better end-of-file/stream checking
[flac.git] / src / plugin_winamp3 /
2003-01-25 Josh Coalsonremove reference to obsolete
2003-01-14 Josh CoalsonSecond patch from X-Fixer: tweaks for better MSVC build
2003-01-02 Josh CoalsonAdd 2003 to copyright notice
2002-11-27 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2002-08-27 Josh Coalsonfix WACNAME
2002-08-12 Josh Coalsonupdate to match the new process calls
2002-06-18 Josh Coalsonfix bug where plugin would crash if decoder hits unexpe...
2002-06-14 Josh Coalsonminor changes in anticipation of release
2002-06-13 Josh Coalsonfixes to work with latest wasabi (beta 3)
2002-06-10 Josh Coalsonfix some minor syntax errors
2002-06-08 Josh Coalsonanother big glob of changes/fixes
2002-06-05 Josh Coalsonifdef out debug code
2002-06-04 Josh Coalsonfix with new status enums
2002-05-04 Josh Coalsonupdate to use new metadata interface
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright date to include 2002
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright date to include 2002
2001-12-04 Josh Coalsonsimplify decoder finishing
2001-11-13 Josh Coalsonfix link flags for release target
2001-11-08 Josh Coalsoncheck in new version of the winamp3 plugin
2001-11-08 Josh Coalsonremove the old version to make way for the new version
2001-06-23 Josh Coalsonrevamp the ordinal types
2001-06-16 Josh Coalsonrevamp encoder/decoder interface to use set methods...
2001-06-13 Josh Coalsonfix to work with the new decoder interface
2001-06-08 Josh Coalsonadd/update copyright and license notices
2001-05-31 Josh Coalsonput a FLAC__ASSERT wrapper around assert()
2001-05-31 Josh Coalsonintegrate mdz's patch so 'make dist' will work as expected
2001-03-21 Josh Coalsoncleanup whitespace
2001-03-05 Josh Coalsonrename ENCODING to STREAMINFO
2001-03-01 Josh Coalsonrough implementation (haven't even compile it yet)
2001-03-01 Josh Coalsoninitial import