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FLAC allows third-party applications to register an ID for use with FLAC APPLICATION metadata blocks. Use the following form to request an ID, or to submit a change to an existing ID.

* Application ID:
* Application name:
* Contact e-mail:
Application URL:
Specification URL:
(* = mandatory)

The ID request should be 8 hexadecimal digits and not conflict with any existing IDs (see the table below for all currently registered IDs). This 32-bit number will be stored big-endian in the block.

Information about your application (but not your e-mail address) will show up on this page in the ID directory. You can also provide a URL to your application and a URL reference to the specification of your application's APPLICATION block.

You will be notified via e-mail about your submission.

id directory

Here is a list of all registered IDs and their applications:

ID Application
46746F6C - "Ftol" flac-tools
5346464C - "SFFL" Sound Font FLAC

 Copyright (c) 2000,2001,2002 Josh Coalson