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FLAC developers
FLAC is an open source project and we are happy to enlist the help of anyone who wants to contribute. The preferred method for transmitting improvements is patch files (in "diff -c" format) sent to the developer mailing list, but zipped up sources are OK. Make sure to read the FLAC goals first; there are some thing the we don't want added to FLAC, like copy protection and lossy compression.

High priority items are: Some other "nice-to-haves": See also the FLAC project page on Sourceforge.net.

third-party developers
FLAC is open to third-party developers who want to add support for FLAC into their programs. All the necessary functionality is contained the lib*FLAC libraries which are licensed under Xiph.org's BSD license. The relevant documentation here is: There also are several examples in the FLAC code base of API usage that may also be helpful. Visit the download page for instructions on how to get the source.