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8 <html>
9 <head>
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11         <meta name="author" content="Josh Coalson" />
12         <meta name="description" content="A free, open source codec for lossless audio compression and decompression" />
13         <meta name="keywords" content="free,lossless,audio,codec,encoder,decoder,compression,compressor,archival,archive,archiving,backup,music" />
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16         <title>FLAC - download</title>
17 </head>
19 <body>
21 <div class="logo">
22         <a href=""><img src="images/logo130.gif" alt="FLAC Logo" align="middle" border="0" hspace="0" /></a>
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27 <div class="navbar">
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41         &nbsp;<a href="ru/download.html">russian</a>&nbsp;
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46 <div class="box">
47         <div class="box_title">
48                 download
49         </div>
50         <div class="box_header"></div>
51         <div class="box_body">
52                 Many different programs support FLAC.  If you are not sure what to download, see <a href="documentation_tasks.html">Using FLAC</a> for instructions and guides on playing FLAC files, ripping CDs to FLAC, etc.<br />
53                 <br />
54                 This section is for the <a href="documentation_tools.html">official FLAC tools</a>.  See the <a href="#extras">extras section</a> below for other third-party tools.<br />
55                 <br />
56                 All source code and binaries are freely available and distributed under <a href="">Open Source</a> licenses.  The codec libraries are distributed under's BSD license, and the plugins and command-line utilites (<span class="commandname">flac</span> and <span class="commandname">metaflac</span>) are distributed under the <a href="">GPL</a>.  If you would like to redistribute parts or all of FLAC under different terms, <a href="">contact Josh Coalson</a>.  (For more information, see the <a href="license.html">license page</a>.)
57                 <ul>
58                         <li>
59                                 <b>Linux</b>
60                                 <ul>
61                                         <li><a href=";package_id=12676">FLAC for Fedora Core 4</a></li>
62                                         <li><a href=";searchon=names&amp;subword=1&amp;version=all&amp;release=all">FLAC 1.x Debian packages</a></li>
63                                         <li>RPMs can be found on <a href="">Planet CCRMA</a> and <a href=""></a></li>
64                                 </ul>
65                         </li>
66                         <li>
67                                 <b>Mac OS X</b>
68                                 <ul>
69                                         <li><!-- <a href=""><a href=""> --><a href="">MacFLAC with installer and GUI front-end</a> (source code not available)</li>
70                                         <li><a href="">FLACer</a> (source code not available)</li>
71                                         <li><a href="">xACT with installer and GUI front-end</a> (source code included)</li>
72                                         <li><a href="">FLAC Fink package</a> for use with <a href="">Fink</a></li>
73                                         <li><a href=";package_id=32318">FLAC for OS X (no installer)</a></li>
74                                 </ul>
75                         </li>
76                         <li>
77                                 <b>Windows</b>
78                                 <ul>
79                                         <li><a href="">FLAC for Windows with installer</a> (<a href="">alternate link</a>)</li>
80                                         <li><a href=";package_id=12675">FLAC for Windows (tools only)</a></li>
81                                 </ul>
82                         </li>
83                         <li>
84                                 <b>Other</b>
85                                 <ul>
86                                         <li><a href="">FLAC package for Amiga</a></li>
87                                         <li><a href="">FLAC packages for IRIX</a>.</li>
88                                         <li><a href=";package_id=12841">FLAC for Solaris 2.7</a></li>
89                                         <li>Unofficial port of the <a href="">FLAC libraries to Windows CE (WinCE)</a></li>
90                                 </ul>
91                         </li>
92                         <li>
93                                 <b>Source code</b>
94                                 <ul>
95                                         <li><a href=";package_id=12677">FLAC full source code</a>; also includes documentation and build systems for Windows (MSVC++) and *nix,*BSD,OS/2,OS X (autotools)</li>
96                                         <li><a href="">Nightly CVS tarball</a>; this is the actual CVS repository used for development</li>
97                                 </ul>
98                         </li>
99                         <li>
100                                 <b>Older versions</b>
101                                 <ul>
102                                         <li><a href="">Older versions of FLAC</a> available from SourceForge</li>
103                                 </ul>
104                         </li>
105                 </ul>
106         </div>
107         <div class="box_footer"></div>
108 </div>
110 <br />
112 <div class="box">
113         <div class="box_title">
114                 <a name="extras">extras</a>
115         </div>
116         <div class="box_header"></div>
117         <div class="box_body">
118                 <b>NOTE: </b> these extras are not part of the FLAC project.  Most (except those marked [$]) are freely available but distributed under their authors' own terms.<br />
119                 <br />
120                 <b>NOTE: </b> make sure to check out the <a href="links.html">links page</a> for a large list of open-source software supporting FLAC.<br />
121                 <br />
122                 <a name="extras_gui"><b>GUI encoding/decoding front-ends:</b></a>
123                 <ul>
124                         <li>
125                                 <a name="extras_gui_windows"><b>Windows</b></a>
126                                 <ul>
127                                         <li><a href=";name=Open_Source&amp;file=index&amp;page=software&amp;app=autoflac">AutoFLAC</a> for automated ripping and encoding to FLAC with EAC (ExactAudioCopy); also has a write mode for burning back to CD for an exact copy</li>
128                                         <li><a href="">dBpowerAMP</a>, a swiss army knife that can convert and play many formats, including FLAC.</li>
129                                         <li><a href="">Flacattack</a>: an all-in-one tool that works with ExactAudioCopy to encode a CD image to FLAC, embed the cuesheet, add ReplayGain, create lossy files, etc. all in a customizable directory structure.</li>
130                                         <li><a href="">FLACdrop</a>, an Oggdrop-like frontend for Windows, or the even more versatile <a href="">oggdropXPd</a>.</li>
131                                         <li><a href="">FLAC frontend</a>, a Windows GUI, or the even more versatile <a href="">Multi frontend</a>.</li>
132                                         <li><a href="">FLACTester</a>, can test a whole tree of FLAC files for errors and generate a report.</li>
133                                         <li><a href="">Frontah</a>, a new frontend to many codecs, including FLAC.  Still in beta but has good reviews.</li>
134                                         <li><a href="">GX::Transcoder</a></li>
135                                         <li><a href="">MAREO</a> is a "virtual" encoder that can be used with ExactAudioCopy to encode to multiple formats (including FLAC) at once while ripping.</li>
136                                         <li><a href="">UniversalFront</a>, an encoding/decoding/transcoding GUI that is also scriptable.</li>
137                                         <li><a href="">Yahoo! Music Engine</a></li>
138                                 </ul>
139                         </li>
140                         <li>
141                                 <a name="extras_gui_osx"><b>Mac OS X</b></a>
142                                 <ul>
143                                         <li><a href="">iTunes-to-FLAC</a>, an AppleScript for converting between FLAC and WAVE/AIFF with tagging via iTunes.</li>
144                                         <li><!-- <a href=""><a href=""> --><a href="">MacFLAC</a>, a FLAC distribution which also includes nice graphical front-end.</li>
145                                         <li><a href="">Max</a>, a CD ripper and encoder that supports several formats including FLAC.</li>
146                                         <li><a href="">MediaRage</a>, for editing FLAC metadata (also supports Vorbis and other formats).</li>
147                                         <li><a href="">RipBeak</a> is a nice GUI encoding frond-end that supports FLAC as well as Vorbis and MP3.</li>
148                                         <li><a href="">xACT</a>, another FLAC distribution with a graphical front-end to FLAC and other formats.</li>
149                                 </ul>
150                         </li>
151                         <li>
152                                 <a name="extras_gui_unix"><b>Unix</b></a>
153                                 <ul>
154                                         <li><a href="">Grip</a> is a great ripping and encoding front end and can be easily configured to use flac.  See <a href=";forum_id=5443">this message</a> on how to configure Grip for FLAC.</li>
155                                         <li><a href="">xmcd</a> is a CD ripper with CDDB support as well as a player.</li>
156                                         <li>(<a href="links.html#software">many more</a>)</li>
157                                 </ul>
158                         </li>
159                         <li>
160                                 <a name="extras_gui_pocketpc"><b>Pocket PC</b></a>
161                                 <ul>
162                                         <li>[$] <a href="">Live2496</a>, a program that can record 24-bit audio up to 96kHz on a Pocket PC (using <a href="">Core Sound's PDAudio interface</a>) can record directly to FLAC.</li>
163                                 </ul>
164                         </li>
165                 </ul>
166                 <a name="extras_burning"><b>CD burning:</b></a>
167                 <ul>
168                         <li>
169                                 <a name="extras_burning_windows"><b>Windows</b></a>
170                                 <ul>
171                                         <li><a href="">burnatonce</a>, a CD burning GUI that wraps around <a href="">cdrdao</a> and <a href="">mkisofs</a>.</li>
172                                         <li><a href="">Burrrn</a> supports burning CDs from cuesheets directly from many formats, including FLAC, and supports most tag formats.</li>
173                                         <li><a href="">CD Wave</a>, a CD authoring tool that can read and write FLAC.</li>
174                                         <li><a href="">dBpowerAMP CD Writer</a>.</li>
175                                         <li>[$] <a href="">Easy CD-DA Extractor</a>.</li>
176                                         <li>[$] <a href="">Easy Media Creator 9 Suite</a> from Roxio.</li>
177                                 </ul>
178                         </li>
179                         <li>
180                                 <a name="extras_burning_osx"><b>Mac OS X</b></a>
181                                 <ul>
182                                         <li>[$] Roxio's <a href="">Toast 7 Titanium</a> supports encoding to FLAC and CD/DVD burning from FLAC.</li>
183                                 </ul>
184                         </li>
185                         <li>
186                                 <a name="extras_burning_unix"><b>Unix</b></a>
187                                 <ul>
188                                         <li><a href="">Arson</a>: KDE ripper/burner</li>
189                                         <li><a href="">K3B</a>: CD/DVD creator for Linux</li>
190                                         <li>(<a href="links.html#software">more</a>)</li>
191                                 </ul>
192                         </li>
193                 </ul>
194                 <a name="extras_players"><b>Players and plugins:</b></a>
195                 <ul>
196                         <li>
197                                 <a name="extras_players_windows"><b>Windows</b></a>
198                                 <ul>
199                                         <!-- case's page disappeared, use temporary links
200                                         <li><a href="">Cooledit FLAC filter</a> (source code <a href="">here</a>).</li>
201                                         -->
202                                         <li>[$] <a href="">Adobe Audition a.k.a. CoolEdit</a> (as a <a href="">plugin</a>, alternate plugin by Case <a href="">here</a>)</li>
203                                         <li><a href="">Apollo</a> (as a <a href="">plugin</a>)</li>
204                                         <li><a href="">dbPowerAMP</a> (as a <a href="">plugin</a>)</li>
205                                         <li>DirectShow: <a href="">Illiminable's DirectShow filters</a> for encoding to/decoding from FLAC and Ogg FLAC (as well as Ogg Vorbis/Speex/Theora).</li>
206                                         <li>DirectShow: <a href="">CoreFLAC</a>: DirectShow filters for encoding to/decoding from FLAC.</li>
207                                         <li><a href="">foobar2000</a> (as a <a href="">plugin</a>)</li>
208                                         <li>[$] <a href="">Media Center</a>/<a href="">Media Jukebox</a> (as <a href="">plugins</a>).  Source code is available.</li>
209                                         <li><a href="">Mp3CoolPlay-X</a> (as a <a href="">plugin</a>)</li>
210                                         <li><a href="">Quintessential Player</a> (as a <a href="">plugin</a>)</li>
211                                         <li><a href="">Songbird</a></li>
212                                         <li><a href="">VLC</a></li>
213                                         <li><a href="">VUPlayer</a></li>
214                                         <li><a href="">Winamp</a> has native FLAC support</li>
215                                         <li>Windows Media Player, using either the <a href="">Illiminable</a> or <a href="">CoreFLAC</a> DirectShow filters, and FLAC tag support with <a href="">WMP Tag Support Extender</a> (<a href="">guide</a>)</li>
216                                         <li><a href="">XMPlay</a> (as a <a href="">plugin</a>)</li>
217                                         <li><a href="">Yahoo! Music Engine</a></li>
218                                 </ul>
219                         </li>
220                         <li>
221                                 <a name="extras_players_osx"><b>Mac OS X</b></a>
222                                 <ul>
223                                         <li><a href="">Cog</a></li>
224                                         <li><a href="">Cynthiune</a> music player</li>
225                                         <li><a href="">MacAmp Lite X</a></li>
226                                         <li><a href="">PureMusic Audio Player</a></li>
227                                         <li><a href="">Songbird</a></li>
228                                         <li><a href="">VLC</a></li>
229                                         <li><a href="">XiphQT</a> component for Quicktime/iTunes that supports Ogg FLAC playback</li>
230                                 </ul>
231                         </li>
232                         <li>
233                                 <a name="extras_players_unix"><b>Unix</b></a>
234                                 <ul>
235                                         <li><a href="">AlsaPlayer</a></li>
236                                         <li><a href="">GiantDisc</a>: Linux jukebox + Palm remote</li>
237                                         <li><a href="">MPlayer</a></li>
238                                         <li><a href="">Muine</a>: a music player for GNOME</li>
239                                         <li><a href="">Musik</a>: an open-source, cross-platform multimedia player and library</li>
240                                         <li><a href="">VideoLAN</a> client</li>
241                                         <li><a href="">Xine</a> multimedia player</li>
242                                         <li><a href="">xmcd</a>: X CD player</li>
243                                         <li><a href="">XMMS</a>: X MultiMedia System</li>
244                                         <li>(<a href="links.html#software">many more</a>)</li>
245                                 </ul>
246                         </li>
247                         <li>
248                                 <a name="extras_players_java"><b>Java</b></a>
249                                 <ul>
250                                         <li><a href="">jFLAC</a>: a Java native-FLAC decoder library and player application.</li>
251                                         <li><a href="">J-Ogg</a>: Java libraries for Ogg decoding, including Ogg FLAC.</li>
252                                 </ul>
253                         </li>
254                 </ul>
255         </div>
256         <div class="box_footer"></div>
257 </div>
260 <div class="copyright">
261         <!-- @@@ oh so hacky -->
262         <table>
263                 <tr>
264                         <td align="left">
265                                 Copyright (c) 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006  Josh Coalson
266                         </td>
267                         <td width="1%" align="right">
268                                 <a href=""><img src=";type=1" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt=" Logo" /></a>
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270                         <td width="1%" align="right">
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276                 </tr>
277         </table>
278 </div>
280 </body>
281 </html>