use .oga if video is disabled
[ffmpeg2theora.git] /
2009-11-28 Jan Gerbercleanup get_ffmpeg_svn, add m and dl to static build
2009-11-28 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg, apply patches in,...
2009-08-26 Jan Gerberopencore is gpl3
2009-07-18 Jan Gerberremove outdated configure option
2009-07-16 Jan Gerber* update api to ffmpeg trunk
2009-07-16 Jan Gerbercleanup
2009-05-17 Jan Gerberffmpeg uses libamr now for configure
2009-05-15 Jan Gerbermuxers not needed for decoding
2009-05-01 Jan Gerber* update ffmpeg script to get latest 0.5 version from svn
2009-03-20 Jan Gerberswitch back to ffmpeg 0.5 branch, a/v issues not solved...
2009-03-20 Jan Gerber- use ffmpeg trunk again, fixes mov/mp4 a/v issues
2009-03-13 Jan Gerbernew version of ffmpeg2theora
2009-03-08 Jan Gerberupdate changelog, update to ffmepg 0.5 branch
2008-10-01 Jan Gerberuse fixed ffmpeg version, use ffmpegrev from gst-ffmpeg
2008-05-18 Jan Gerberprepare 0.21
2008-05-07 Jan Gerberupdate
2008-03-12 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg configure options
2008-02-18 Jan Gerberffmpeg head compiles ok again
2007-12-02 Jan Gerber* depend on specific version of ffmpeg svn ins get_ffmp... 0.20
2007-11-13 Jan Gerberadd postproc filter to ffmpeg2theora.
2007-06-10 Jan Gerberudpate ffmpeg command line + changelog
2007-02-16 Jan Gerberupdate build script again, including ffmpeg configure...
2006-11-13 Jan Gerberupdate get_ffmpeg_svn script
2006-05-31 Jan Gerberffmpeg is in svn now. update script and docs