Use MMX ASM fucntions instead of SSE4.1 if available
[flac.git] / include /
2018-08-25 lvqclMove CreateFile_utf8 function to a more logical place
2018-08-19 lvqclmove CreateFile function outside of libFLAC
2018-05-23 luz.pazFix miscellaneous typos.
2018-02-10 Erik de Castro LopoFix for missing WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION
2017-06-23 Thomas ZanderFLAC++: Add missing prototype for construct_block
2017-05-03 Erik de Castro LopoFix missing SIZE_MAX definition on Android
2017-03-20 Erik de Castro LopoFix typos in header files
2017-03-16 Keegan Drake H.Pstream_decoder.h: Fix Reference to Non-Existent Functions
2017-03-16 Keegan Drake H.Pstream_decoder.h: Fix References to ``stdout''
2017-02-13 Christian Stadelmannstream encoder: fix documentation inconsistencies
2017-02-09 Rosen PenevFix compile with cygwin
2017-01-23 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/compat.h: Only define inline for C
2017-01-19 David SeifertDo not override CFLAGS, as CFLAGS is a user flag.
2017-01-19 Erik de Castro LopoAdd missing file include/share/msvc2005_int.h
2017-01-18 Erik de Castro Lopostdint.h fixes for MSVS 2005/2008
2017-01-17 Erik de Castro Lopometadata.h: Fix search/replace typo in comments
2017-01-16 Erik de Castro LopoYet more unsigned fixes
2017-01-14 Erik de Castro LopoYet more purging of `unsigned` type
2017-01-14 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/FLAC: More unsigned fixes
2016-12-05 Erik de Castro LopoAnother bulk update of copyright dates
2016-12-04 Erik de Castro LopoBulk update copyright dates
2016-07-13 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC: Set decoding status if write callback failed
2016-02-11 Erik de Castro LopoAnother Windows build fix
2016-02-09 Erik de Castro LopoMore Windows fixes
2016-02-09 Erik de Castro LopoMore `make distcheck` fixes
2016-02-08 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC: Remove win_utf8_io dependency
2016-01-31 Erik de Castro LopoRefactoring of win_utf8_io
2016-01-23 Erik de Castro LopoClean up #includes
2016-01-19 Erik de Castro Lopomacros.h: Make FLAC_CHECK_RETURN print to stderr
2016-01-03 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC: Support 64bit brword/bwword
2016-01-03 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC: Tweak MSVC support
2015-12-29 Erik de Castro LopoCouple of minor tweaks
2015-12-24 Erik de Castro LopoWhitespace only
2015-12-24 Thomas ZanderExplicitly use base class virtual methods; silence...
2015-12-09 Erik de Castro LopoRemove (defined _MSC_VER) from cpp workaround
2015-08-22 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC: Add function safe_realloc_()
2015-08-08 Erik de Castro LopoCompat: Fix for MSVC deprecated functions
2015-02-15 Erik de Castro LopoUpdate grabbag tests to work out-of-tree.
2014-12-04 Erik de Castro LopoRemove traiing whitespace (mostly .c and .h files).
2014-12-03 Zoë BladeFix some minor word duplication
2014-11-25 Erik de Castro LopoMore date fixes.
2014-11-25 Erik de Castro LopoUpdate copyright years to include 2014.
2014-11-12 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/endswap.h : Fix usage of HAVE_BSWAP16.
2014-11-11 Martijn van BeurdenUpdate documentation for new compression presets
2014-11-05 Ralph GilesUse a configure check for bswap16 instead of gcc versio...
2014-09-22 Erik de Castro LopoWindows specific vsnprintf fixes.
2014-09-22 Martijn van BeurdenAdd partial_tukey and punchout_tukey apodization functions
2014-09-20 Erik de Castro LopoMinor clean up of win_utf8_io.
2014-08-09 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/endswap.h : Improvements to fallthrough...
2014-07-13 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/endswap.h : Fix default ENDSWAP_16.
2014-07-03 Ralph GilesFix bswap16 issue on Debian 6.
2014-06-29 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/endswap.h : Fix fallback ENDSWAP_16 macro.
2014-06-29 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/endswap.h : Add endswapping of 16 bit...
2014-06-27 Erik de Castro LopoUnderscore fixes.
2014-06-27 Erik de Castro LopoUpdate URLs as nedeed.
2014-06-24 Erik de Castro Loporeplaygain_analysis : Rename float_t -> flac_float_t.
2014-06-15 Erik de Castro Loporeplaygain_analysis : Switch to standard C sized intege...
2014-05-11 Erik de Castro Loporeplaygain_synthesis.h : Fix FLAC_SHARE__MAX_SUPPORTED_...
2014-04-10 Erik de Castro Loposhare/compat.h : Remove duplicate flac_stat definition.
2014-04-09 Erik de Castro LopoFix clang compiler warnings.
2014-03-24 Erik de Castro LopoFix all instances of '#if HAVE_CONFIG_H'.
2014-03-14 Erik de Castro LopoMove FLAC__STRCASECMP definition to compat.h.
2014-03-14 Erik de Castro LopoFix pragma warning.
2014-01-30 Erik de Castro LopoAdd FLAC__SSE_SUPPORTED and FLAC__SSE2_SUPPORTED flags.
2014-01-07 Erik de Castro Lopocompat.h : Simplify definition of FLAC__U64L.
2013-10-10 Erik de Castro LopoAdds use of restrict keyword to improve encoding speed.
2013-10-03 Erik de Castro LopoImprove x86 instrinsic implementation.
2013-09-26 Erik de Castro LopoMove M_PI definition to include/share/compat.h.
2013-09-15 Erik de Castro LopoFix numerous warnings arising from addition of -Weffc++.
2013-09-07 Erik de Castro LopoMove defintion of M_LN2 to include/share/compat.h.
2013-09-01 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/compat.h : Remove deinition of restrict.
2013-05-27 Ulrich KlauerLanguage fix: "difference licenses"
2013-05-26 Erik de Castro LopoSet version to 1.3.0 and update coyprights throughout.
2013-05-25 Martijn van BeurdenReplace dead anchor
2013-04-21 Erik de Castro LopoWin utf8 treatment for CreateFile.
2013-04-21 Erik de Castro LopoFix compiler warnings related to win utf8 stuff.
2013-04-07 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/compat.h : Include cleanup.
2013-04-07 Erik de Castro LopoFix Windows SIZE_T_MAX definition.
2013-04-07 Erik de Castro LopoFix a bunch of compiler warnings (mainly MinGW).
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro LopoTwo small patches for utf8 I/O.
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/ : Add win_utf8_io.h.
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro LopoPurge more strcpy/strcat usage.
2013-04-01 Erik de Castro LopoEnable utf8 I/O stuff when compiling with MinGW.
2013-03-29 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/compat.h : Cleanup.
2013-03-29 Erik de Castro LopoRename _flac_stat to flac_stat_s.
2013-03-29 Erik de Castro LopoRename all 'utf8_io' -> 'win_utf8_io'.
2013-03-29 Erik de Castro LopoHuge Windows utf8 I/O patch.
2013-03-23 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/compat.h : Simplify.
2013-03-19 Erik de Castro LopoAdd new file include/share/safe_str.h.
2013-03-17 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/private.h : Add FLAC_API to private funct...
2013-03-17 Erik de Castro LopoAdd file src/share/grabbag/snprintf.c to grabbag library.
2013-03-14 Erik de Castro LopoRestore code dropped in commit f25b2602dc.
2013-03-14 Erik de Castro LopoFix a couple of Windows 2Gig file size issues.
2013-03-10 Erik de Castro LopoFix -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes warnings.
2013-03-10 Erik de Castro Lopoinclude/share/compat.h : feeko and ftello fixes for...
2013-03-08 Erik de Castro LopoFLAC/ordinals.h : Add <stdint.h> definitions for MSVC...
2013-03-08 Erik de Castro LopoFLAC/ordinals.h : Provide links for <stdint.h> replacem...
2013-03-08 Erik de Castro LopoAnother MSVC patch from Ben Alison.
2013-03-06 Erik de Castro LopoLarge patch from Ben Allison fixing the MSVC build.
2013-03-05 Erik de Castro LopoFix compiler warnings from new compiler flags.