2018-05-23 luz.pazFix miscellaneous typos.
2018-05-21 Robert Kausch.travis.yml: Simplify file structure and add libogg...
2018-05-21 Robert KauschAdd unit tests for word-wise CRC16 functions
2018-05-21 Robert KauschFix CRC calculation for small blocks.
2018-05-21 Robert KauschUpdate CRC16 for larger data blocks when decoding.
2018-05-21 Robert KauschImplement slicing-by-8 CRC16 algorithm.
2018-05-20 Robert Kausch.travis.yml: Run --enable-64-bit-words test in separate...
2018-05-20 Robert KauschAdd bitreader unit test.
2018-05-20 Robert KauschMinor fixes for bitwriter unit test.
2018-05-20 Robert KauschAdd unit tests for CRC calculation.
2018-05-20 Robert KauschRemove unused CRC8 functions.
2018-05-06 Erik de Castro... Fix more GCC warnings about case fall-through
2018-05-06 Erik de Castro... More generic version of MSVC bug workaround
2018-04-30 Erik de Castro... .travis.yml: Test --enable-64-bit-words as well topic/travis
2018-04-08 Jeffrey Espiritureplaygain_synthesis.c: Fix compile issue in MSVS
2018-02-10 Erik de Castro... Fix for missing WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION
2018-01-08 Christophe... libFLAC : new function returns client_data from decoder
2018-01-06 Alberto FustinoniUWP build fix
2017-07-20 Erik de Castro... replaygain_synthesis.c: Fix a cppcheck warning
2017-07-19 Erik de Castro... Revert "Add Clang support for FLAC__SSE_TARGET"
2017-07-14 C.W. BettsAdd Clang support for FLAC__SSE_TARGET
2017-07-01 Thomas ZanderCorrect flattop window coefficients
2017-06-26 Erik de Castro... Fix GCC 7 case fall through warnings
2017-06-26 Shark64Update lpc_intrin_sse.c
2017-06-23 Thomas ZanderFLAC++: Add missing prototype for construct_block
2017-06-23 Thomas ZanderSilence -finline-functions warning
2017-06-12 Ruud van Asseldonkdoc: Add notes about subframe sample size
2017-05-27 Erik de Castro... flac: Use WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE when bps != (8|16)
2017-05-03 Erik de Castro... Fix missing SIZE_MAX definition on Android
2017-04-19 Erik de Castro... libFLAC: Fix default flac_max/min
2017-04-16 Erik de Castro... flac: Fix usage message
2017-04-09 Erik de Castro... metaflac: Fix a memory leak
2017-04-08 Erik de Castro... stream_decoder.c: Fix a memory leak
2017-03-20 Erik de Castro... Fix typos in header files
2017-03-16 Keegan Drake H.Pstream_decoder.h: Fix Reference to Non-Existent Functions
2017-03-16 Keegan Drake H.Pstream_decoder.h: Fix References to ``stdout''
2017-03-01 Erik de Castro... cpu.c: Fix LLVM compile
2017-02-27 Erik de Castro... cpu.c: Merge ia32 and x86_64 CPU info functions
2017-02-23 Erik de Castro... cpu.c: Fix debug Windows w32 build issue
2017-02-21 Erik de Castro... stream_decoder.c: Comments
2017-02-21 Erik de Castro... SIMD: remove outdated SSE2 code
2017-02-19 Erik de Castro... SIMD: Accelerate decoding of 16 bit FLAC
2017-02-19 Erik de Castro... SIMD: Improve decoding of some 24 bit files
2017-02-19 Erik de Castro... SIMD: Add const qualifier where appropriate
2017-02-18 Erik de Castro... cpu.h: Another CPP fixup
2017-02-15 Erik de Castro... cpu.h: Fix compiler detection
2017-02-14 Erik de Castro... flac/encode.c: Fix an integer overflow
2017-02-13 Christian Stadelmannstream encoder: fix documentation inconsistencies
2017-02-12 Erik de Castro... cpu.h: Add #defines so Clang compiles AVX2
2017-02-09 Rosen PenevFix compile with cygwin
2017-02-06 Erik de Castro... configure.ac: Clean up CFLAGS code
2017-01-31 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/lpc_intrin_sse41.c: Change usage of _mm_alignr_epi8
2017-01-31 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/lpc_intrin_sse*: Formatting cleanup
2017-01-30 Erik de Castro... FLAC__stream_encoder_finish: Sanity improvement
2017-01-23 Erik de Castro... include/share/compat.h: Only define inline for C
2017-01-22 StephenCreate .travis.yml
2017-01-19 David SeifertDo not override CFLAGS, as CFLAGS is a user flag.
2017-01-19 Rosen PenevFix cppcheck warnings
2017-01-19 Erik de Castro... share/utf8/charset.c: Cleanup realloc() usage
2017-01-19 Erik de Castro... Add missing file include/share/msvc2005_int.h
2017-01-18 Erik de Castro... stdint.h fixes for MSVS 2005/2008
2017-01-17 Erik de Castro... metadata.h: Fix search/replace typo in comments
2017-01-17 Erik de Castro... getopt.c: Pointer comparison fix
2017-01-16 David SeifertOnly compile and run tests when running 'make check'
2017-01-16 Erik de Castro... Final unsigned fixes
2017-01-16 Erik de Castro... Yet more unsigned fixes
2017-01-15 Erik de Castro... bitmath.h: MSVS unsigned fix
2017-01-15 sezerolibFLAC/cpu.c: Replace memory.h include with string.h
2017-01-15 David SeifertHonor user's $(htmldir) and do not override GNU default...
2017-01-15 David SeifertWhen using libtool, use LTLIBICONV instead.
2017-01-15 David SeifertMake building/installing examples optional
2017-01-15 Erik de Castro... bitmath.h: More unsigned fixes
2017-01-14 Erik de Castro... Yet more purging of `unsigned` type
2017-01-14 Erik de Castro... include/FLAC: More unsigned fixes
2017-01-14 sezeroflac/utils.c: Workaround for DJGPP missing wcswidth()
2017-01-14 sezeroSupport nasm coff obj format for djgpp
2017-01-14 Erik de Castro... Purge usage of `unsigned` type
2017-01-13 Peter Korsgaardconfigure.ac: relax linux OS detection
2017-01-13 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/cpu.c: Fix build issue on OpenBSD/i386
2017-01-06 Erik de Castro... stream_encoder.c: Make compression_levels_ array const
2017-01-03 Erik de Castro... Fix build with MSVC if UNICODE is enabled
2017-01-02 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/cpu.c: Fix CPU detecton
2017-01-01 Erik de Castro... Version 1.3.2 1.3.2
2017-01-01 Erik de Castro... test/test_metaflac.sh: Comment only
2016-12-24 Erik de Castro... libFLAC: Remove commented out assert
2016-12-21 Erik de Castro... Makefile.lite: Fix running of tests
2016-12-21 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/cpu.c: Add CPP guard
2016-12-21 Erik de Castro... More Makefile.lite fixes
2016-12-11 Erik de Castro... Add missing files to Makefile.am
2016-12-11 Erik de Castro... Makefile.lite fixes
2016-12-11 Erik de Castro... Fix PACKAGE_VERSION in MSVC files
2016-12-06 Erik de Castro... doc/html/changelog.html: Add credits
2016-12-06 Erik de Castro... doc/html/changelog.html: Add OS/SSE assumptions
2016-12-06 Erik de Castro... doc/html/changelog.html: More updates for 1.3.2 release
2016-12-06 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/metadata_object.c: Fix typo in number
2016-12-06 Erik de Castro... libFLAC/cpu.c: Improve logic
2016-12-05 Erik de Castro... Update version in MSVS project files
2016-12-05 Erik de Castro... Another bulk update of copyright dates
2016-12-04 Erik de Castro... doc/html/changelog.html: Update for 1.3.2 release
2016-12-04 Erik de Castro... Bulk update copyright dates