src/libFLAC/stream_decoder.c : Fix NULL de-reference.
[flac.git] / src / libFLAC / ia32 /
2014-12-04 Erik de Castro LopoRemove traiing whitespace (mostly .c and .h files).
2014-12-04 Erik de Castro LopoImprove encoding speed on older Intel CPUs.
2014-11-25 Erik de Castro LopoUpdate copyright years to include 2014.
2014-10-03 Erik de Castro LopoRemove support for AMD's 3Dnow.
2014-07-06 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC : Remove FLAC__bitreader_read_rice_signed_bloc...
2014-07-06 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC : Remove FLAC__precompute_partition_info_sums_3...
2014-06-28 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC: CPUID detecion improvements.
2014-03-14 Erik de Castro Lopolpc_asm.nasm : Whitespace.
2014-01-17 Erik de Castro Lopolpc_asm.nasm : More 'mov cl' -> 'mov ecx' fixes.
2014-01-07 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC : Add asm versions for two _wide() functions.
2014-01-07 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC/ia32/lpc_asm.nasm : Match calls and returns.
2014-01-07 Erik de Castro LopoAdd FLAC__ prefix to precompute_partition_info_sums....
2013-08-31 Erik de Castro LopoAdd ASM function FLAC__lpc_compute_autocorrelation_asm_...
2013-08-13 Erik de Castro LopoFix a couple of NASM warnings.
2013-08-13 Erik de Castro Loposrc/libFLAC/ia32/nasm.h : Fix nasm warning on windows.
2013-05-26 Erik de Castro LopoSet version to 1.3.0 and update coyprights throughout.
2012-12-04 Miroslav LichvarHide symbols with nasm.
2012-12-04 Miroslav LichvarRemove old GNU-stack sections from nasm files.
2012-07-26 Samuli SuominenFix assembler code to make it PIC so the dynamic linker...
2012-04-07 Cristian RodríguezUpdate and improve autotools build
2012-02-27 Dave Yeoa.out format does not support many .section directives
2012-02-12 Erik de Castro LopoMerge branch 'noname'
2012-02-12 Erik de Castro LopoDisable executable stack in
2009-01-07 Josh Coalsonadd 2009 copyright
2009-01-06 Josh CoalsonFix bug in bitreader handling of read callback returnin...
2008-09-09 Josh Coalsonfix labels (missing colons)
2008-02-28 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright for 2008
2007-06-20 Josh Coalsonfix bug with partition sum overflowing
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonmore optimizations
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonminor optimization in loop logic
2007-04-04 Josh Coalsonadd stream_encoder_asm.nasm
2007-03-30 Josh Coalsonminor optimization
2007-03-23 Josh Coalsonfix extern names for win32
2007-03-23 Josh Coalsonminor optimizations
2007-03-22 Josh Coalsonoptimization: faster crc-16 calculation
2007-03-22 Josh Coalsonoptimization: move code for non-zero crc16_align out...
2007-03-22 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__bitreader_read_rice_signed_block_asm_ia32_bswap()
2007-03-22 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-03-22 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-03-13 Josh Coalsonimprove ia-32 checks to include cpuid, bswap, sse3...
2007-03-13 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-03-02 Josh Coalsonremove obsolete FLAC__cpu_info_sse_test_asm_ia32()
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonadd 2007 copyright
2006-11-10 Josh Coalsonpatch sf#1580550 noexec stack:
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2206 to copyright notice
2005-01-26 Josh Coalsonfix ANSI C violation w.r.t. const arrays
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2005 to copyright notices
2004-10-20 Josh Coalsonfirst pass at making an integer-only flavor of the...
2004-09-02 Josh Coalsonadd --tag=CC required by latest libtool
2004-07-29 Josh Coalsonrename to strip_non_asm_libtool_args...
2004-07-29 Josh Coalsonobsolete
2004-01-17 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright to 2004
2003-01-31 Josh Coalsonchange license verbiage to Xiph's
2003-01-02 Josh CoalsonAdd 2003 to copyright notice
2002-12-30 Josh Coalsonpatch from Miroslav
2002-09-19 Josh Coalsoncheck in Miroslav's speedup patch
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright date to include 2002
2001-12-05 Matt ZimmermanPass -i option to nasm so that VPATH builds work correctly
2001-12-04 Josh Coalsoncheck in Miroslav's PIC patch
2001-08-13 Josh CoalsonMiroslav's patch to add run-time detection of operating...
2001-07-22 Josh Coalsonrevert to using libtool to generate the convenience...
2001-07-20 Josh Coalsonchange to make libFLAC-asm a static, non-libtool library
2001-07-18 Josh Coalsonadd a dummy function for determining OS support of...
2001-07-18 Josh Coalsonfix bug in SSE routines
2001-07-16 Josh Coalsonadd 3DNOW stuff from Miroslav
2001-07-16 Josh Coalsonpatch from collver at
2001-07-16 Josh Coalsonadd comments
2001-07-12 Josh Coalsonadd warnings about implicit assumptions in some routines
2001-06-29 Josh Coalsonminor naming convention changes
2001-06-23 Josh Coalsonrevamp the ordinal types
2001-06-21 Josh Coalsonadd aoutb support for openbsd
2001-06-18 Josh Coalsonadd object file format guessing from configure
2001-06-18 Josh Coalsonchange the naming of the object file format define...
2001-06-18 Josh Coalsonminor formatting changes
2001-06-13 Josh Coalsonrename i386 to ia32 everywhere
2001-06-13 Josh Coalsonchange NASM file extensions from .s to .nasm
2001-06-13 Josh Coalsonmove from ../i386