src/libFLAC/stream_decoder.c : Fix NULL de-reference.
[flac.git] / src / libFLAC / include /
2014-12-04 Erik de Castro LopoImprove encoding speed on older Intel CPUs.
2014-11-25 Erik de Castro LopoMore date fixes.
2014-11-25 Erik de Castro LopoUpdate copyright years to include 2014.
2014-10-03 Erik de Castro LopoAdd AVX2 CPU support stream encoder.
2014-10-03 Erik de Castro LopoAdd AVX/AVX2/FMA support to CPU detection code.
2014-10-03 Erik de Castro LopoRefactoring and simplifying of CPU detection.
2014-10-03 Erik de Castro LopoRemove support for AMD's 3Dnow.
2014-09-22 Martijn van BeurdenAdd partial_tukey and punchout_tukey apodization functions
2014-09-20 Erik de Castro Lopolpc_intrin* : Remove unused code.
2014-09-18 Erik de Castro Lopocpu.h : Only define FLAC__SSE_SUPPORTED if FLAC__HAS_X8...
2014-09-17 Erik de Castro LopoRemove old/broken PPC/Altivec code.
2014-07-28 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC : SSE optimisations.
2014-07-27 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC/bitreader : Remove un-needed FLAC__CPUInfo...
2014-07-19 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC/.../crc.h : Remove un-nneded parens in FLAC__CR...
2014-07-06 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC : Remove FLAC__bitreader_read_rice_signed_bloc...
2014-07-04 Miroslav Lichvarstream_encoder : Improve selection of residual accumula...
2014-06-29 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC/md5: Fix for cast-align warnings on ARM.
2014-06-28 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC/bitmath : Restore an ASSERT that was removed...
2014-06-15 Erik de Castro LopoRevert "Replace FLAC__CPU_X86_64 with FLaC__CPU_X86_64."
2014-06-01 Erik de Castro LopoReplace FLAC__CPU_X86_64 with FLaC__CPU_X86_64.
2014-04-10 Erik de Castro LopoAdd intrinsics version of two lpc functions.
2014-04-10 Erik de Castro LopoUse _M_X64 instead of _WIN64.
2014-04-09 Erik de Castro LopoFix clang compiler warnings.
2014-03-02 Erik de Castro Loposrc/libFLAC/ : CPU feature detection improvements.
2014-02-01 Erik de Castro Lopobitmath.h : Fixes for FLAC__bitmath_ilog2_wide().
2014-02-01 Erik de Castro LopoAdd sse2 intrinscics code for lpc_restore_signal_...()
2014-01-30 Erik de Castro LopoRemove redundant inline macro def.
2014-01-30 Erik de Castro LopoAdd FLAC__SSE_SUPPORTED and FLAC__SSE2_SUPPORTED flags.
2014-01-07 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC : Add asm versions for two _wide() functions.
2014-01-07 Erik de Castro LopoAdd FLAC__ prefix to precompute_partition_info_sums....
2013-10-03 Erik de Castro LopoImprove x86 instrinsic implementation.
2013-09-25 Erik de Castro LopoRemove union data from FLAC__CPUInfo.
2013-09-25 Erik de Castro LopoAdd SSE4.1/SSE4.2 detection.
2013-09-16 Erik de Castro LopoFix/re-enable SSE/SSE2 lpc optimisations.
2013-09-15 Erik de Castro LopoOnly allow SSE2 intrinsics for x86_64.
2013-09-15 Erik de Castro LopoAdds SSE-accelerated lpc functions.
2013-09-14 Erik de Castro LopoAdd CPU features (sse3, ssse3) detection code for x86-64.
2013-09-08 Erik de Castro Lopobitmath.h : Minor improvements.
2013-08-31 Erik de Castro LopoAdd ASM function FLAC__lpc_compute_autocorrelation_asm_...
2013-05-26 Erik de Castro LopoSet version to 1.3.0 and update coyprights throughout.
2013-05-25 Ulrich KlauerFix gcc version check for private macros
2013-05-25 Robert KauschFix mistyped variable name
2013-04-21 Erik de Castro LopoFix compile when compiling with FLAC__INTEGER_ONLY_LIBRARY.
2013-04-07 Erik de Castro Loposrc/libFLAC/include/private/macros.h : Add default...
2013-04-07 Erik de Castro Loposrc/libFLAC/include/private/macros.h : Check GNUC versi...
2013-03-10 Erik de Castro Loposrc/libFLAC/include/private/macros.h : Fix flac_min.
2013-03-06 Erik de Castro LopoLarge patch from Ben Allison fixing the MSVC build.
2012-12-09 Timothy B. TerriberryFix a copy & paste error in a comment.
2012-08-28 Miroslav LichvarAdd new clz function which works with input 0.
2012-08-28 Miroslav LichvarMake FLAC__clz_soft_uint32 static.
2012-06-22 Erik de Castro LopoFix building when configured with --disable-shared.
2012-06-08 Cristian Rodríguezbitmath: Finish up optimizations
2012-04-07 Cristian RodríguezUpdate and improve autotools build
2012-04-06 Cristian RodríguezFix make distcheck
2012-04-05 Erik de Castro Loposrc/libFLAC/include/private/macros.h : Add copyright...
2012-04-05 Cristian RodríguezV2: Use a single definition of MIN and MAX in sources
2012-03-30 Erik de Castro LopoAdd GCC specific optimisation for log base 2 operations.
2012-02-26 Erik de Castro LopoFix a couple 'inlining failed' warning messages.
2012-02-17 Erik de Castro LopoFix a bunch of -Wtype-limits warnings.
2009-01-07 Josh Coalsonadd 2009 copyright
2008-02-29 Josh Coalsonconst-ify FLAC__crc16_table[]
2008-02-28 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright for 2008
2007-09-11 Josh Coalsonextra checking on memory allocation sizes to prevent...
2007-07-11 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-06-14 Josh Coalsonadd internal FLAC__stream_encoder_set/get_do_md5()
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonwindow the integer_signal instead of real_signal, remov...
2007-03-23 Josh Coalsonbetter alignment in md5 structure elements
2007-03-22 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__bitreader_read_rice_signed_block_asm_ia32_bswap()
2007-03-14 Josh Coalsonminor tweaks to private md5 interface
2007-03-13 Josh Coalsonpass cpu info into bitreader
2007-03-13 Josh Coalsonimprove ia-32 checks to include cpuid, bswap, sse3...
2007-03-02 Josh Coalsonremove obsolete FLAC__cpu_info_sse_test_asm_ia32()
2007-02-07 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonadd 2007 copyright
2007-01-31 Josh Coalsonconvert C prototypes for functions with no args from...
2007-01-28 Josh Coalsonseveral speed improvements: completely rewritten bitbuf...
2007-01-09 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__bitbuffer_get_input_bits_unconsumed()
2006-11-27 Josh Coalsonquick fix for SF#1601812 where an error of exactly...
2006-11-16 Josh Coalsonmake "#if FLAC__HAS_OGG" checking consistent
2006-11-11 Josh Coalsonfix compiler warnings
2006-11-09 Josh Coalsonadd overreading in the stream encoder process calls...
2006-11-06 Josh Coalsonsome more unsigned->size_t fixes
2006-10-16 Josh Coalsonremove now-obsolete libOggFLAC stuff
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonchange "bytes" parameter of all encoder write callbacks...
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonchange "bytes" parameter of all read callbacks from...
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonmerge libOggFLAC into libFLAC and libOggFLAC++ into...
2006-10-07 Josh Coalsonlimit subset further if sample rate is <=48kHz: max...
2006-09-23 Josh Coalsonadd support for new PICTURE metadata block
2006-09-16 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-09-13 Josh Coalsonmerge down from merged-API-layer branch: cvs -q up...
2006-06-12 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2006-05-18 Josh Coalsonadd window.[ch]
2006-04-28 Josh Coalsonfix a calcuation bug in FLAC__lpc_compute_best_order()
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2206 to copyright notice
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd support for specifying which apodization functions...
2006-04-25 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2005-05-05 Josh Coalsonremove FLAC__SYMMETRIC_RICE code
2005-01-27 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonfix ANSI C violation w.r.t. const arrays
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2005 to copyright notices