fixes related to the change of FLAC__VERSION_STRING from a #define to an identifier
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2002-08-21 Josh Coalsonfixes based on Windows testing
2002-08-19 Josh Coalsonfix "unused variables" warnings and others
2002-08-14 Josh Coalsonadd support for building utf8 library
2002-08-14 Josh Coalson#include charset.h
2002-07-09 Josh Coalsonadd Makefile.lite,, etc. to EXTRA_DIST
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonfix include paths
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonfix -I paths
2002-06-28 Josh Coalsonfix path to getopt.h
2002-06-28 Josh Coalsonspecialize getopt for FLAC
2002-06-01 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2002-05-17 Josh Coalsoninitial import