2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd news for 0.6, update status section
2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonfix default version number
2001-01-26 Josh Coalsondelete unused code
2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate numbers for flac 0.6
2001-01-25 Josh Coalsonspeed up mid-side coding
2001-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd some consts
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonfix bug with asserts
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonadd fallback for when VERSION is not set
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.6
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsondrop major/minor version numbers, use just version...
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.6
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonadd -M (force_mid_side) option
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonadd force_mid_side_stereo option
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__ENCODER_ILLEGAL_MID_SIDE_FORCE code
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonadd force mid-side stereo option
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonadd new analyze mode
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonadd string lookup tables for enums
2001-01-23 Josh Coalsonrevamp in anticipation of new analysis mode
2001-01-23 Josh Coalsonfix bug: --skip and pipes
2001-01-23 Josh Coalsonadd total sample estimation
2001-01-23 Josh Coalsonrearrange to make more sense
2001-01-23 Josh Coalsonfix some pipe bugs
2001-01-20 Josh Coalsonspeed up the rice estimation
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonuse FLAC__VERSION_STRING for version
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonuse VERSION macro for version instead of hardcoding it
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonfix compiler warning
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonadd support back in for running under .lite system
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonfix for autoconf system
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsoninitial version
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonreword for new build system
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonadd -f Makefile.lite to make invocation
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonrenamed Makefile to Makefile.lite
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonadd ESTIMATE_RICE_BITS for speed
2001-01-17 Josh Coalsonchange make to $(MAKE)
2001-01-17 Josh Coalsonupdate links section
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright for 2001
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonupdate 0.5 stats
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonminor wording change
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonfix release date, add MD5 link
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonadd md5.c
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonminor compile error fix
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonupdate with new beta description
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.5
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonfix a typo bug
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd 0.5 news and status
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonminor fix
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd info about MD5
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd 0.5 news
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonremove junk at end of document
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd info about MD5 and test mode
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd info about MD5 and test mode
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsondisallow --skip in test mode
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonturn off MD5 checking in the plugin
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd -t line to usage printout
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonminor tweaks to verbos output
2001-01-12 Josh Coalsonadd md5.o
2001-01-12 Josh Coalsonadd MD5 support
2001-01-12 Josh Coalsonadd support for MD5 checking and a test mode
2001-01-12 Josh Coalsonadd MD5 implementation
2001-01-06 Josh Coalsonchange to support new sign-folded rice coding
2001-01-06 Josh Coalsonchange to sign-folded rice coding, add golomb coder
2001-01-06 Josh Coalsonfix some misstatements
2001-01-05 Josh Coalsonfix to chop off bytes after end of data chunk
2001-01-03 Josh Coalsonadd reserved space detection to metadata decoding
2001-01-03 Josh Coalsonupdate shorten features
2001-01-02 Josh Coalsonrename stream_decoder_allocate_output_
2001-01-02 Josh Coalsonminor change to "what is" section
2000-12-25 Josh Coalsonadd Kexis 0.2.2 to comparison
2000-12-25 Josh Coalsontweak compiler options
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd rule for plugin_xmms
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonchange version number, add some links
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd info on the new verify feature
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd -V option docs
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd 0.4 release note
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonchange version to 0.4
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonfix some typos in error messages
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd new verify option (-V)
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonchanged version to 0.4
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd string arrays for enums
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonchange version to 0.4
2000-12-19 Josh CoalsonAdded some links to the links section
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonChange version number to 0.3
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonFix typos, flac version number.
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonFix link to download page.
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonChanged version number to 0.3
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonFixed bug in constant-detection.
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonVersion number changed to 0.3
2000-12-10 Josh CoalsonInitial revision