Remove support for AMD's 3Dnow.
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2013-05-26 Xiyue DengFix bootstrap on Mac OS X
2013-04-02 Erik de Castro : Test for required programs.
2013-03-18 Erik de Castro : OpenBSD tweaks.
2013-02-08 Timothy B. TerriberryRobustify
2013-01-17 Erik de Castro : Make sure config.rpath exists.
2012-12-12 Max replace this by a simple call to autoreconf
2012-02-05 Erik de Castro LopoRemove configure maintainer mode.
2012-01-31 Erik de Castro : Silence complaint about missing config...
2007-09-16 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2007-09-11 Josh Coalsonminor formatting
2007-09-10 Josh Coalsonautomake-1.10 fixes (SF#1791361: https://sourceforge...
2006-11-21 Josh Coalsonadd notes from old
2006-11-18 Josh Coalsonpatch from ralph
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonreplacement based on example from xiph
2005-09-02 Josh Coalsonadd xmms.m4 to new m4/ directory as backup
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove id3 support from the plugins
2004-07-30 Josh Coalsonadd more info about requirements and possible solutions...
2004-07-22 Josh Coalsonadd warning about libtool/autoconf "missing sed" bug...
2004-07-20 Josh Coalsonadd libtoolize to flow
2003-02-07 Matt ZimmermanBuild libtool archives instead of plain .a archives...
2002-12-23 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2002-12-03 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2002-09-09 uid38180unwind gettext usage; see tag COMMENT_LAST_WORKING_GETT...
2002-09-05 Josh Coalsonadd gettextize and autoheader
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonadd --copy to automake invocation
2001-06-07 Josh Coalsonadd --include-deps
2001-06-06 Josh Coalsoninitial import