2005-01-29 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__MANDATORY_VERIFY_WHILE_ENCODING ifdefs which...
2005-01-28 Josh Coalsonfix script invocation in valgrind mode
2005-01-28 Josh Coalsonupdate link to sf logo
2005-01-28 Josh Coalsonlink update for MC plugin
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonadd missing decoder finish calls
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonfix recently-broken host- and system-checking logic
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonadd note about xmms bug to http streaming entry
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonfix typo in solaris defines
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonfixes for compiling with SunPro
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonfix ANSI C violation w.r.t. const arrays
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd test_seeking runs for native FLAC files with total_...
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonimprove to test seeking beyond end-of-stream
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonimprove resolution stream-length-in-millisecond calculation
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonremove unnecessary #includes
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonfix another seeking bug that can happen rarely when...
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd link to project page on sourceforge
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsontag new changelog entry as version 1.1.2
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonminor removal of unused code; see lists.xiph.org/piperm...
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonmerge from FLAC 1.1.1 maintenance branch (-j FLAC_RELEA...
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd items: html metaflac docs, improved vorbis comment...
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2005 to copyright notices
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd items for speedups and bug fixes
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonmemmove/memset patch from Eric Wong
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonpatch from Eric Wong, slight improvement on Miroslav...
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsoncheck in miroslav's long-lost bitbuffer optimizations
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonremove superfluous semicolon after namespace closures
2005-01-24 Josh Coalsonagain fix logic around deciphering frame/sample number...
2005-01-21 Josh Coalsonmerged patches from Chris Csanady and John Steele Scott...
2005-01-21 Josh Coalsonadd host checks to try and divine whether we're on...
2005-01-21 Josh Coalsonadd test for new form of get_tags()
2005-01-21 Josh Coalsonadd tests for constructors with copy control and assign()
2005-01-21 Josh Coalsonfix required nasm version
2005-01-07 Josh CoalsonlibFLAC++: all metadata object operator=() funcs now...
2005-01-07 Josh Coalsonbetter verbiage in bug-report lingo
2005-01-07 Josh Coalsonfix typos
2005-01-07 Josh Coalsonimproved handling of libiconv
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix all bare malloc() realloc() etc calls to have a...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix typos, remove obsolete $(ORDINALS_H)
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix typos
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd latest rice partition order limit restriction to...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd docs for metaflac
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd test for 'flac --input-size'
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd a default BUILD target
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsondon't build dynamic libs on OS X
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonin stream encoder, only allocate and calculate real...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd vorbiscomment validation functions to format.c...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonrevamp plugin_common to use utf-8 instead of wchar_t...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix libFLAC to build PPC asm properly, conditionalized...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonconditionalized linking with libOggFLAC
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonrevamp plugin_common to use utf-8 instead of wchar_t...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsondefine socklen_t if it doesn't exist
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadditions to metadata object api: more vorbiscomment...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix typo in comment
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonobsolete
2004-11-12 Josh Coalsonminor error message fix
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonsplit PPC asm code into two directores, one holding...
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonfinished integerized flavor of library; sections with...
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonfix comment typos
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonfix PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings, pass build type...
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonfix path to local libog dirs
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonadd float.c/h
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonadd fixed-point functions
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__bitmath_ilog2_wide()
2004-10-30 Josh Coalsonget Makefile.lite system (with asm) working on Darwin...
2004-10-29 Josh Coalsonadd copyright notice
2004-10-29 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2004-10-20 Josh Coalsonfirst pass at making an integer-only flavor of the...
2004-10-20 Josh Coalsonfix bug in handling of --input-size
2004-10-20 Josh Coalsonadd float.h
2004-10-20 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2004-10-19 Josh Coalsonfix leak: chain was not being freed in one error case
2004-10-14 Josh Coalsonadd --input-size option to flac
2004-10-07 Josh Coalsonpatch from Steven Richman: adds support for streaming...
2004-10-07 Josh Coalsonfix uninitialized variable
2004-10-07 Josh Coalsonminor fixes to comply with C99's new pointer aliasing...
2004-10-06 Josh Coalsonfix #ifdef problems that existed when FLAC__NO_ASM...
2004-10-06 Josh Coalsonfix debian bug #274301: libflac4 segfaults on corrupt...
2004-10-01 Josh Coalsonmore path fixes
2004-10-01 Josh Coalsonadd explicit path to libogg
2004-09-29 Josh Coalsongo back to using COMMENT tag instead of DESCRIPTION
2004-09-28 Josh Coalson#include <string.h>
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove dangerous clean targets
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonadd playback.[ch]
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonbump release date to 2004-Oct-01
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove #define ___USE_GNU
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonmove AC_GNU_SOURCE higher up as required
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove logo.jpg
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove id3 support from the plugins
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonobsolete
2004-09-27 Josh Coalsonfix spelling of "misk"
2004-09-26 Josh Coalsonmake listbox for "from" charset contain only UTF-8...
2004-09-26 Josh Coalsonadd Charset_Create_List_UTF8_Only()
2004-09-26 Josh Coalsonadd Prerequisites section: need libogg>=1.1.2 for Ogg...
2004-09-26 Josh Coalsonminor formatting