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Many lossless comparisons look at only compression ratio and speed. FLAC decoding is the fastest among lossless codecs. Its compression is average but the compression ratios of all lossless codecs fall in a quite narrow range. The difference between the very best and very worst is only around 7%, and only 4% for the practical codecs.

So the evaluation of lossless codecs typically depends mainly on other features, which is what our first table shows; features like how well it is supported in devices and software, license costs, etc. Additionally, as archiving is one of the main applications for a lossless codec, of chief importance is the ability to use and recover data in the future. FLAC stands out as the most widely supported codec, and the only codec that at once is non-proprietary, is unencumbered by patents, has an open-source reference implementation, has a well documented format, and has several other independent implementations.

The rest of the tables show in detail the compression ratios and speed of the codecs in different modes. FLAC's high decoding speed is due to very low complexity and is instrumental to its support by dozens of consumer electronic devices. Its compression ratio is also within a 3% of even the most complex codecs.

(Note: this comparison leaves out some archaic or impractical codecs; for below for some other comparisons.)

Reviewed encoders (besides flac of course):
Codec Source Available? Player Support? Hardware Support? License Cost OS support
flac v1.1.4 YES (OSI approved license) YES (XMMS, Winamp, AlsaPlayer, Y! Music Engine, MacAmp Lite, dBpowerAMP, Foobar2000, QCD, Apollo, many more) YES (Squeezebox, Sonos, PhatBox, Kenwood MusicKeg, iAudio, ReQuest, Olive, Escient, TrekStor, dozens more) NONE Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, *BSD, Solaris, OS/2, BeOS, Amiga OS, others
WavPack v4.40 YES (OSI approved license) YES (Winamp, foobar2000, dBpowerAMP, more) maybe (only some portables via Rockbox firmware replacement) NONE Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Shorten v3.2 YES (non-OSI license) YES (Winamp, XMMS) maybe (only some portables via Rockbox firmware replacement) non-
commercial only
Linux, Windows, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, *BSD, Solaris, others
Monkey's Audio v3.99 YES (non-OSI license) YES (Winamp, MediaJukebox, dBpowerAMP, more) no ? Windows, Linux console source
Apple Lossless no YES (iTunes) YES (iPod only) unavailable Windows, Mac OS X
Ogg Squish 0.98 YES (OSI approved license) no (?) no NONE Linux, Windows, other UNIX
Bonk 0.5 YES (OSI approved license) YES (XMMS) no ? Linux, Windows, other UNIX
La 0.3c no YES (Winamp, XMMS) no ? Windows, Linux
optimFROG 4.21 no YES (Winamp, XMMS) no ? Windows, Linux
Tak 1.0 no no no free for non-commercial use Windows

The machine used for encoding the test files is a PII-333 with 256 megs of RAM, running Windows NT 4.0 SP5. Unfortunately, though flac runs just about everywhere, Windows is the lowest-common-denominator platform for all the encoders. Apple Lossless was tested on a newer machine (P4-2.4GHz Windows 2000); only the overall encoding and decoding times are shown, and the times are scaled to the PII-333 by multiplying by the ratio of flac times on the PII to P4.

The input corpus currently consists entirely of CD music tracks. In the future it may include more kinds of input (like speech, other sample rates/resolutions, etc). There are 14 tracks whose genres range from rock to pop to death metal to classical to chant.

The first table is a summary of results on all input tracks. The remaining tables show the results of the encoders on each track. The summary table has more modes, whereas the individual tables have just the interesting ones.

In the summary table, entries are sorted by average compression ratio, which is the average of the ratios for each track; this keeps long tracks from having more influence than short ones. In the individual tables, this is the same as the straight compression ratio, which is compressed size / uncompressed size.

Shown in white, flac in its default mode is right in the middle with respect to compression, relatively fast on the encoding range, and the fastest decoding. This is about what you would expect; FLAC is designed to put most of the processing on the encoding side, which is only done once, whereas the adaptive codecs take as long to decode as encode. FLAC is more suited in this way for playback on low-power devices, borne out by the many hardware devices which support it.

This is a summary table with just the most 'economic' modes (the ones that give the most compression for the least amount of encode/decode time) for each codec.

Codec Encode time Decode time Compressed
La 0.3c151:13.16145:49.78375.76 MB0.48140.4986
Tak 1.0 (normal)12:04.817:02.42391.16 MB0.50110.5138
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)15:45.4116:48.03389.83 MB0.49940.5153
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)16:34.9617:57.28394.69 MB0.50560.5223
Tak 1.0 (turbo)7:40.546:47.04399.97 MB0.51240.5271
WavPack 4.40 (high)13:17.4810:08.22399.90 MB0.51230.5273
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)10:32.1111:49.46400.57 MB0.51320.5311
WavPack 4.40 (normal)10:30.588:11.92405.84 MB0.51990.5355
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)11:38.366:42.27406.25 MB0.52050.5367
flac 1.1.4 (-3)8:41.636:43.16412.42 MB0.52840.5457
WavPack 4.40 (fast)9:16.217:19.30415.05 MB0.53170.5491
Apple Lossless19:53.2710:01.86414.45 MB0.53100.5496
Bonk 0.536:56.3627:09.35418.65 MB0.53640.5543
flac 1.1.4 (-1)7:23.266:44.92431.72 MB0.55310.5697
Ogg Squish 0.98??431.08 MB0.55220.5714
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)9:44.486:31.74433.56 MB0.55550.5729
RIFF WAVE77:19.8977:19.89780.56 MB1.00001.0000

Here are the summary results for all codecs and all modes:

Codec Encode time Decode time Compressed
La 0.3c151:13.16145:49.78375.76 MB0.48140.4986
Tak 1.0 (extra max)66:39.398:08.19383.70 MB0.49160.5059
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)130:45.33136:47.14381.79 MB0.48910.5065
Tak 1.0 (extra)25:37.248:20.87384.06 MB0.49200.5065
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)28:41.9630:05.38384.55 MB0.49270.5087
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)338:34.96339:23.24386.22 MB0.49480.5105
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 3 @ 4x)58:18.4059:30.51386.71 MB0.49540.5114
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 2 @ 4x)32:16.8533:30.92387.93 MB0.49700.5133
Tak 1.0 (normal)12:04.817:02.42391.16 MB0.50110.5138
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)24:19.5825:37.44389.04 MB0.49840.5151
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)15:45.4116:48.03389.83 MB0.49940.5153
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)13:27.9614:31.90393.17 MB0.50370.5197
WavPack 4.40 (extra high -x)33:32.3112:02.42396.56 MB0.50810.5222
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)16:34.9617:57.28394.69 MB0.50560.5223
Tak 1.0 (turbo)7:40.546:47.04399.97 MB0.51240.5271
WavPack 4.40 (high)13:17.4810:08.22399.90 MB0.51230.5273
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)10:32.1111:49.46400.57 MB0.51320.5311
WavPack 4.40 (normal -x)16:34.948:04.31403.10 MB0.51640.5319
flac 1.1.4 (-8)29:03.486:45.62404.23 MB0.51790.5336
WavPack 4.40 (normal)10:30.588:11.92405.84 MB0.51990.5355
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)11:38.366:42.27406.25 MB0.52050.5367
WavPack 4.40 (fast -x)12:59.527:15.36411.52 MB0.52720.5438
flac 1.1.4 (-3)8:41.636:43.16412.42 MB0.52840.5457
WavPack 4.40 (fast)9:16.217:19.30415.05 MB0.53170.5491
Apple Lossless19:53.2710:01.86414.45 MB0.53100.5496
Bonk 0.536:56.3627:09.35418.65 MB0.53640.5543
flac 1.1.4 (-1)7:23.266:44.92431.72 MB0.55310.5697
Ogg Squish 0.98??431.08 MB0.55220.5714
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)9:44.486:31.74433.56 MB0.55550.5729
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)12:00.047:25.12438.86 MB0.56220.5810
RIFF WAVE77:19.8977:19.89780.56 MB1.00001.0000

Here are the results for each individual track.

Track Codec Encode
Dream Theater
La 0.3c11:37.6911:15.3742.72 MB0.7306
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:15.911:19.0043.21 MB0.7391
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)25:32.4125:38.1543.26 MB0.7398
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:53.282:00.4543.26 MB0.7398
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)1:05.101:08.5143.30 MB0.7405
Tak 1.0 (extra max)5:19.110:36.8343.40 MB0.7423
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:17.951:25.6743.42 MB0.7426
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:57.300:32.0843.51 MB0.7442
WavPack 4.40 (high)1:03.690:48.9743.67 MB0.7469
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:38.310:33.9643.80 MB0.7491
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:51.650:56.1343.86 MB0.7501
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:50.910:41.2144.01 MB0.7526
flac 1.1.4 (-8)2:18.410:34.3244.11 MB0.7544
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:54.850:32.2244.17 MB0.7554
Bonk 0.52:56.032:11.5844.35 MB0.7585
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:45.120:35.4744.58 MB0.7625
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:44.850:37.3144.71 MB0.7646
Apple Lossless??44.74 MB0.7653
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:58.810:37.6344.75 MB0.7654
Ogg Squish 0.98??45.17 MB0.7725
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:39.090:33.8946.60 MB0.7970
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:47.750:32.5646.68 MB0.7984
RIFF WAVE5:47.565:47.5658.47 MB1.0000
Eddie Warner
Tak 1.0 (extra max)2:32.920:15.5813.56 MB0.4865
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:25.820:13.7013.64 MB0.4894
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:37.990:21.6914.18 MB0.5089
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:17.010:14.3714.52 MB0.5210
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:25.270:17.0314.56 MB0.5223
La 0.3c5:24.565:13.2914.76 MB0.5298
flac 1.1.4 (-8)1:02.170:14.4314.77 MB0.5298
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:25.010:13.1514.83 MB0.5323
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:53.390:55.5215.01 MB0.5385
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)12:02.5412:03.7615.02 MB0.5390
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:18.900:14.1515.08 MB0.5412
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:36.810:39.1915.13 MB0.5429
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:22.810:14.8215.17 MB0.5445
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:34.330:36.2315.26 MB0.5474
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:29.620:31.3815.27 MB0.5479
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:23.150:25.4415.55 MB0.5579
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:21.160:13.5515.78 MB0.5662
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:26.820:16.7516.21 MB0.5818
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:15.790:14.1216.35 MB0.5867
Apple Lossless??16.36 MB0.5871
Bonk 0.51:22.011:00.1216.73 MB0.6003
Ogg Squish 0.98??17.03 MB0.6112
RIFF WAVE2:35.672:35.6727.87 MB1.0000
Forty-six & 2
La 0.3c12:34.9712:09.0837.42 MB0.5824
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)27:58.2828:01.8737.96 MB0.5907
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)2:03.432:09.2738.15 MB0.5937
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:19.071:24.0238.21 MB0.5947
Tak 1.0 (extra max)5:44.050:37.5338.24 MB0.5951
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)1:07.841:12.0038.38 MB0.5973
Tak 1.0 (normal)1:00.130:36.2538.45 MB0.5984
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:24.441:30.9738.68 MB0.6020
WavPack 4.40 (high)1:04.070:51.8839.01 MB0.6072
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:53.720:58.8939.09 MB0.6084
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:38.480:35.5039.88 MB0.6207
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:51.620:42.2639.92 MB0.6212
flac 1.1.4 (-8)2:26.550:35.8840.04 MB0.6232
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:58.250:36.1740.19 MB0.6255
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:47.530:39.2040.47 MB0.6298
Apple Lossless??40.75 MB0.6342
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:43.720:33.6640.84 MB0.6356
Bonk 0.53:07.202:21.2840.98 MB0.6378
Ogg Squish 0.98??42.27 MB0.6578
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:38.050:37.2942.66 MB0.6639
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)1:02.420:37.8443.06 MB0.6701
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:51.290:34.5943.18 MB0.6721
RIFF WAVE6:21.926:21.9264.25 MB1.0000
Cannibal Corpse
Mummified In Barbed Wire
La 0.3c6:35.946:23.5722.69 MB0.6798
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)14:34.2814:37.6922.95 MB0.6877
Tak 1.0 (extra max)2:46.190:24.7823.04 MB0.6904
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:41.910:45.4923.18 MB0.6945
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:36.030:38.3423.24 MB0.6963
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:32.840:20.9423.24 MB0.6964
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:03.961:08.8523.31 MB0.6984
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:22.130:18.9223.49 MB0.7037
flac 1.1.4 (-8)1:19.220:20.2523.72 MB0.7106
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:34.960:27.6623.83 MB0.7141
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:44.140:48.7123.95 MB0.7176
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:31.940:18.3724.01 MB0.7194
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:28.610:31.5324.14 MB0.7234
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:29.030:24.1624.17 MB0.7242
Bonk 0.51:40.381:14.5824.36 MB0.7297
Apple Lossless??24.37 MB0.7301
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:26.730:20.7024.86 MB0.7448
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:24.300:20.7225.05 MB0.7504
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:33.740:22.4725.12 MB0.7526
Ogg Squish 0.98??25.23 MB0.7558
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:20.950:19.1126.07 MB0.7812
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:28.200:20.4626.61 MB0.7972
RIFF WAVE3:18.363:18.3633.37 MB1.0000
Alanis Morissette
Hand In My Pocket
La 0.3c7:35.217:20.1920.77 MB0.5312
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)16:51.8216:54.3421.24 MB0.5433
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:14.291:18.0621.36 MB0.5464
Tak 1.0 (extra max)3:25.350:23.5021.49 MB0.5496
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:47.190:50.4521.66 MB0.5540
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:37.010:24.7721.73 MB0.5557
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:41.570:45.6621.76 MB0.5565
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:51.390:54.9721.89 MB0.5598
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:31.890:35.9222.13 MB0.5660
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:41.540:29.8622.34 MB0.5714
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:24.060:20.8323.06 MB0.5897
flac 1.1.4 (-8)1:28.990:22.7323.19 MB0.5931
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:32.350:24.8323.26 MB0.5950
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:35.800:24.8123.30 MB0.5961
Bonk 0.51:53.411:23.5223.35 MB0.5972
Apple Lossless??23.64 MB0.6047
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:29.740:22.6723.93 MB0.6121
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:27.000:21.4624.04 MB0.6148
Ogg Squish 0.98??24.11 MB0.6167
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:37.490:22.9324.72 MB0.6323
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:24.300:23.5124.78 MB0.6340
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:29.710:18.9225.34 MB0.6481
RIFF WAVE3:52.363:52.3639.09 MB1.0000
Gloria Estefan
La 0.3c8:52.938:34.8128.98 MB0.6419
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)19:40.5319:44.4729.43 MB0.6517
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:26.641:32.2329.58 MB0.6550
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:57.621:00.7429.69 MB0.6576
Tak 1.0 (extra max)4:14.320:26.7029.74 MB0.6587
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:59.591:05.2929.78 MB0.6595
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:48.440:53.2929.83 MB0.6605
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:43.760:27.2529.86 MB0.6612
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:48.810:37.4930.02 MB0.6649
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:38.480:43.9130.20 MB0.6689
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:29.100:29.6130.38 MB0.6727
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:37.540:33.3530.44 MB0.6742
Bonk 0.52:13.341:39.4430.64 MB0.6785
flac 1.1.4 (-8)1:44.940:28.2830.66 MB0.6790
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:42.370:25.0630.72 MB0.6803
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:34.070:26.6930.75 MB0.6810
Apple Lossless??30.91 MB0.6847
Ogg Squish 0.98??31.06 MB0.6879
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:31.850:28.1531.49 MB0.6974
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:44.760:27.4831.76 MB0.7034
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:27.780:24.8831.95 MB0.7076
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:35.740:23.6432.47 MB0.7191
RIFF WAVE4:28.394:28.3945.15 MB1.0000
White Room
La 0.3c10:24.0810:03.1633.44 MB0.6309
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)22:59.0523:02.9833.93 MB0.6399
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:42.281:47.5533.96 MB0.6405
Tak 1.0 (extra max)4:36.830:31.6334.08 MB0.6428
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:05.801:09.3834.11 MB0.6435
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:50.160:31.2734.25 MB0.6460
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:56.670:59.5634.25 MB0.6460
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:10.301:15.9934.29 MB0.6468
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:32.000:29.5334.66 MB0.6539
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:54.550:43.5934.78 MB0.6561
flac 1.1.4 (-8)2:02.400:28.6734.85 MB0.6573
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:44.600:48.9234.85 MB0.6574
Bonk 0.52:35.361:56.2034.96 MB0.6595
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:48.450:28.1335.07 MB0.6616
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:43.720:34.5035.18 MB0.6636
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:36.470:27.7035.30 MB0.6659
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:51.440:33.0235.40 MB0.6677
Apple Lossless??35.46 MB0.6689
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:39.020:33.3735.61 MB0.6718
Ogg Squish 0.98??35.74 MB0.6742
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:41.140:28.9136.42 MB0.6870
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:31.480:29.1836.52 MB0.6890
RIFF WAVE5:15.115:15.1153.01 MB1.0000
Maurice Ravel
Fanfare from "L'eventail de Jeanne"
La 0.3c3:55.403:47.606.46 MB0.3104
Tak 1.0 (extra max)1:40.770:12.126.57 MB0.3154
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)8:22.428:23.326.82 MB0.3274
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:17.890:09.186.92 MB0.3324
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:23.090:24.126.98 MB0.3353
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:36.570:38.267.09 MB0.3406
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:24.980:26.377.21 MB0.3462
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:19.780:20.507.28 MB0.3495
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:11.170:08.697.31 MB0.3511
flac 1.1.4 (-8)0:42.400:09.237.46 MB0.3582
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:19.680:14.157.49 MB0.3598
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:15.600:16.767.50 MB0.3601
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:18.210:09.937.51 MB0.3608
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:15.580:11.727.58 MB0.3641
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:12.720:11.027.60 MB0.3648
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:13.940:09.507.81 MB0.3752
Apple Lossless??7.82 MB0.3757
Bonk 0.50:55.920:40.237.83 MB0.3762
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:11.100:09.078.11 MB0.3895
Ogg Squish 0.98??8.15 MB0.3914
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:13.810:08.888.19 MB0.3932
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:17.450:10.308.29 MB0.3983
RIFF WAVE2:03.762:03.7620.82 MB1.0000
Maurice Ravel
String Quartet (4th movement)
La 0.3c10:45.8010:21.4419.94 MB0.3550
Tak 1.0 (extra max)4:38.570:34.6120.33 MB0.3619
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)24:26.9924:29.3620.62 MB0.3671
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:06.281:09.5920.68 MB0.3681
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:42.571:47.4820.93 MB0.3725
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:49.950:28.3820.95 MB0.3728
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:56.221:01.2221.05 MB0.3747
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:09.171:13.1421.23 MB0.3779
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:31.510:26.4121.49 MB0.3825
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:43.690:49.3121.52 MB0.3830
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:55.110:41.7321.59 MB0.3842
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:43.420:33.9221.75 MB0.3870
flac 1.1.4 (-8)2:01.980:27.7221.78 MB0.3877
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:47.910:27.5421.90 MB0.3897
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:38.290:29.7322.23 MB0.3957
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:35.400:28.0822.42 MB0.3991
Apple Lossless??22.52 MB0.4008
Bonk 0.52:33.531:51.9423.18 MB0.4125
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:30.200:25.9123.33 MB0.4152
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:39.960:27.3623.71 MB0.4221
Ogg Squish 0.98??24.12 MB0.4293
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:49.060:29.9425.59 MB0.4554
RIFF WAVE5:33.955:33.9556.18 MB1.0000
Sergei Prokofiev
Piano Concerto No.3 (3rd movement)
La 0.3c19:11.6118:28.8032.65 MB0.3243
Tak 1.0 (extra max)8:22.911:06.0933.30 MB0.3306
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)43:21.8843:26.1833.58 MB0.3335
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)3:00.573:08.1933.83 MB0.3360
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)2:00.852:09.5234.14 MB0.3390
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:56.682:07.2534.16 MB0.3392
Tak 1.0 (normal)1:29.880:55.7834.41 MB0.3417
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)1:38.961:48.1734.58 MB0.3434
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:56.860:53.4634.98 MB0.3474
WavPack 4.40 (high)1:39.571:16.5435.24 MB0.3499
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)1:17.001:27.3535.53 MB0.3528
WavPack 4.40 (normal)1:18.720:59.1135.69 MB0.3544
flac 1.1.4 (-8)3:30.620:44.6535.99 MB0.3574
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)1:27.020:53.0236.28 MB0.3603
flac 1.1.4 (-3)1:03.560:44.8036.65 MB0.3640
WavPack 4.40 (fast)1:10.380:55.1037.18 MB0.3692
Apple Lossless??37.32 MB0.3706
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:53.010:47.4839.23 MB0.3896
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)1:10.570:50.0039.49 MB0.3921
Bonk 0.54:33.713:19.3840.31 MB0.4003
Ogg Squish 0.98??41.86 MB0.4157
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)1:26.840:53.1945.34 MB0.4502
RIFF WAVE9:58.479:58.47100.68 MB1.0000
Frederic Chopin
Prelude No.24 in d minor
La 0.3c5:14.835:03.089.84 MB0.3582
Tak 1.0 (extra max)2:21.800:16.9610.18 MB0.3707
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)11:56.2411:58.7710.34 MB0.3764
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:32.290:34.4910.40 MB0.3788
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:50.070:53.4910.41 MB0.3790
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:27.350:29.5110.52 MB0.3832
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:34.060:38.7010.53 MB0.3833
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:25.380:13.4610.54 MB0.3837
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:12.260:12.1810.64 MB0.3874
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:26.420:19.7810.83 MB0.3945
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:21.100:23.9010.94 MB0.3982
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:21.110:16.3010.99 MB0.4001
flac 1.1.4 (-8)0:57.500:12.1811.05 MB0.4025
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:23.970:12.6311.19 MB0.4073
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:18.880:14.6411.26 MB0.4099
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:11.720:13.9311.30 MB0.4115
Apple Lossless??11.51 MB0.4191
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:15.360:13.0411.84 MB0.4311
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:19.200:11.8912.05 MB0.4386
Bonk 0.51:15.450:55.0712.86 MB0.4684
Ogg Squish 0.98??13.31 MB0.4845
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:24.430:14.3214.40 MB0.5242
RIFF WAVE2:43.232:43.2327.46 MB1.0000
Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata K.42 (arr.Yepes for guitar)
La 0.3c3:09.333:01.826.62 MB0.4036
Tak 1.0 (extra max)1:23.680:09.926.78 MB0.4137
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)7:08.777:09.526.87 MB0.4190
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:19.600:20.236.91 MB0.4213
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:14.940:08.016.97 MB0.4254
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:30.470:31.956.98 MB0.4255
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:16.730:17.606.99 MB0.4261
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:20.680:22.067.07 MB0.4310
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:09.140:07.627.11 MB0.4334
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:12.960:14.287.16 MB0.4369
flac 1.1.4 (-8)0:36.390:08.867.23 MB0.4410
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:16.390:13.517.24 MB0.4416
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:13.980:07.227.26 MB0.4428
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:10.340:07.037.29 MB0.4446
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:12.570:09.677.32 MB0.4467
Apple Lossless??7.44 MB0.4541
Bonk 0.50:45.590:32.637.46 MB0.4548
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:11.670:07.177.48 MB0.4564
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:08.440:08.837.51 MB0.4582
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:10.970:08.657.73 MB0.4714
Ogg Squish 0.98??7.74 MB0.4723
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:14.290:09.078.20 MB0.5004
RIFF WAVE1:37.431:37.4316.39 MB1.0000
The Benedictine Monks of
Santo Domingo de Silos
Laetatus sum
La 0.3c4:40.714:32.2911.94 MB0.4922
Tak 1.0 (extra max)1:55.100:13.9012.15 MB0.5009
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)10:34.7510:36.8312.17 MB0.5015
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:29.820:31.7112.23 MB0.5042
Tak 1.0 (normal)0:22.800:12.5412.25 MB0.5047
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:25.630:27.4112.42 MB0.5118
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:45.200:48.4512.43 MB0.5121
Tak 1.0 (turbo)0:14.560:12.0712.54 MB0.5167
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:31.030:33.6912.63 MB0.5207
Bonk 0.51:08.180:49.7012.71 MB0.5237
flac 1.1.4 (-8)0:54.930:11.8912.71 MB0.5238
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:19.790:21.7812.76 MB0.5260
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)0:22.410:12.8112.82 MB0.5285
WavPack 4.40 (high)0:24.840:18.6412.87 MB0.5302
flac 1.1.4 (-3)0:15.800:14.1712.90 MB0.5317
WavPack 4.40 (normal)0:19.220:15.5312.95 MB0.5338
Apple Lossless??13.04 MB0.5377
WavPack 4.40 (fast)0:18.220:13.4613.31 MB0.5485
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:17.800:11.4613.32 MB0.5489
flac 1.1.4 (-1)0:13.530:13.1613.32 MB0.5492
Ogg Squish 0.98??13.41 MB0.5528
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:22.300:13.8713.42 MB0.5531
RIFF WAVE2:24.212:24.2124.26 MB1.0000
L. Subramaniam
Raga Sivapriya
La 0.3c41:10.1039:35.2887.51 MB0.4097
Tak 1.0 (extra max)17:37.792:18.0490.84 MB0.4253
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)93:05.0093:16.0092.05 MB0.4310
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)6:36.866:57.6992.76 MB0.4343
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)4:15.824:35.3393.15 MB0.4361
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)3:38.023:58.7594.32 MB0.4416
Tak 1.0 (normal)3:16.951:48.8194.45 MB0.4422
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)4:29.574:53.0194.74 MB0.4436
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)2:49.873:15.3495.34 MB0.4464
Tak 1.0 (turbo)2:03.951:43.8996.13 MB0.4501
flac 1.1.4 (-8)7:56.981:46.5396.68 MB0.4526
WavPack 4.40 (high)3:29.862:42.7396.80 MB0.4532
flac 1.1.4 (-5, default)3:08.191:41.2197.00 MB0.4541
flac 1.1.4 (-3)2:17.571:42.1197.92 MB0.4585
WavPack 4.40 (normal)2:49.522:08.3398.03 MB0.4590
Apple Lossless??98.57 MB0.4615
Bonk 0.59:56.257:13.6898.94 MB0.4633
WavPack 4.40 (fast)2:27.941:54.17100.00 MB0.4682
Ogg Squish 0.98??101.88 MB0.4770
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)3:10.191:56.31102.60 MB0.4804
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)2:36.481:42.35102.84 MB0.4815
flac 1.1.4 (-1)1:54.181:45.45103.43 MB0.4843
RIFF WAVE21:09.4721:09.47213.56 MB1.0000

Some alternate lossless audio codec comparisons: