2001-05-28 Josh Coalsonfix bug where encoder_wrapper->stream_offset was not...
2001-05-28 Josh Coalsonfix bug in write_big_endian_uint64()
2001-05-28 Josh Coalsonfix minor bug with type printout; minor spelling fix
2001-05-27 Josh Coalsonmake the parallel fix to FLAC__bitbuffer_read_raw_int64()
2001-05-27 Josh Coalsonminor fix to the usage printout
2001-05-27 Josh Coalsonshorten the status line
2001-05-27 Josh Coalsonadd test_bins to the suite
2001-05-27 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2001-05-26 Josh Coalsonfix bug in inlined version of FLAC__bitbuffer_read_raw_...
2001-05-26 Josh Coalsonpatch in the total_error_ fix that somehow didn't make...
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonchange wording on failed verify message
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonremove some junk printouts
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonfix bug in seekpoint uniquification
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonremove the debug code from SSE routine
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonfix egregious bug in the partition sum precomputation
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonchange .nasm extension to .s
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonmore changes to get conditionals/defines working
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonadd memory.c, fix to work with i386 convenience library...
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonchange .nasm extension to .s
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonoops, fix bug with error_scale
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsongate cpu-specific code with FLAC__NO_ASM
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonremove config.h
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonrenamed .nasm file to .s to be compatible with libtool
2001-05-24 Josh Coalsonconfig.h no longer needed
2001-05-24 Josh Coalsonkludge in nasm support
2001-05-24 Josh Coalsongate i386 code with FLAC__HAS_NASM
2001-05-24 Josh Coalsonremove debug printouts
2001-05-24 Josh Coalsonbe more lenient with negative lpc_errors due to accurac...
2001-05-24 Josh Coalsonadd cident macro for defining function entry points
2001-05-24 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__lpc_compute_expected_bits_per_residual_sample...
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonswitch from AC_CANONICAL_TARGET to AC_CANONICAL_HOST
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonadd cpuinfo + runtime asm routine selection
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsoninclude miroslav's mmx lpc_restore routine
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsondiscriminate by cpu, check for nasm, add option for...
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonuse new conditional names
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonadd asm routines
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonuse cpu info to select which routine to execute
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonupdate to use new asm routine naming
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonadd cpu.h
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonmake the asm routine names more descriptive
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonadd config.h
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2001-05-22 Josh Coalsonsoup up FLAC__fixed_compute_best_predictor_asm
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsonoops, MMX moves are MOVQ not MOVAPS
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsonfix compiler warnings about comparing signed with unsigned
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsonsoup up, fix bugs, replace PSHUFW with pre-Katmai-frien...
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsontighten loops using "Jcc NEAR"
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsonremove some redundant instructions
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsonsyntax fixes to the SSE version
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsonfix syntax error in FLAC__fixed_compute_best_predictor_...
2001-05-21 Josh Coalsonincorporate mdz patches to fix log(0) and unsigned...
2001-05-18 Josh Coalsonstreamline FLAC__fixed_compute_best_predictor_slow()
2001-05-18 Josh Coalsonstreamline FLAC__fixed_compute_best_predictor()
2001-05-18 Josh Coalsonadd miroslav's version of FLAC__lpc_restore_signal...
2001-05-16 Josh Coalsonuse float instead of double for basic FP type
2001-05-16 Josh Coalsonfix bug where gcc gets shifting wrong
2001-05-16 Josh Coalsonfix deallocation bugs
2001-05-16 Josh Coalsonrevert to original FLAC__fixed_compute_residual()
2001-05-16 Josh Coalsonfix LOCAL_FABS bug
2001-05-16 Josh Coalsonfix section defs
2001-05-14 Josh Coalsonminor wording
2001-05-14 Josh Coalsondon't try and outsmart the compiler on constant multplies
2001-05-14 Josh Coalsonuse local fabs() routine
2001-05-14 Josh Coalsonremove debug printouts
2001-05-14 Josh Coalsonminor tweaks
2001-05-13 Josh Coalsonuse new FLAC__memory_alloc_* routines to alloc aligned...
2001-05-13 Josh Coalsonadd -DFLAC__ALIGN_MALLOC_DATA
2001-05-13 Josh Coalsonadd type-specific allocators
2001-05-11 Josh Coalsonadd memory.h
2001-05-11 Josh Coalsonadd memory.o
2001-05-11 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2001-05-11 Josh Coalsonupdate comments
2001-05-10 Josh Coalsonspeed up FLAC__lpc_compute_autocorrelation()
2001-05-09 Josh Coalsonfix bug where decoder was closing stdout
2001-05-08 Josh Coalsonroll back the unrolled loop
2001-05-04 Josh Coalsonmore fixes to the -# settings
2001-05-04 Josh Coalsonminor table fix of summary table
2001-05-04 Josh Coalsonadd decode time to summary table
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonminor improvement with byte_bit_to_mask_
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonminor improvement in FLAC__bitbuffer_write_raw_uint32
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsoncosmetic changes
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonremove asm stuff from default build
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonadd asm version of lpc routines
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonadd nasm targets
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonfix script to work with new flac command line
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonmake PRECOMPUTE_PARTITION_SUMS the default
2001-05-03 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2001-05-03 Josh Coalsonupdate -# settings
2001-05-02 Josh Coalsonupdate default values for compression levels
2001-05-02 Josh Coalsonupdate docs with new argument handling, new -r and...
2001-05-02 Josh Coalsonskip allowed for analyze mode
2001-05-02 Josh Coalsonrevert to 1.25
2001-05-01 Josh Coalsonmassive changes to command line parsing to act like...
2001-05-01 Josh Coalsonoops, move message to correct place
2001-05-01 Josh Coalsonfix some error messages
2001-05-01 Josh Coalsonmods to allow main.c to pass in the opened file
2001-05-01 Josh Coalsonremove some unused code
2001-05-01 Josh Coalsonadd support for guessing input file type by looking...