fix a calcuation bug in FLAC__lpc_compute_best_order()
[flac.git] / src / libFLAC / ppc /
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2206 to copyright notice
2005-01-29 Josh Coalsontemporary disable ppc asm optimizations
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2005 to copyright notices
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonfix libFLAC to build PPC asm properly, conditionalized...
2004-11-09 Josh Coalsonsplit PPC asm code into two directores, one holding...
2004-10-29 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2004-07-29 Josh Coalsonstrip out bogus args passed to assembler by libtool
2004-07-28 Josh Coalsondos2unix it, remove unmatched single quotes in comments...
2004-07-28 Josh Coalsondos2unix it
2004-07-25 Josh Coalsonadd brady's first round of altivec implementations