use .oga if video is disabled
[ffmpeg2theora.git] / SConstruct
2010-02-05 Jan Gerberback to svn version
2010-02-05 Jan Gerberupdate ChangeLog, prepare for release
2009-11-28 Jan Gerbercleanup get_ffmpeg_svn, add m and dl to static build
2009-10-30 Jan Gerberchanges the SConstruct file so that library dependencie...
2009-09-28 Jan Gerberadd svn version again
2009-09-28 Jan Gerberswitch version to 0.25 0.25
2009-09-24 Jan Gerbertheora version is now 1.1.0, quality and bitrate can...
2009-08-24 Jan Gerberinclude svn revision
2009-08-23 Jan Gerberupdate depends on beta3
2009-08-19 Jan Gerberoutput valid json for errors, depend on 1.1.0 to work...
2009-08-06 Jan Gerberdepend on beta3
2009-08-05 Jan Gerberfix -s/-e for two pass, move two pass loop up so file...
2009-08-02 Jan Gerbersetup twopass, soft-target and buf-deley in the same...
2009-07-31 Jan Gerberon os x iconv is a library to link to
2009-07-28 Jan Gerberuse new libtheoraenc api
2009-07-26 Jan Gerberif available, user iconv for character conversion,...
2009-05-27 Jan Gerbermake libkate optional, patch by Nick White
2009-03-27 Jan Gerbercleanup wrong helptext
2009-03-20 Jan Gerberswitch back to ffmpeg 0.5 branch, a/v issues not solved...
2009-03-20 Jan Gerber- use ffmpeg trunk again, fixes mov/mp4 a/v issues
2009-03-13 Jan Gerbernew version of ffmpeg2theora
2009-03-08 Jan Gerberfix SConstruct to work with scons 1.2.0
2008-11-30 Jan Gerberupdate changelog and release 0.23 0.23
2008-10-16 Jan Gerberup version, update to libkate 0.2.5
2008-10-10 Jan Gerberffmpeg2theora-0.22 0.22
2008-10-10 Jan Gerberupdate ChangeLog, dont overwrite pkg_version
2008-10-10 Jan Gerberlower scons version since hardy only has 0.97
2008-10-03 Jan Gerber- add mingw cross compile to scons script
2008-10-01 Jan Gerberfix scons build for recent ffmpeg svn versions
2008-08-02 Jan Gerberupdate scons to new ffmpeg pkg-config madness
2008-06-17 Jan Gerberupdate libkate version to 0.1.3(thanks ogg.k.ogg.k
2008-05-29 Jan Gerber * init framerate
2008-05-28 Jan Gerberoptions and install in scons script
2008-05-28 Jan Gerberuse output framerate if not input framerate is defined
2008-05-27 Jan Gerberremove debug output
2008-05-23 Jan Gerbermore files to ./src
2008-05-23 Jan Gerberadd SConstruct