2019-10-10 sezerocmake: fix nasm sources build when building in a separa...
2019-10-10 sezeroconfigure.ac: allow several compiler flags for clang
2019-10-10 sezerocmake: do not add visibility attributes to shared lib...
2019-10-10 sezeromake dllexport work with compilers other than MSVC
2019-10-09 sezeromove the new public get_decoder_client_data function...
2019-10-07 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/bitreader.c: Fix out-of-bounds read
2019-09-30 Erik de Castro... Make sure CMake build files end up in release tarball
2019-09-30 Erik de Castro... Remove un-needed Makefile.am
2019-09-29 Peter Seidererconfigure.ac: check for sys/auxv.h before defining...
2019-09-15 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/lpc.c: Fix signed integer overflow
2019-09-15 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/bitreader.c: Fix shift invoking undefined behaviour
2019-09-15 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/bitreader.c: Fix shift invoking undefined behaviour
2019-09-15 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/bitreader.c: Fix OOB read
2019-09-15 Erik de Castro... Fix a number of gcc 9.2 compiler warnings
2019-09-15 Rosen PenevRun libFLAC++ through clang-tidy.
2019-09-15 oreo639Fix function redefinition on arm-none-eabi compilers
2019-09-15 Rosen Penevwindow: fabs > fabsf and cos > cosf where it makes...
2019-09-15 Rosen Penevflac/utils: Add missing define
2019-08-19 Rosen PenevSwitch to utimensat for newer POSIX versions
2019-08-18 pkubajFix build on FreeBSD PowerPC
2019-08-15 Ralph GilesFix metaflac under ctest.
2019-08-08 Erik de Castro... libFLAC: Rename get_client_data_from_decoder function
2019-08-05 sezeroincrease required minimum cmake version to 3.9.
2019-08-05 sezeroDo not assume that sys/param.h defines MIN and MAX
2019-08-05 Ralph Gilesdoc: Add xmlns attributes.
2019-08-04 Erik de Castro... Version 1.3.3 1.3.3
2019-08-04 Fabian Greffrathdoc: Remove xhtml validator links.
2019-08-04 Ralph Gilesdoc: Use empty-element <hr/> tag.
2019-08-04 Ralph Giles.travis.yml: Generate and validate html documentation.
2019-07-16 Dagobert MichelsenAdd -lrt for all operating systems for clock_gettime
2019-07-15 Erik de Castro... Update Visual Studio 2005 files
2019-07-14 Erik de Castro... Fix CppCheck warnings
2019-07-14 Erik de Castro... test: Ignore varying length in metadata
2019-06-01 evpobrFix CMake configure warning
2019-05-31 Vitaliy KirsanovFixed #107: CMake error without enabling BUILD_CXXLIBS
2019-05-28 Виталий КирсановCMake: fixed windows_unicode_filenames linking errors
2019-05-11 evpobrFix Visual Studio solution generation with CMake
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovAdded README description for CMake
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE set to Release by default: improved
2019-05-04 evpobrEnable components search in package config mode
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE set to Release by default
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovAdded ECHO_C to CMake tests
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovOgg::Ogg renamed to Ogg::ogg
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovUse of BUILD_SHARED_LIBS added
2019-05-04 Виталий КирсановFixed dependencies on win_utf8_io
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovFixed dependency between grabbag and utf8
2019-05-04 Vitaly KirsanovCMake minimum required lowered to 3.1
2019-05-04 evpobrAdd missing fseeko check
2019-05-04 evpobrIntegrate CMake to Travis CI tests
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovFLAC now depends on win_utf8_io
2019-05-04 Vitaly KirsanovAdded /arch:SSE2 flag
2019-05-04 Vitaly KirsanovVersions for shared libs specified
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovCosmetic change: using $<COMPILE_LANGUAGE:>
2019-05-04 Vitaliy Kirsanov/test/*.sh enabled for CTest in UNIX
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovFindOGG.cmake module added
2019-05-04 Vitaliy KirsanovCMake support added
2019-03-07 lvqclUse MMX ASM fucntions instead of SSE4.1 if available
2019-03-07 Robert KauschSpeed up FLAC__bitwriter_write_byte_block (metadata...
2019-02-01 Karthik PeriagaramSuppress compression failure message if it is not an...
2018-09-19 lvqclReplace hadd with shuffle + add
2018-09-02 lvqclCosmetic changes in lpc_asm.nasm and utf8.c
2018-08-25 lvqclUpdate MinGW build files
2018-08-25 lvqclMove CreateFile_utf8 function to a more logical place
2018-08-20 Anton BlanchardAdd VSX optimised versions of autocorrelation loops
2018-08-20 Anton BlanchardAdd runtime detection of POWER8 and POWER9
2018-08-20 Amitay IsaacsCheck if compiler supports target attribute on ppc64
2018-08-20 Amitay IsaacsAdd m4 macro to check for C __attribute__ features
2018-08-20 Anton Blanchardconfigure.ac: Fix FLAC__CPU_PPC on little endian, and...
2018-08-20 Anton Blanchardconfigure.ac: Add VSX enable/disable
2018-08-20 Anton Blanchardconfigure.ac: Remove SPE detection code
2018-08-19 lvqclmove CreateFile function outside of libFLAC
2018-08-17 Erik de Castro... windows_unicode_filenames.c: Fix a missing return statement
2018-06-12 evpobrImprove SIMD detection with Visual Studio
2018-06-10 orbeaAdd output-prefix tests
2018-06-10 orbeaFix --output-prefix with input-files in sub-directories
2018-05-23 luz.pazFix miscellaneous typos.
2018-05-21 Robert Kausch.travis.yml: Simplify file structure and add libogg...
2018-05-21 Robert KauschAdd unit tests for word-wise CRC16 functions
2018-05-21 Robert KauschFix CRC calculation for small blocks.
2018-05-21 Robert KauschUpdate CRC16 for larger data blocks when decoding.
2018-05-21 Robert KauschImplement slicing-by-8 CRC16 algorithm.
2018-05-20 Robert Kausch.travis.yml: Run --enable-64-bit-words test in separate...
2018-05-20 Robert KauschAdd bitreader unit test.
2018-05-20 Robert KauschMinor fixes for bitwriter unit test.
2018-05-20 Robert KauschAdd unit tests for CRC calculation.
2018-05-20 Robert KauschRemove unused CRC8 functions.
2018-05-06 Erik de Castro... Fix more GCC warnings about case fall-through
2018-05-06 Erik de Castro... More generic version of MSVC bug workaround
2018-04-30 Erik de Castro... .travis.yml: Test --enable-64-bit-words as well topic/travis
2018-04-08 Jeffrey Espiritureplaygain_synthesis.c: Fix compile issue in MSVS
2018-02-10 Erik de Castro... Fix for missing WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION
2018-01-08 Christophe... libFLAC : new function returns client_data from decoder
2018-01-06 Alberto FustinoniUWP build fix
2017-07-20 Erik de Castro... replaygain_synthesis.c: Fix a cppcheck warning
2017-07-19 Erik de Castro... Revert "Add Clang support for FLAC__SSE_TARGET"
2017-07-14 C.W. BettsAdd Clang support for FLAC__SSE_TARGET
2017-07-01 Thomas ZanderCorrect flattop window coefficients
2017-06-26 Erik de Castro... Fix GCC 7 case fall through warnings
2017-06-26 Shark64Update lpc_intrin_sse.c
2017-06-23 Thomas ZanderFLAC++: Add missing prototype for construct_block