fix inputfps for image sequences
[ffmpeg2theora.git] / ffmpegrev
2011-03-17 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg url
2011-01-19 Jan Gerbergit ffmpeg repos moved to
2011-01-18 Jan Gerberupdate to new ffmpeg git repository, only print aspect...
2010-05-30 Jan Gerberswitch to ffmpeg 0.6 branch
2010-05-13 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg version. update ogg duration patch
2010-03-03 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg version, remove patch, fixed in ffmpeg svn
2010-01-28 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg to svn, update ogg duration patch
2009-12-22 Jan Gerberfix json/metadata in --info
2009-12-18 Jan Gerberset pixel aspect ratio, if defined, use colorspace...
2009-11-28 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg, apply patches in,...
2009-07-16 Jan Gerber* update api to ffmpeg trunk
2009-03-20 Jan Gerberswitch back to ffmpeg 0.5 branch, a/v issues not solved...
2009-03-20 Jan Gerber- use ffmpeg trunk again, fixes mov/mp4 a/v issues
2009-03-13 Jan Gerbernew version of ffmpeg2theora
2009-03-08 Jan Gerberupdate changelog, update to ffmepg 0.5 branch
2009-01-28 Jan Gerberupdate ffmpeg revision
2008-11-10 Jan Gerberup ffmpeg version
2008-10-01 Jan Gerberuse fixed ffmpeg version, use ffmpegrev from gst-ffmpeg