Use MMX ASM fucntions instead of SSE4.1 if available
[flac.git] / microbench /
2016-12-05 Erik de Castro LopoAnother bulk update of copyright dates
2016-02-09 Dave Yeomicrobench: Add fallback to gettimeofday()
2016-01-26 Erik de Castro Lopomicrobench/util.c: Fix -Wshadow warning
2016-01-23 Erik de Castro LopoFix linking of microbenchmark program
2015-09-30 Tristan Matthewsmicrobench: remove duplicate define
2015-09-30 Tristan Matthewsmicrobench: add benchmarking code for Darwin
2015-09-02 Erik de Castro Lopomicrobench/util.c: Win32 support
2015-09-02 Erik de Castro Lopomicrobench/ Fix 'make distcheck'
2015-08-31 Erik de Castro LopoAdd first micro-benchmark