fix inputfps for image sequences
[ffmpeg2theora.git] /
2012-06-25 Jan Gerberupdate versions
2011-10-07 Jan Gerbersplit build and checkout of ffmpeg
2011-09-15 Jan Gerberuse GPL 2 or later, to make use of some decoders only...
2011-08-01 Jan Gerberback to ffmpeg/master, improve SConstruct
2011-07-30 Jan Gerberprepare for 0.28 release
2011-05-23 Jan Gerber6to2channel-resample.patch patch in ffmpeg-trunk now
2011-05-22 Jan Gerberupdate 6to2 patch
2011-01-19 Jan Gerberfix typo
2011-01-18 Jan Gerberupdate to new ffmpeg git repository, only print aspect...