fix link to shorten paper
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2002-08-27 Josh Coalsonfix link to shorten paper
2002-08-27 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2002-08-25 Josh Coalsonadd JReceiver to S/W section
2002-08-23 Josh Coalsonfixes based on a pass over everything with autoconf...
2002-08-22 Josh Coalsonadd Rio Receiver/Dell Digital Audio Receiver
2002-08-22 Josh Coalsonadd Rio Receiver news item
2002-08-22 Josh Coalsonadd verbiage for libOggFLAC, libOggFLAC++
2002-08-20 Josh Coalsonfix various little bugs related to format options
2002-08-20 Josh Coalsonadd -v, --version options
2002-08-15 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2002-08-15 Josh Coalsonexclude "unready" OggFLAC includes
2002-08-14 Josh Coalsonadd link to MacFLAC
2002-08-13 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2002-08-13 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2002-08-13 Josh Coalsonupdate to match new getopt-based options in flac
2002-08-08 Josh Coalsonadd OggFLAC dirs
2002-07-30 Josh Coalsonadd play times for wav files
2002-07-27 Josh Coalsonupdate links to point to new api location
2002-07-27 Josh Coalsonchange grouping settings
2002-07-25 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2002-07-24 Josh Coalsonadd alias for "default value"
2002-07-24 Josh Coalsonadd Makefile.lite to EXTRA_DIST
2002-07-19 Josh Coalsonadd AIFF support patches from Brady Patterson
2002-07-19 Josh Coalsonupdate TODO list
2002-07-17 Josh Coalsonadd link for MacAmp Lite plugin
2002-07-16 Josh Coalsonreorganized doc directory
2002-07-16 Josh Coalsonprepare for directory restructure
2002-07-12 Josh Coalsonremove old pre-1.0 news links from news box
2002-07-11 Josh Coalsonfix link to apollo plugin
2002-07-09 Josh Coalsonadd "check known bugs" phrase
2002-07-05 uid38180add wa2 plugin to known bugs
2002-07-04 Josh Coalsonfix link for PhatBox
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonadd rules for installing documentation
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonhighlight flac -5 with white in tables
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonadd 1.0.3 release items
2002-07-02 Josh Coalsonfix Phatnoise links
2002-07-01 Josh Coalsonadd arson is s/w section, commented out since it is...
2002-06-19 Josh Coalsonadd Tag to S/W section
2002-06-13 Josh Coalsonadd verbiage about default for decoder metadata callback
2002-06-13 Josh Coalsonupdate for 1.0.3 release
2002-06-08 Andrey Astafievtranslation fixes
2002-06-08 Josh Coalsonanother big glob of changes/fixes
2002-06-07 Andrey Astafievnear 1.0.3
2002-06-07 Andrey Astafievnear 1.0.3
2002-06-07 Andrey Astafievnear 1.0.3
2002-06-05 Josh Coalsonadd -F, remove -R
2002-06-05 Josh Coalsonfix link to abcde patch
2002-06-04 Josh Coalsonminor change in docs for metadata callback
2002-06-01 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.0.3
2002-05-29 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage
2002-05-22 Josh Coalsonupdate comparison with latest codec versions, add decod...
2002-05-17 Josh Coalsonupdate with new semantics for -P
2002-05-17 Josh Coalsonadd AlsaPlayer to plugin list
2002-05-04 Josh Coalsonexpand the feature table, make space for decode time...
2002-05-04 Josh Coalsonminor wording on vorbis comments
2002-05-03 Josh Coalsonadd "known bugs in current release" sections
2002-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd VORBIS_COMMENT metadata block
2002-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd easytag to s/w section
2002-03-20 Josh Coalsonupdate link to abcde patch
2002-03-17 Josh Coalsonremove maintainer message
2002-03-01 Andrey Astafievsome corrections to libFLAC section
2002-02-26 Andrey Astafievsync with 1.0.2
2002-02-19 Josh Coalsonadd Phatbox item
2002-02-18 Josh Coalsonflac support now native in shntool
2002-02-17 Josh Coalsonupdate list of known OSes
2002-02-12 Josh Coalsonadd --fast and --best flags
2002-02-10 Josh Coalsonupdate plugins in comparison table
2002-02-05 Josh Coalsonremove baudline from S/W section since it's not open...
2002-02-04 Josh Coalsonfix link to FROG
2002-02-01 Josh Coalsonadd rip to S/W section
2002-01-29 Josh Coalsonremove ACM claim abut mediaXW
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd mediaxw to s/w section
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright date to include 2002
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright date to include 2002
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonminor cosmetic change
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonadd SDL_sound to S/W section
2001-12-15 Josh Coalsonfix sonice link
2001-12-15 Josh Coalsonadd sonice to S/W section
2001-12-13 Josh Coalsonadd flac-tools link to S/W section
2001-12-13 Josh Coalsonadd flac-tools app URL
2001-12-11 Josh Coalsonadd "Ftol" ID to table
2001-12-04 Josh Coalsonadd news item for 1.0.2
2001-12-04 Josh Coalsonupdate flac version number
2001-11-22 Andrey Astafievsync with 1.0.1
2001-11-19 Josh Coalsonfix link to news
2001-11-15 Josh Coalsonminor edits
2001-11-15 Josh Coalsonadd item for 1.0.1 release
2001-11-12 Josh Coalsonupdate libFLAC section to add new seekable stream decoder
2001-11-12 Josh Coalsonadd verbiage about multi-platform
2001-11-11 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 1.0.1
2001-11-03 Josh Coalsonadd monkeys audio utils
2001-11-03 Josh Coalsonadd extras section
2001-10-31 Josh Coalsonadd -H and --ogg options, remove -9 and -fw options
2001-10-18 Josh Coalsonadd frog and bonk, update lpac to 1.31 and wavpack...
2001-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove beta language, update todo list
2001-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove beta language
2001-08-20 Andrey Astafievrevision for 1.0
2001-08-20 Andrey Astafievrevision for 1.0
2001-08-20 Andrey Astafievrevision for 1.0