2016-07-28 Nathan E. EggeAdd support for reading 444p10 y4m files.
2016-07-28 Tristan Matthewsclang-ioc.sh: fix deprecation warning
2016-07-27 Tristan Matthewspvq: change shift to multiply for clarity
2016-07-27 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert compute_max_theta to fixed (aside from...
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeFix compilation of dump_fastssim.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_msssim.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_fastssim.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_psnrhvs.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_ssim.
2016-07-25 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_psnr.
2016-07-25 Nathan E. EggeRemove tabs.
2016-07-25 Nathan E. EggeFix broken y4m reader when bit depth > 8.
2016-07-21 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_sqrt in od_pvq_compute_gain
2016-07-21 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert !noref branch of od_compute_k to integer
2016-07-20 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert 1st part of compute_k to integer (aside...
2016-07-20 Tristan Matthewspvq_decoder: fix overflow for float-pvq
2016-07-20 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix return type for od_sqrt
2016-07-18 Tristan Matthewspvq: avoid double division in od_gain_compand
2016-07-15 Nathan E. EggeRemove compiler warnings with --enable-float-pvq.
2016-07-15 Tristan Matthewsyuvjpeg: fix NULL dereference on invalid format string
2016-07-14 Tristan Matthewspvq: apply qm when computing CfL flip
2016-07-13 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: exit if encoder wasn't allocated
2016-07-13 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: move file and buffer cleanup out of...
2016-07-12 Nathan E. EggeFix segfault in od_state_clear() on OD_EFAULT.
2016-07-11 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: fix help string
2016-07-09 Thomas DaedeAdd ci script to fetch all test videos.
2016-07-09 Thomas DaedeAllow video path of ci scripts to be set externally.
2016-07-02 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_pow() when beta != 1 and beta != 1.5
2016-07-01 Tristan Matthewspvq: use rounded exp2 and log2 when raising g to 1...
2016-06-25 Monty MontgomeryComplete first-cut of one-pass rate control
2016-06-20 Tristan Matthewsrate: fix overflow and left-shifts of negative values
2016-06-20 Jean-Marc ValinMakes analyzer print bits/symbol values
2016-06-18 Monty MontgomeryMove quantizer selection to od_enc_rc_select_quantizers...
2016-06-18 Jean-Marc ValinFix comment in PVQ
2016-06-14 Luc TrudeauMinor code cleaning in Analyzer
2016-06-13 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: avoid crashes from spurious fps values
2016-06-13 Luc TrudeauMotion-Compensated Block Overlay
2016-06-08 Luc TrudeauRoute the Analyzer's viewMenu option into the onViewMen...
2016-06-07 Luc TrudeauOnly compute bpp on changed filter in the analyzer.
2016-06-07 Nathan E. EggeAdd support for bpg to rd_collect framework.
2016-06-07 Luc TrudeauFixed reset filter issue in analyzer.
2016-06-07 Thomas DaedeAdd MS-SSIM metric.
2016-06-02 Monty MontgomeryCentralize most encoder lambda calculation
2016-06-01 Tristan Matthewspvq: use integer approximation of sqrt
2016-06-01 Tristan Matthewsod_rsqrt: s only depends on log2(x) and inshift
2016-06-01 Tristan Matthewsod_sqrt: s only depends on log2(x) and the input shift
2016-05-27 Luc TrudeauAnalyzer logic for overlay reset
2016-05-25 Luc TrudeauRemove showBlock on OnFilter
2016-05-24 Tristan Matthewsrd_average: error out if output file already exists
2016-05-24 Monty MontgomeryAdd 1-pass rate control to encoder example
2016-05-19 Nathan E. EggeAdd support for aom to rd_collect framework.
2016-05-19 Nathan E. EggeFix analyzer compile error.
2016-05-19 Luc TrudeauAdd onShowBlocks() call to TestFrame class.
2016-05-19 Luc TrudeauReplace analyzer calls to Fit() with SetClientSize().
2016-05-19 Tristan Matthewsencode: fix build for OD_DUMP_IMAGES
2016-05-19 Nathan E. EggeReplace (void) with OD_UNUSED().
2016-05-19 Tristan Matthewsencode: use OD_LOSSLESS()
2016-05-19 Tristan Matthewsencode: initialize quantizer before testing if it's...
2016-05-18 Arron VuongFix build error on snprintf with VS2015.
2016-05-17 Philippe LeUse OD_UNUSED() macro instead of (void).
2016-05-17 Philippe LeFix compiler warnings.
2016-05-17 duckishAdded -o parameter to the y4m2png command line help.
2016-05-17 Monty MontgomeryUse OD_LOSSLESS() in several places where we're checkin...
2016-05-17 Monty MontgomeryAdd rate.c to unix/Makefile
2016-05-17 Monty MontgomeryMove from quantizer-per-plane to quantizer-per-frame
2016-05-12 Monty MontgomeryAdd missing file rate.c
2016-05-12 Monty MontgomeryAdd API hooks for rate control
2016-05-06 Luc TrudeauReorganized View menu
2016-05-01 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifies the Q15 adaptation
2016-04-27 Luc TrudeauFix undefined reference in make tools with --disable-asm
2016-04-26 RignonNoelZoom-in, Zoom-out secondary hotkeys
2016-04-26 Luc TrudeauRemove the WXUNUSED macro for onChange event methods...
2016-04-25 Thomas DaedeAdd option to dump frame-averaged PSNR to dump_psnr.c.
2016-04-15 Jean-Marc Valinminor refactoring of PVQ split code
2016-04-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a generic adaptation scheme based on the Q15 entro...
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeAdd vp10 support to rd_collect tool.
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeSplit rd_collect quality parameters for vp8 and vp9.
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeUse ivf format with libvpx codecs.
2016-04-13 Luc TrudeauAnalyzer Zoom-In and Zoom-Out disable/enable
2016-04-11 Jean-Marc ValinDeringing filter sync with AOM
2016-04-07 Tristan Matthewspvq: use int16_t for rsqrt calculations
2016-04-06 Nathan E. EggeAdding WebP to rd_collect tool.
2016-04-05 Yushin Chofix outdated parameter description for od_pvq_encode().
2016-04-04 Timothy B.... Expand testing of alternate entropy coder APIs.
2016-04-04 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: ectest.c
2016-04-04 Timothy B.... Simplify coding power-of-two distributions.
2016-04-02 Jean-Marc Valinremoves unneeded dependencies for block_size_analysis
2016-04-02 Jean-Marc ValinNew k-tokenizer based on recursively splitting vectors
2016-04-01 Yushin ChoFixed incorrect comment on block 'skip' flag.
2016-03-31 Tristan Matthewspvq: use float rounded version of sqrt(cg)
2016-03-31 Tristan Matthewspvq: update parameter doc for od_pvq_compute_gain
2016-03-30 Tristan Matthewsencode: fix use of uninitialized value
2016-03-30 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix overflows in OD_PVQ_FLOAT code
2016-03-28 Nathan E. EggeRemove impossible I-frame check.
2016-03-28 Nathan E. EggeFix set but not used warning.
2016-03-27 Nathan E. EggeRename cdf variables from clpf to dering.
2016-03-25 Tristan Matthewspvq: add --enable-float-pvq option to configure
2016-03-24 Jean-Marc ValinFixes uninitialized curr_coding_order from f7499812617
2016-03-24 Monty MontgomeryAdd closed-form frame determination code along with...
2016-03-24 Monty MontgomeryAlter golden frame spacing calculation, remove a hopefu...