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FLAC developers

FLAC is an open source project and we are happy to enlist the help of anyone who wants to contribute. You can do this to a limited extent through the mailing list but if you have major changes to make to the code it's best to sign up as a developer. In either case, make sure to check out the FLAC goals first; there are some thing the we don't want added to FLAC, like copy protection and lossy compression.

High priority items are:

  • More input plugins. Currently there are plugins for XMMS and Winamp; Freeamp is in the works. More is better!
  • Improving the compression methods.

Some other "nice-to-haves":

  • Fix the MSVC makefiles to make libFLAC.dll (instead of just the .lib).
  • Configurable ID3V1 support and ID3V2 support in the plugins.
  • A better logo! Gimp jedi I'm not...

Things that are in the works (check the flac-dev mailing list):

  • Windows ACM codec.
  • FLAC module for Audiofile.

third-party developers

FLAC is open to third-party developers who want to add support for FLAC into their programs. All the necessary functionality is contained the libraries libFLAC or libFLAC++ which are licensed under the LGPL. The relevant documentation here is:

There also are several examples in the FLAC code base of the use of libFLAC and libFLAC++ that may also be helpful. Visit the download page for instructions on how to get the source.

 Copyright (c) 2000,2001,2002 Josh Coalson