libFLAC: Support 64bit brword/bwword
[flac.git] / src / flac /
2015-12-29 Erik de Castro LopoCouple of minor tweaks
2015-12-24 Erik de Castro LopoWhitespace only
2015-10-30 Thomas ZanderMakefile.lite: Include from top level build dir
2015-10-03 Erik de Castro Lopoflac: Error out if decoding RAW with bits != (8|16|24)
2015-09-07 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/encode.c: Fix undefined behaviour
2015-09-03 Erik de Castro Lopoflac/decode.c: Fix undefined behaviour
2015-08-30 Erik de Castro Lopoflac/encode.c: Fix undefinoed behaviour
2015-08-08 Erik de Castro Lopoflac/metaflac: Do case-insensitve comparison of hex...
2015-07-10 Erik de Castro Lopoflac/foreign_metadata: Fix for odd RIFF chunk size
2015-07-04 Erik de Castro Lopoflac: Fix inlining failure warning
2015-02-22 Erik de Castro Loposrc/encode.c : Fix potential infinite loop in flac...
2015-02-17 Erik de Castro Lopoflac : Fix for
2014-12-14 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/decode.c : Add WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE to WAV...
2014-12-14 Karthik PeriagaramSpelling and grammar fixes for console output
2014-12-08 Erik de Castro Lopoflac/vorbiscomment.c : Fix typo.
2014-12-04 Erik de Castro LopoRemove traiing whitespace (mostly .c and .h files).
2014-12-04 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/main.c : Fix an output line > 81 characters...
2014-11-26 Erik de Castro LopoNormalize some copyright dates strings.
2014-11-26 Martijn van BeurdenSome last copyright year updates and change to open...
2014-11-25 Erik de Castro LopoUpdate copyright years to include 2014.
2014-11-15 Erik de Castro LopoImprove description of encoding preset equivalents.
2014-11-11 Martijn van BeurdenUpdate documentation for new compression presets
2014-10-02 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/decode.c : Decoder buffering improvements...
2014-09-23 Erik de Castro Lopoflac : Add help output for --ignore-chunk-sizes option.
2014-09-22 Erik de Castro LopoWindows specific vsnprintf fixes.
2014-09-21 Erik de Castro Lopoflac/utils.c : Fix calculation of a tag length.
2014-09-19 Erik de Castro Lopovorbiscomment.c : Do not write empty vorbiscomment...
2014-07-19 Erik de Castro Lopoflac and metaflac : Don't always call setlocale() in...
2014-07-13 Erik de Castro Lopoflac/main.c : Improved option validation with --force...
2014-07-09 Erik de Castro LopoMakefile.ams: Add MSVS project files to EXTRA_DIST.
2014-07-08 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/utils.c : Make sure get_console_width() return...
2014-07-06 Erik de Castro LopoAdd project files for Visual Studio 2010 and later.
2014-07-03 Erik de Castro Loposrc/ : Remove un-needed MSVC6 workaround.
2014-07-02 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/main.c : Improve raw format help text help.
2014-07-02 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/encode.c : Fix compression failure warning...
2014-06-30 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/decode.c : Add comment about ubuf union.
2014-06-29 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/encode.c : Fix cast-align warning on ARM systems.
2014-06-28 Erik de Castro Lopoflac: Fix channel order for mono files.
2014-06-28 Erik de Castro Lopoflac: Fix encoder and decode progress messages with...
2014-06-28 Erik de Castro Lopoflac : Fix handling of raw input option.
2014-06-27 Erik de Castro Lopoflac: Fix padding for --replay-gain option.
2014-06-27 Erik de Castro LopoUpdate URLs as nedeed.
2014-06-27 Erik de Castro LopoFix VS project file for iffscan.
2014-06-27 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/decode.c : Fix a cast-align warning from GCC.
2014-06-24 Evan RamosUpdate Makefile.lite build system.
2014-06-01 Erik de Castro Loposrc/ : Fix two typos.
2014-04-27 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/decode.c : Decode WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE_CHANNEL...
2014-04-15 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/utils.c : Fix compile guard for ioctl().
2014-03-24 Erik de Castro LopoFix all instances of '#if HAVE_CONFIG_H'.
2014-03-14 Erik de Castro LopoMove FLAC__STRCASECMP definition to compat.h.
2014-02-01 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/encode.c : Improve perf of format_input()...
2014-02-01 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/main.c : Change the default beahviour when...
2014-02-01 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/encode.c : Improve message when compression...
2014-02-01 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/main.c : Add --no-error-on-compression-fail...
2013-10-04 Erik de Castro LopoVcproj file updates.
2013-09-05 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/iffscan.c : Fix typo.
2013-08-01 Erik de Castro Lopoflac: Implement --no-error-on-compression-fail command...
2013-07-21 Erik de Castro Lopoflac : Check compression ratio at end of encode process.
2013-06-17 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/utils.c : Add fflush after printing to stderr.
2013-05-27 Dagobert MichelsenUse location of TIOCGWINSZ from autoconf manual
2013-05-26 Ulrich Klauersrc/flac/main.c : Fix copyright notice
2013-05-26 Erik de Castro LopoSet version to 1.3.0 and update coyprights throughout.
2013-05-25 Erik de Castro LopoFix compiling for Android.
2013-04-29 Erik de Castro LopoTwo minor compiled fixes for OS/2.
2013-04-28 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/encode.c : Use flac_snprintf instead of sprintf.
2013-04-21 Janne HyvärinenFix status print staying on the wrong line with certain...
2013-04-21 Erik de Castro LopoFix -Wshadow warnings when compiling with mingw-gcc.
2013-04-21 Erik de Castro LopoFix compiler warnings related to win utf8 stuff.
2013-04-21 Erik de Castro LopoA set of windows utf8 patches fromJanne Hyvärinen ...
2013-04-07 Erik de Castro LopoFor windows, make UTF-8 mode into a runtime choice.
2013-04-07 Ulrich KlauerOnly link against libogg (and libm) if needed
2013-04-05 Erik de Castro LopoRename all parameters and locals from 'index' to 'indx'.
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro LopoAnother windows utf8 I/O patch from Janne Hyvärinen...
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro LopoPurge FLAC__STRINGS_IN_UTF8 from VC project files.
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro LopoEnable utf8 I/O stuff when compiling with MinGW.
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro LopoUse recursive automake in src/share/ part of tree.
2013-03-29 Erik de Castro LopoAdd CLEANFILES to relevant to force removal...
2013-03-29 Erik de Castro LopoRename _flac_stat to flac_stat_s.
2013-03-29 Erik de Castro LopoHuge Windows utf8 I/O patch.
2013-03-29 Miroslav LichvarFix option names in documentation and help messages.
2013-03-21 Erik de Castro LopoReplace a couple of safe_strncpy/cat with snprintf.
2013-03-19 Erik de Castro LopoReplace broken str* functions with safe versions.
2013-03-17 Erik de Castro LopoMore Microsoft Visual Studio project file updates.
2013-03-17 Erik de Castro LopoUse new function flac_snprintf() where ever appropriate.
2013-03-17 Erik de Castro LopoWave64 patch from Janne Hyvrinen <>.
2013-03-14 Erik de Castro LopoFix a couple of Windows 2Gig file size issues.
2013-03-10 Erik de Castro LopoFix -Wshadow warnings.
2013-03-10 Erik de Castro LopoFix -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes warnings.
2013-03-10 Erik de Castro LopoPurge old un-maintained MSVC 6 project files.
2013-03-06 Erik de Castro LopoLarge patch from Ben Allison fixing the MSVC build.
2013-03-05 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/main.c : Mention --ignore-chunk-sizes in help...
2013-03-02 Erik de Castro Loposrc/flac/decode.c : Remove repeated code block.
2013-03-02 Erik de Castro LopoAdd appropriate WAV channel masks for 7 and 8 channel...
2013-01-18 Ralph GilesHoist a repeated conditional in the channel mapping...
2013-01-02 Erik de Castro LopoRevert parts of 96d081c1 that touched source code or...
2013-01-02 Erik de Castro LopoFix VC project files to use /objs/ directory instead...
2013-01-02 Erik de Castro LopoFix all Makefile.lite to use /objs/ directory instead...
2013-01-02 Hendricks266Fix building with MSYS and MinGW(-w64); Improve Makefil...
2012-12-28 nu774Fix to allow the flac command to parse piped WAV input...
2012-12-05 Miroslav LichvarUpdate FSF address.