fix error in encoded residual definition
[flac.git] / FLAC.dsw
2002-11-22 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2002-11-22 Josh Coalsonnew grabbag testers
2002-11-21 Josh Coalsonrevamp MSVC build system, separate dynamic and static...
2002-11-16 Josh Coalsonminor fixes
2002-11-07 Josh Coalsonupdates to work with new grabbag lib
2002-10-30 Josh Coalsonadd support for new file_utils convenience library
2002-10-24 Josh Coalsonadd new gain_analysis convenience library
2002-10-23 Josh Coalsonnew location for share libs
2002-10-17 Josh Coalsonadd .dsps for metaflac, test suite, and all.dsp with...
2002-10-16 Josh Coalsonadd flac_mac and flac_ren projects
2002-10-16 Josh Coalsoninitial import