travis: Add a brew update
[flac.git] / FLAC-vs2005.sln
2018-08-25 lvqclMove CreateFile_utf8 function to a more logical place
2016-02-08 Erik de Castro LopolibFLAC: Remove win_utf8_io dependency
2016-02-01 Erik de Castro Lopotest_streams: Use fopen instead of flac_fopen
2016-01-30 Erik de Castro LopoRemove plugin_common library from MSVC build
2016-01-30 Erik de Castro LopoFix dependencies for MSVC
2015-08-31 Erik de Castro LopoMSVC: Fix libFLAC_static.vcxproj dependencies
2014-11-23 Erik de Castro LopoRename Visual Studio solution files.