Replace a couple of safe_strncpy/cat with snprintf.
[flac.git] / FLAC.sln
2013-03-17 Erik de Castro LopoWindows flac_snprintf tweaks.
2013-03-17 Erik de Castro LopoFLAC.sln : Remove obsolete in_flac project.
2007-09-16 Josh Coalsonfix typos 1.2.1
2007-09-13 Josh Coalsonadd encoder examples
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonadd example_cpp_decode_file
2007-09-12 Josh Coalsonadd new top level examples/ directory with one example...
2007-08-28 Josh Coalsonadd flactimer
2007-08-21 Josh Coalsonadd iffscan project
2007-05-11 Josh Coalsonadd new flacdiff util
2007-02-22 Josh Coalson*** empty log message ***