Add functionality present in the C library to the to C++ SeekTable class.
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2012-04-07 Cristian RodríguezUpdate and improve autotools build
2012-04-05 Cristian RodríguezV2: Use a single definition of MIN and MAX in sources
2012-04-04 Erik de Castro : Add AM_PROG_CC_C_O.
2012-03-30 Erik de Castro LopoRemove winamp2 plugin
2012-02-26 Erik de Castro : Report useful info at the end of configure.
2012-02-13 Erik de Castro LopoFix for autoreconf failures.
2012-02-13 Erik de Castro LopoDisable Altivec on host triplet powerpc-unknown-linux...
2012-02-05 Erik de Castro LopoAdd XIPH_BSWAP32 configure macro to detect __builtin_bs...
2012-02-05 Erik de Castro LopoAdd m4/endian.m4 and use it in
2012-02-05 Erik de Castro : Patch from David Yeo. OS/2 uses aout...
2012-02-05 Erik de Castro : Patch from David Yeo adding LT_NO_UNDEFI...
2012-02-05 Erik de Castro LopoPurge MINGW_WINSOCK_LIBS config variable.
2012-02-05 Erik de Castro LopoRemove configure maintainer mode.
2012-02-04 Erik de Castro : Detect more headers.
2012-02-02 Erik de Castro : Only use AM_SILENT_RULES if its availabl...
2012-02-01 Erik de Castro LopoRename ->