fixes based on valgrind run
[flac.git] / src / libFLAC /
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.3
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonfixes from 64-bit compile
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonfixes from MSVC compile
2006-11-16 Josh Coalsonmake "#if FLAC__HAS_OGG" checking consistent
2006-11-16 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-11-16 Josh Coalsonmultifix: change FLAC__stream_encoder_finish() to also...
2006-11-15 Josh Coalsonfix a bug where missing STREAMINFO fields (min/max...
2006-11-15 Josh Coalsonadd support for read-only operations for ogg flac to...
2006-11-14 Josh Coalsonfixes from MSVC6
2006-11-13 Josh Coalsoncompile fixes based on patch (SF#913238 sourceforge...
2006-11-11 Josh Coalsonfix compiler warnings
2006-11-10 Josh Coalsonpatch sf#1580550 noexec stack:
2006-11-09 Josh Coalsonadd overreading in the stream encoder process calls...
2006-11-09 Josh Coalsonfix bug in verify_write_callback_ where the FIFO dequeu...
2006-11-09 Josh Coalsonadd a boolean return value to FLAC__stream_encoder_fini...
2006-11-09 Josh Coalsonminor syntax
2006-11-09 Josh Coalsonfix bug where window was not recalculated when blocksiz...
2006-11-08 Josh Coalsonfixes for new seeking algorithm
2006-11-06 Josh Coalsonsome more unsigned->size_t fixes
2006-11-06 Josh Coalsonnew seek algorithm for native FLAC from Miroslav
2006-11-04 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-11-03 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__stream_encoder_set_compression_level()
2006-10-25 Josh Coalsonadd LIBFLAC_LIBDIR, make AC_TRY_RUN more robust
2006-10-18 Josh Coalsonmore fixes for ogg support
2006-10-18 Josh Coalsonadd /D "FLAC__HAS_OGG"
2006-10-16 Josh Coalsonremove now-obsolete libOggFLAC stuff
2006-10-16 Josh Coalsonbump version to 1.1.3-beta2
2006-10-16 Josh Coalsonfixes for MSVC6
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonchange "bytes" parameter of all encoder write callbacks...
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonchange "bytes" parameter of all read callbacks from...
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonrename set_serial_number to set_ogg_serial_number every...
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonfix to ogg-less building
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonmerge libOggFLAC into libFLAC and libOggFLAC++ into...
2006-10-11 Josh Coalsonfix bug stats sent to progress callback
2006-10-10 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.3-beta1
2006-10-10 Josh Coalsonbump libtool .so number in prep for release
2006-10-10 Josh Coalsonenable file feof callback when input is stdin
2006-10-10 Josh Coalsonremove window debugging code
2006-10-10 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-10-09 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-10-07 Josh Coalsonlimit subset further if sample rate is <=48kHz: max...
2006-10-06 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-10-06 Josh Coalsonfix bug in code that skips id3v2 tags at the front...
2006-10-03 Josh Coalsontry to limit the #defines (of fseeko to fseek and ftell...
2006-10-03 Josh Coalsonminor syntax
2006-09-26 Josh Coalsonremove ancient deprecated things
2006-09-26 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-09-24 Josh Coalsonadd more checks to PICTURE metadata: at most one type...
2006-09-23 Josh Coalsonadd number-of-colors field to PICTURE metadata block
2006-09-23 Josh Coalsonadd support for new PICTURE metadata block
2006-09-16 Josh Coalsonremove unused code that had the old way of stat()ing...
2006-09-16 Josh Coalsonfix bug in file closing logic in _finish()
2006-09-16 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-09-13 Josh Coalsonmerge down from merged-API-layer branch: cvs -q up...
2006-08-29 Josh Coalsonbump version to 1.1.3
2006-08-29 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.3
2006-07-06 Josh Coalsonchange unparseable frame handling, from a fatal error...
2006-06-14 Josh Coalsonturn off do_md5_checking if there is no STREAMINFO...
2006-06-12 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-05-24 Josh Coalsoncomplete largefile support
2006-05-18 Josh Coalsonadd window.[ch]
2006-05-18 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-05-03 Josh Coalson#define M_PI for MSVC6
2006-05-03 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2006-05-01 Josh Coalsonturn off window profiling
2006-05-01 Josh Coalsondefault window to tukey(0.5) instead of hann
2006-04-28 Josh Coalsonadd window.c/window.h
2006-04-28 Josh Coalsonfix calculation bugs in encode_subframe_(): max_qlp_coe...
2006-04-28 Josh Coalsonfix a calcuation bug in FLAC__lpc_compute_best_order()
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2206 to copyright notice
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd support for specifying which apodization functions...
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonbump version to intermediate CVS
2006-04-25 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2006-04-10 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__metadata_get_cuesheet() and FLAC__metadata_ob...
2005-09-03 Josh Coalsonadd support for building on os/2 with emx
2005-09-03 Josh Coalsonfix bug in return value for FLAC__stream_decoder_set_me...
2005-08-31 Josh Coalsonremove spurious semicolon
2005-08-25 Josh Coalsonfix bug in utf8len()
2005-08-24 Josh Coalsonfixes to remove warnings from gcc-4.0.0
2005-08-24 Josh Coalsondisallow non-shortest-form encodings in utf-8 checking
2005-08-24 Josh Coalsonslightly more precise error message in CDDA cuesheet...
2005-05-05 Josh Coalsonremove FLAC__SYMMETRIC_RICE code
2005-03-02 Josh Coalsoncheck in more fixes from Luca to build properly on...
2005-02-12 Josh Coalsonadd patch: on freebsd, detect via sysctl whether OS...
2005-02-04 Josh Coalsonbump version to 1.1.2
2005-02-04 Josh Coalsonreinstitute old FLAC__bitbuffer_read_rice_signed_block...
2005-02-04 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2005-02-03 Josh Coalsonfix on ppc: as/gas checks need to be __TEMPORARILY_DISABLED
2005-02-02 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.2-beta
2005-02-02 Josh Coalsonbump the libtool number
2005-01-31 Josh Coalsononly use -force_cpusubtype_ALL in CFLAGS on Darwin-PPC
2005-01-30 Josh Coalsonfix handling of CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS, now using AM_CFLAGS
2005-01-30 Josh Coalsonminor casting fixes
2005-01-30 Josh Coalsonfix constness in some functions
2005-01-29 Josh Coalsontemporary disable ppc asm optimizations
2005-01-29 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__MANDATORY_VERIFY_WHILE_ENCODING ifdefs which...
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonfix typo in solaris defines
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonfix ANSI C violation w.r.t. const arrays