const-ify FLAC__crc16_table[]
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2008-02-29 Josh Coalsonconst-ify FLAC__crc16_table[]
2008-02-28 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright for 2008
2007-10-03 Josh Coalsonfix bug: move flac decoder teardown into EncoderSession...
2007-10-02 Josh Coalsonadd --preserve-modtime and --no-preserve-modtime switches
2007-10-02 Josh Coalsondeprecate --sector-align
2007-10-02 Josh Coalsonfinish reorg, unify encode pipe across formats
2007-09-20 Josh Coalsoncode reorg in prep for simplification, more format...
2007-09-15 Josh Coalsonbump libtool version numbers
2007-09-14 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.2.1
2007-09-13 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-09-13 Josh Coalsonremove obsolete comment reference to end of stream...
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonmsvc fixes
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonmsvc fixes
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonfixes for msvc
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonfix compiler warning
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonminot usage verbiage
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonadd user hints to use --keep-foreign-metadata when...
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonadd missing EXTRA_DIST files
2007-09-11 Josh Coalsonfix seek bug with ogg flac and small streams (SF#179217...
2007-09-11 Josh Coalsonmake SIGINT only stop the current mode, not the whole run
2007-09-11 Josh Coalsonremove spurious CLEANFILES
2007-09-11 Josh Coalsonextra checking on memory allocation sizes to prevent...
2007-09-10 Josh Coalsonfixed bug compiling flac without ogg support (SF#176078...
2007-09-09 Josh Coalsonbetter handling for OSs with small RAND_MAX (SF#1783630...
2007-09-09 Josh Coalsonfix bug, foreign_metadata pointer was not always initia...
2007-09-08 Josh Coalson64-bit fixes (SF#1790872:
2007-08-31 Josh CoalsonOS/2 fixes (SF#1229495:
2007-08-29 Josh Coalsonadd --disable-cpplibs configure option (SF#1723295...
2007-08-29 Josh CoalsonOS/2 fixes (SF#1771378:
2007-08-29 Josh Coalsonfixed very rare seek bug (SF#1684049: https://sourcefor...
2007-08-28 Josh Coalsonfix guid
2007-08-28 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2007-08-28 Josh Coalsonchange foreign metadata app ids
2007-08-22 Josh Coalsonbug fixes
2007-08-21 Josh Coalsonfinish foreign metadata implemetation
2007-08-21 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2007-08-21 Josh Coalsonbump cvs date in vendor string
2007-08-15 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__metadata_simple_iterator_get_application_id()
2007-08-14 Josh Coalsoninitial support for new --keep-foreign-metadata options...
2007-08-14 Josh Coalsonminor headers
2007-08-14 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__metadata_simple_iterator_get_block_offset...
2007-08-09 Josh Coalsonfix compiler warnings
2007-08-01 Josh Coalsonmore mingw fixes
2007-08-01 Josh Coalsonchange default extension for ogg flac from .ogg to...
2007-07-31 Josh Coalsonadd support for RESIDUAL_CODING_METHOD_PARTITIONED_RICE...
2007-07-31 Josh CoalsonFixed bug where importing non-CDDA cuesheets would...
2007-07-31 Josh CoalsonSome MinGW fixes (SF#1684879:
2007-07-31 Josh CoalsonFixed bug where using --replay-gain without any padding...
2007-07-26 Josh Coalsonfixed bug compiling flac without ogg support (SF#176078...
2007-07-26 Josh Coalsonminor usage text
2007-07-26 Josh Coalsonadd new option --no-utf8-convert to flac (SF#973740...
2007-07-25 Josh Coalsonprototype-related fixes
2007-07-23 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-07-23 Josh Coalsonminor OPT tweaks
2007-07-16 Josh Coalsonbump release date to 7/15/07
2007-07-16 Josh Coalsoncomment out some optimized branch
2007-07-16 Josh Coalsonimprovements to compile/link options
2007-07-11 Josh Coalsonadd #define FLAC__LPC_UNROLLED_FILTER_LOOPS for easier...
2007-07-11 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-07-11 Josh Coalsonadd vcproj files to EXTRA_DIST
2007-07-10 Josh Coalsonwork around ogg flac bug where too many seekpoints...
2007-07-10 Josh Coalsonbump libtool number in prep for release
2007-07-10 Josh Coalsonfix bug where invalid seek tables could cause some...
2007-07-07 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.2.0
2007-07-07 Josh Coalsonadd undocumented option to flac: --ignore-chunk-sizes
2007-07-07 Josh Coalsonfix optimization bug in FLAC__bitwriter_write_rice_sign...
2007-07-07 Josh Coalsonminor syntax
2007-07-07 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-06-20 Josh Coalsonfix windows bugs
2007-06-20 Josh Coalsonminor cosmetics
2007-06-20 Josh Coalsonfix bug with partition sum overflowing
2007-06-20 Josh Coalsonfix for FLAC__INTEGER_ONLY_LIBRARY
2007-06-19 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-06-19 Josh Coalsonfix mem leaks and open files
2007-06-19 Josh Coalsonadd --no-md5-sum
2007-06-16 Josh Coalsonmerge decoder part from RICE_EXT_BRANCH: blocking strat...
2007-06-16 Josh Coalsonadd support for reading the raw pcm samples so that...
2007-06-16 Josh Coalsonmove xmms cflags to end of INCLUDES
2007-06-16 Josh Coalsonadd more things reported in analyze mode
2007-06-16 Josh Coalsonminor cosmetics
2007-06-14 Josh Coalsonfixed for sun forte compiler
2007-06-14 Josh Coalsonfix bug with negative indexing
2007-06-14 Josh Coalsonremove unused vars
2007-06-14 Josh Coalsoncleaner pointer alignment logic for autoconf-based...
2007-06-14 Josh Coalsonfix LD_LIBRARY_PATH-saving logic
2007-06-14 Josh Coalsonadd internal FLAC__stream_encoder_set/get_do_md5()
2007-05-11 Josh Coalsonmsvc fixes
2007-05-11 Josh Coalsonadd new flacdiff util
2007-04-05 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC::Decoder::Stream::get_decode_position()
2007-04-05 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsoncall precompute_partition_info_sums_32bit_asm_ia32_...
2007-04-04 Josh CoalsonMSVC optimization in process calls
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonremove more redundant logic in process calls
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonmore optimizations
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonminor optimization in loop logic
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonadd stream_encoder_asm.nasm
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonwindow the integer_signal instead of real_signal, remov...
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonoptimize special case in FLAC__bitwriter_write_rice_sig...
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonminor optimizations to FLAC__bitwriter_write_rice_signe...
2007-03-31 Josh Coalsonminor optimizations to precompute_partition_info_sums_()