minor removal of unused code; see http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/flac-dev/2005-Janua...
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2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonmerge from FLAC 1.1.1 maintenance branch (-j FLAC_RELEA...
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd items: html metaflac docs, improved vorbis comment...
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2005 to copyright notices
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd items for speedups and bug fixes
2005-01-07 Josh CoalsonlibFLAC++: all metadata object operator=() funcs now...
2005-01-07 Josh Coalsonfix typos
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd latest rice partition order limit restriction to...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd docs for metaflac
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonin stream encoder, only allocate and calculate real...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadd vorbiscomment validation functions to format.c...
2004-12-30 Josh Coalsonadditions to metadata object api: more vorbiscomment...
2004-10-14 Josh Coalsonadd --input-size option to flac
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonbump release date to 2004-Oct-01
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove logo.jpg
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove id3 support from the plugins
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonobsolete
2004-09-23 Josh Coalsonadd hardware links for hifidelio, iaudio m3
2004-09-23 Josh Coalsonadd status item for new hardware players
2004-09-23 Josh Coalsonadd changelog entry for fixed AIFF SSND offset bug
2004-09-21 Josh Coalsonadd links for buckethead, dave matthews band, ato recor...
2004-09-15 Josh Coalsonbump release date to sep 18
2004-09-15 Josh Coalsonadd link to winCE port
2004-09-15 Josh Coalsonadd links to aliveaudio.net, fastatmosphere.com, leahmo...
2004-09-15 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2004-09-14 Josh Coalsonbump release date to 2004-09-18
2004-09-14 Josh Coalsonadd status item about mailing list switching to xiph
2004-09-14 Josh Coalsonmove option anchors to their right places
2004-09-14 Josh Coalsonadd note about re-encoding older versions of Ogg FLAC
2004-09-14 Josh Coalsonadd link to illiminable's dshow filters
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonadd new requirements to ogg mapping: vorbis comment...
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonadd new faqs for max channels, kinds of audio input
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonupdate links to 1.1.1 release
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonadd news item for 1.1.1 release
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonmake entry for 1.1.1 in known bugs section
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonlink to license page, minor verbiage
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonminor wording on 1.1.1 bullets
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonadd links for entagged, etree-scripts, aqualung, ripper...
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.1
2004-09-09 Josh Coalsonadd ogg_mapping.html
2004-09-09 Josh Coalsonadd 1.1.1 entry for new Ogg mapping
2004-09-09 Josh Coalsonadd link to ogg_mapping.html
2004-09-09 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsonminor wording
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsonadd bullet item about renaming of metaflac *-vc-* options
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsonadd license.html
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsonchange "vorbis comments" to "FLAC tags" in select places
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsonadd FAQ about licensing
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsonadd link to new license page
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsonfix <TITLE>
2004-09-08 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2004-09-03 Josh Coalsonadd GNUpod link
2004-09-02 Josh Coalsonadd note about bogus trojan warning in win installer...
2004-07-31 Josh Coalsonlast-minute additions to distribution list
2004-07-31 Josh Coalsonfix install bug that happens if doxygen is not present
2004-07-30 Josh Coalsonadd FLAC__metadata_get_tags(), FLAC::Metadata::get_tags()
2004-07-30 Josh Coalsonremove some older news items from the status box
2004-07-29 Josh Coalsonadd changelog.html and links.html
2004-07-29 Josh Coalsonadd changelog and links to navigation bar, move links...
2004-07-29 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2004-07-28 Josh Coalsonadd 1.1.1 changelog entry for PPC optimizations
2004-07-28 Josh Coalsonadd FurthurNet news item
2004-07-23 Josh Coalsonadd tmv link
2004-07-23 Josh Coalsonadd xmcd link
2004-07-23 Josh Coalsonfix bonk, optimfrog, rkau links
2004-07-23 Josh Coalsonfix shntool link
2004-07-23 Josh Coalsonadd table of contents
2004-07-23 Josh Coalsoninitial import
2004-07-23 Josh Coalsonadd anchors for each option, add commented out docs...
2004-07-22 Josh Coalsonmax the largest metadata type code be 126, reserving...
2004-07-22 Josh Coalsonadd link to Audio::FLAC::Decoder, update link to Audio...
2004-07-17 Josh Coalsonadd --totally-silent option to flac, man page, and...
2004-07-17 Josh Coalsonadd --cue option to flac, and tests and documentation
2004-07-16 Josh Coalsonmake --serial-number or the default random serial numbe...
2004-07-16 Josh Coalsonadd documentation for new -f option to flac
2004-07-07 Josh Coalsonremove references to discontinued winamp3 plugin
2004-07-07 Josh Coalsonadd link to UniversalFront
2004-06-21 Josh Coalsonadd bonnaroo links
2004-06-20 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2004-06-20 Josh Coalsonfix link to Audio::FLAC
2004-06-08 Josh Coalsonadd roku soundbridge links
2004-06-07 Josh Coalsonadd jflac links
2004-06-07 Josh Coalsonadd "peem" ID
2004-05-07 Josh Coalsonadd monkeysaudio 3.99
2004-05-06 Josh Coalsonadd apple lossless comparison
2004-05-06 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage addition re: blocksize bits in frame...
2004-04-05 Josh Coalsontemporarily replace coolflac links until case's page...
2004-03-16 Josh Coalsonfix rarewares link
2004-03-11 Josh Coalsonupdate verbiage for CD Wave link
2004-03-03 Josh Coalsonadd metallica/edmdigital new items, split "communities...
2004-03-03 Josh Coalsonadd metallica new item
2004-03-01 Josh Coalsoncomment out musepack link since some pron spammer snatc...
2004-02-23 Josh Coalsonadd link to media center/jukebox plugin
2004-02-04 Josh Coalsonadd news item re: charlie hunter
2004-01-30 Josh Coalsonadd link to CoreFLAC
2004-01-28 Josh Coalsonchange wording for explanation of PADDING
2004-01-28 Josh Coalsonfix link for Audiofile
2004-01-17 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright to 2004
2004-01-12 Josh Coalsonfix link to winamp3 plugin
2004-01-06 Josh Coalsonadd link for digitalsoundboard.net