use float instead of double for basic FP type
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2001-05-14 Josh Coalsonminor wording
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2001-05-04 Josh Coalsonadd decode time to summary table
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2001-05-02 Josh Coalsonupdate docs with new argument handling, new -r and...
2001-05-02 Josh Coalsonrevert to 1.25
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2001-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd verbiage about upcoming beta
2001-04-25 Josh Coalson-r now takes min,max and is called min/max_residual_par...
2001-04-24 Josh Coalsonadd baudline to the list of progs that use flac
2001-04-24 Josh Coalsonadd verbiage to bug submit
2001-04-16 Josh Coalsonadd -S options
2001-04-16 Josh Coalsonadd documentation of SEEKTABLE and escape codes in...
2001-04-03 Josh Coalsonminor wording
2001-03-30 Josh Coalsonupdate 0.9 release news items
2001-03-30 Josh Coalsonfix coloring in some tables
2001-03-30 Josh Coalsonfinished update with 0.9 stats
2001-03-30 Josh Coalsonadd another track to comparison; INTERMEDIATE STATE!
2001-03-30 Josh Coalsonminor fix
2001-03-28 Josh Coalsonchange min bps from 1 to 4
2001-03-28 Josh Coalsonadd partial results for Ogg Squish
2001-03-27 Josh Coalsonadd frame CRC to bullets
2001-03-27 Josh Coalsonupdate with new format changes: frame crc-16, wasted...
2001-03-27 Josh Coalsonfix bug in the blocksize field of the subframe header...
2001-03-22 Josh Coalsondelete some obsolete bullets
2001-03-22 Josh Coalsontrivial changes, fixes
2001-03-22 Josh Coalsonminor change
2001-03-22 Josh Coalsonadd news item for 0.9 release
2001-03-22 Josh Coalsonadd note about 0.9 winamp2 plugin fix
2001-03-21 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.9
2001-03-16 Josh Coalsonupdate analysis options
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2001-03-15 Josh Coalsonadd -v analysis option to docs
2001-03-06 Josh Coalsonupdate with 0.8 test results
2001-03-05 Josh Coalsonminor change
2001-03-05 Josh Coalsonminor change
2001-03-02 Josh Coalsonadd link to id.html
2001-03-02 Josh Coalsonadd docs for APPLICATION and PADDING blocks
2001-03-02 Josh Coalsonadd news for 0.8 release
2001-03-02 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2001-02-28 Josh Coalsonminor additions
2001-02-23 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2001-02-23 Josh Coalsonadd metaflac documentation
2001-02-23 Josh Coalsonshorten APPLICATION id to 32 bits
2001-02-23 Josh Coalsonadd -P option
2001-02-23 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.8
2001-02-23 Josh Coalsonrename ENCODING to STREAMINFO; and PADDING and APPLICAT...
2001-02-22 Josh Coalsonremove 0.7 bug warning
2001-02-13 Josh Coalsonadd bug warning
2001-02-13 Josh Coalsontypos in format tables
2001-02-12 Josh Coalsonadd 0.7 news
2001-02-12 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.7
2001-02-08 Josh Coalsonchange Coder to Codec everywhere
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2001-02-06 Josh Coalsonchange bug section
2001-02-02 Josh Coalsonadd some future links in a comment
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2001-01-28 Josh Coalsonadd -M doc item
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2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd Known Bugs section
2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd autoconf news
2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd news item for 0.6
2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd news for 0.6, update status section
2001-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate numbers for flac 0.6
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2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonminor wording change
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2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.5
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2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd info about MD5 and test mode
2001-01-13 Josh Coalsonadd info about MD5 and test mode
2001-01-06 Josh Coalsonfix some misstatements
2001-01-03 Josh Coalsonupdate shorten features
2001-01-02 Josh Coalsonminor change to "what is" section
2000-12-25 Josh Coalsonadd Kexis 0.2.2 to comparison
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonchange version number, add some links
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd info on the new verify feature
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd -V option docs
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonadd 0.4 release note
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonchange version to 0.4
2000-12-19 Josh CoalsonAdded some links to the links section
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonChange version number to 0.3
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