libFLAC/cpu.c: Get rid of OS_IS_ANDROID function
[flac.git] / src / libFLAC / fixed_intrin_ssse3.c
2016-06-20 Erik de Castro LopoFix use of FLAC__HAS_X86INTRIN configure variable
2016-05-11 Tim BlechmannlibFLAC: infer cpu type from compiler macros
2016-02-08 Thomas ZanderRetire FLAC__float and FLAC__double types
2014-12-04 Erik de Castro LopoRemove traiing whitespace (mostly .c and .h files).
2014-09-20 Erik de Castro Lopofixed_intrin_sse[23].c : Add new, simpler SSE code.
2014-09-18 Erik de Castro Lopofixed_intrin_sse[23].c : Simplify XMM -> int64 conversion.
2014-06-15 Erik de Castro LopoRevert "Replace FLAC__CPU_X86_64 with FLaC__CPU_X86_64."
2014-06-01 Erik de Castro LopoReplace FLAC__CPU_X86_64 with FLaC__CPU_X86_64.
2014-04-11 Erik de Castro LopoAdd files missing from commit 93f6109c9016.