item for --not-utf8-convert; fix typos
2007-01-29 Josh Coalsonin FLAC__stream_encoder_set_metadata(), copy the metada...
2007-01-29 Josh Coalsonmake CVS vendor string
2007-01-28 Josh Coalsonseveral speed improvements: completely rewritten bitbuf...
2007-01-28 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-01-28 Josh Coalsonadd AC_C_BIGENDIAN
2007-01-24 Josh Coalsoncode simplification and speed optimization for set_part...
2007-01-24 Josh Coalsonminor cleanup in count_rice_bits_()
2007-01-24 Josh Coalsonminor optimizations
2007-01-24 Josh Coalsonminor typo
2007-01-23 Josh Coalsonadd system for verifying that encoded frame size estima...
2007-01-23 Josh Coalsonadd more ces links
2007-01-23 Josh Coalsonclean up hardware links
2007-01-19 Josh Coalsonadd more hardware links
2007-01-19 Josh Coalsonadd links for ces2007 devices
2007-01-19 Josh Coalsonmore test variations on fsd streams
2007-01-09 Josh Coalsonimproved fix for misleading warning, now error out...
2007-01-09 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__bitbuffer_get_input_bits_unconsumed()
2007-01-09 Josh Coalsonadd frettunes.com
2007-01-09 Josh Coalsonfix some links
2007-01-09 Josh Coalsonfix link to itunes feedback form
2007-01-09 Josh Coalsonfix misleading warning (SF#1631064: sourceforge.net...
2007-01-05 Josh Coalsonadd docs on sample format for process calls (SF#1627966...
2006-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd hd mediabox link
2006-12-22 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage
2006-12-22 Josh Coalsonreorganize to be more novice-friendly, add more docs
2006-12-19 Josh Coalsonadd sonos review
2006-12-14 Josh Coalsonadd note to #bugs about error with corrupted FLAC input...
2006-12-14 Josh Coalsonfix makefile bug with ogg linkage (SF#1611414: sourcefo...
2006-12-14 Josh CoalsonFix bug where using -F with FLAC-to-FLAC transcoding...
2006-12-14 Josh CoalsonFix bug where FLAC-to-FLAC transcoding of a corrupted...
2006-12-13 Josh Coalsonadd pearl jam item, remove some old ones
2006-12-13 Josh Coalsonadd links: m6 miniplayer, teclast tl-29, pearl jam
2006-12-13 Josh CoalsonC89 fix (SF#1613348: sourceforge.net/tracker/index...
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsontypo
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonadd link to bugs
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonfix bug with locale-specific -A defaults for -0..-8...
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonfix link to wmp guide; fix default padding number in faq
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonminor error message change
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonupdate links
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonfix link to wmp guide; add known bug: -A in some locales
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonadd link to known bugs
2006-12-05 Josh Coalsonlink with libogg
2006-11-27 Josh Coalsonquick fix for SF#1601812 where an error of exactly...
2006-11-26 Josh Coalsonbump release date
2006-11-26 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonfix bug where jpeg marker detection could be broken...
2006-11-21 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonfix some links, add porting guide to news item
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonmake official download links version-unspecific
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonadd news item for 1.1.3
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonfix bug where test would fail if libFLAC not built...
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonpatch: support for borland c++ compile (SF#1599018...
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonadd a few missing 1.1.3 items
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonadd m4 directory
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonfix options, add m4 directory
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonadd notes from old autogen.sh
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonadd picture.ok
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonminor html fixes
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonpatch: support for borland c++ compile (SF#1599018...
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonfinal merge down from 1.1.2 maintenance branch (cvs...
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonadd logging of command to valgrind log
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonadd logging of command to valgrind log
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonfixes based on valgrind run
2006-11-18 Josh Coalsonpatch from ralph
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonupdate to match sgml
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonfix revdate
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.3
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonadd test_picture to grabbag tests
2006-11-17 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonfix typo
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonremove redundant -Wextra
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonfixes from 64-bit compile
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonbetter detection of "as" variant
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonreplacement based on example from xiph
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonfix bug where decoding to stdout could fail for no...
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonbump to v1.2
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonfixes from MSVC compile
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonencode with --no-padding where possible to speed up...
2006-11-16 Josh Coalsonmake "#if FLAC__HAS_OGG" checking consistent