Disable executable stack in libFLAC.so.
[flac.git] / src / plugin_xmms / http.c
2012-02-01 Erik de Castro LopoFix a bunch of printf format warnings.
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonfix compiler warning
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonfinal merge down from 1.1.2 maintenance branch (cvs...
2006-09-13 Josh Coalsonmerge down from merged-API-layer branch: cvs -q up...
2006-05-24 Josh Coalsoncomplete largefile support
2005-09-02 Josh Coalsonfix "redefinition of socklen_t" problem on freebsd
2005-08-31 Josh Coalsonfix bad use of g_strconcat()
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsondefine socklen_t if it doesn't exist
2004-10-07 Josh Coalsonpatch from Steven Richman: adds support for streaming...