Remove support for AMD's 3Dnow.
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2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonmove and expand note to embedded developers
2007-07-07 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.2.0
2007-07-07 Josh Coalsondeprecate projectbuilder project
2007-02-22 Josh Coalsonadd support for building with VC++ 2005
2007-02-14 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.4
2007-02-02 Josh Coalsonadd 2007 copyright
2006-11-20 Josh Coalsonfinal merge down from 1.1.2 maintenance branch (cvs...
2006-11-17 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.3
2006-10-16 Josh Coalsonbump version to 1.1.3-beta2
2006-10-15 Josh Coalsonmerge libOggFLAC into libFLAC and libOggFLAC++ into...
2006-10-10 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.3-beta1
2006-10-07 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.3
2006-09-13 Josh Coalsonmerge down from merged-API-layer branch: cvs -q up...
2006-04-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2206 to copyright notice
2005-02-04 Josh Coalsonbump version to 1.1.2
2005-02-02 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.2-beta
2005-01-25 Josh Coalsonadd 2005 to copyright notices
2005-01-21 Josh Coalsonfix required nasm version
2004-09-28 Josh Coalsonremove id3 support from the plugins
2004-09-26 Josh Coalsonadd Prerequisites section: need libogg>=1.1.2 for Ogg...
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonfix verbiage about nasm prerequisite with MSCV
2004-09-10 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.1
2004-07-29 Josh Coalsonadd comments to OS X section about required libs and...
2004-07-26 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.1-beta1, with a target date...
2004-03-16 Josh Coalsonbump version info
2004-01-17 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright to 2004
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonobliterate obsolete winamp3 plugin
2003-12-17 Josh Coalsonstamp a CVS+date for the version
2003-09-24 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage
2003-08-28 Josh Coalsonmore verbiage about "make check"
2003-02-07 Josh Coalsonchange license verbiage
2003-01-31 Josh Coalsonchange license verbiage to Xiph's
2003-01-25 Josh Coalsonremove reference to obsolete
2003-01-25 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.1.0
2003-01-14 Josh Coalsonadd --enable-local-xmms-plugin
2003-01-08 Josh Coalsonbump version string to 1.0.5_beta2
2003-01-03 Josh Coalsonbeta verbiage
2003-01-02 Josh Coalsonupdate the version number from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5-beta1
2003-01-02 Josh CoalsonAdd 2003 to copyright notice
2002-12-17 Josh Coalsonminor wording
2002-12-03 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2002-10-18 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2002-10-18 Josh Coalsonminor comments
2002-10-18 Josh Coalsonimproved notes for building on win
2002-10-17 Josh Coalsonminor comment
2002-10-16 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***
2002-09-25 Josh Coalsonbump the version number from 1.0.4_beta to 1.0.4
2002-09-12 Josh Coalsonverbiage about extra --with-... options
2002-09-09 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.0.4_beta
2002-08-23 Josh Coalsonverbiage about "make check"
2002-08-22 Josh Coalsonadd verbiage for libOggFLAC, libOggFLAC++
2002-07-31 Josh Coalsonadd section for embedded developers
2002-07-03 Josh Coalsonminor verbiage
2002-07-02 Josh Coalsonbump version number from 1.0.3_beta to 1.0.3
2002-06-14 Josh Coalsonminor changes in anticipation of release
2002-06-08 Josh Coalsonanother big glob of changes/fixes
2002-06-01 Josh Coalsonbump version number to 1.0.3
2002-03-13 Josh Coalsonminor wording
2002-01-26 Josh Coalsonupdate copyright date to include 2002
2001-12-04 Josh Coalsonfix some argument names to match new
2001-12-04 Josh Coalsonupdate flac version number
2001-12-04 Josh Coalsonadd snippet about automake 1.5 patch
2001-11-13 Josh Coalsonminor wording
2001-11-13 Josh Coalsonadd --use-3dnow argument
2001-11-11 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 1.0.1
2001-11-09 Josh Coalsonadd wording for OS X builds
2001-10-31 Josh Coalsonminor wording changes
2001-07-20 Josh Coalsonadd instructions for building with Makefile.lite
2001-07-18 Josh Coalsonadd better docs on configure options
2001-06-23 Josh Coalsonrev the version to 1.0
2001-06-18 Josh Coalsonminor formatting changes
2001-06-08 Josh Coalsonadd/update copyright and license notices
2001-05-29 Josh Coalsonadd instructions related to assembly
2001-05-29 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.10
2001-03-21 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.9
2001-02-23 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.8
2001-02-12 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.7
2001-01-24 Josh Coalsonupdate version number to 0.6
2001-01-19 Josh Coalsonreword for new build system
2001-01-16 Josh Coalsonupdate version to 0.5
2000-12-22 Josh Coalsonchange version to 0.4
2000-12-17 Josh CoalsonChanged version number to 0.3
2000-12-10 Josh CoalsonInitial revision