remove unused code
[flac.git] / src / libFLAC / metadata.c
2002-05-30 Josh Coalsonremove unused code
2002-05-29 Josh Coalsonfix memory leaks in array resizers
2002-05-25 Josh Coalsonadd support for id3v2 tags to levels 1 and 2, better...
2002-05-22 Josh Coalsonfix null pointer handling in metadata object routines
2002-05-20 Josh Coalsonreplace a bunch of magic numbers
2002-05-17 Josh Coalsonallow setting data pointers to 0 for metadata objects
2002-05-14 Josh Coalsonmore fixes for level 2 functions exposed by unit tests
2002-05-11 Josh Coalsonmore bug fixes from unit tests; level 1 looks good
2002-05-10 Josh Coalsonfix bugs exposed by latest tests
2002-05-09 Josh Coalsonremove unused code, fix several bugs (WARNING: there...
2002-05-07 Josh Coalsonfixes for padding length calculation, vorbis comment...
2002-05-04 Josh Coalsoninitial import