add 3DNOW stuff from Miroslav
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2001-06-29 Josh Coalsonadd support for checking sizes of different types throu...
2001-06-23 Josh Coalsonrev the version to 1.0
2001-06-21 Josh Coalsonadd aoutb support for openbsd
2001-06-18 Josh Coalsonadd object file format guessing from configure
2001-06-15 Josh Coalsonpatch from mdz to create include/* Makefiles
2001-06-13 Josh Coalsonrename i386 to ia32 everywhere
2001-06-08 Josh Coalsonadd/update copyright and license notices
2001-06-05 Josh Coalsonconditionalize gcc-specific flags
2001-05-29 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.10
2001-05-25 Josh Coalsonmore changes to get conditionals/defines working
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsonswitch from AC_CANONICAL_TARGET to AC_CANONICAL_HOST
2001-05-23 Josh Coalsondiscriminate by cpu, check for nasm, add option for...
2001-03-21 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.9
2001-03-08 Josh Coalsonadd src/metaflac/Makefile to AC_OUTPUT
2001-02-23 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.8
2001-02-12 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.7
2001-02-05 Josh Coalsonadd some more optimization arguments to gcc
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.6
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsoninitial version