2013-05-28 David SchleefAdd pkg.m4
2013-05-28 David Schleefconfigure: remove "Hidden visibility" note at end
2013-05-28 David Schleefgitignore: ignore more files
2013-05-28 David SchleefFix docs build
2013-05-28 David Schleefautogen.sh: remove call to configure
2013-05-28 David SchleefBuild tools directory
2013-05-28 Timothy B.... Enable/disable OD_LOG_PARTIAL properly.
2013-05-28 EKRFix return value
2013-05-28 EKRClean up log partial
2013-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinActually disable docs this time
2013-05-28 EKREnable logging
2013-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinAdds support for block size decision.
2013-05-28 David SchleefAdd Ogg cflags to examples v0.0
2013-05-28 Jean-Marc Valindisable docs for now
2013-05-28 David Schleefbuild: Fix linking with Ogg, move file to base
2013-05-28 David SchleefAdd gitignore file
2013-05-28 David SchleefAdd autotools build system
2013-05-27 Ralph GilesInclude <math.h> for M_PI.
2013-05-27 Nick Desaulniersfix merge conflicts
2013-05-27 Jean-Marc Valinmingw32 fix (by brooss)
2013-05-27 Nick Desaulniersdummy test using Check
2013-05-27 EKRCleanup trailing whitespace
2013-05-27 EKRFirst commit of logging code
2013-05-27 Timothy B.... Fix copy/paste bug in y4m2png help.
2013-05-27 Cullen Jenningsaddded few comments
2013-05-27 Jean-Marc ValinFix some warnings
2013-05-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes comments from previous commmit
2013-05-27 Cullen Jenningsadd a few comments to header files to help explain...
2013-05-27 EKRFix smart quotes in copyright
2013-05-27 Gregory MaxwellRough bitstream decoder.
2013-05-27 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: decint.h/decode.c
2013-05-27 Gregory MaxwellFix tools build broken by 5f710fca.
2013-05-27 Jean-Marc ValinActually produce useful block size stats
2013-05-27 Gregory MaxwellMove TF resampling for intra to intra.c for use by...
2013-05-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdds code for dumping block size decision stats
2013-05-27 Gregory MaxwellReformatting code to new style: encode.c
2013-05-26 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: include/daala
2013-05-26 Gregory MaxwellAdd a really dumb lossless passthrough to make testing...
2013-05-26 Timothy B.... Get rid of some dead code.
2013-05-26 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: mcenc.c
2013-05-26 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: mc.[ch]
2013-05-26 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: tf.[ch]
2013-05-26 Timothy B.... Reformatting code to new style: odintrin.h
2013-05-26 Gregory MaxwellSplit intra mode probability model and update steps.
2013-05-26 Jean-Marc ValinMakes block switching code a lot uglier -- still more...
2013-05-26 Gregory MaxwellAdd sparse multipliers and intra up-right predictors...
2013-05-25 Gregory MaxwellApply pre/post filters correctly.
2013-05-25 Gregory MaxwellModify coding_style.html to conform to coding_style...
2013-05-25 Jean-Marc ValinMore editing on pvq encoding doc
2013-05-25 Timothy B.... Add initial version of a coding style document.
2013-05-24 Gregory MaxwellUndo intra_pred breakage in the prior patch.
2013-05-24 Gregory MaxwellSilence the last of the warnings in tools/.
2013-05-23 Gregory MaxwellHit block_size_analysis.c with a hammer until it compil...
2013-05-23 Gregory MaxwellRemove old dct.c with transforms that were long ago...
2013-05-23 Gregory MaxwellSwitch 8x16 and 16x32 filters to the type-3 versions.
2013-05-23 Monty MontgomeryMove 1D trans to non-blocked covariance computation
2013-05-23 Monty MontgomeryFix minor error in 1d trans with file input
2013-05-22 Gregory MaxwellMiscellaneous cleanups for filter.c
2013-05-21 Jean-Marc ValinMore PVQ encoding doc
2013-05-18 Timothy B.... Reduce TF complexity.
2013-05-18 Timothy B.... Fix bustage from 8995106c.
2013-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ Encoding with Non-Uniform Distribution
2013-05-15 Nathan E. EggeAdding ability to use cost in bits for classification.
2013-05-14 Ralph GilesRemove vorbis audio support from encoder_example.
2013-05-08 Nathan E. EggeFixing bug in od_covmat_add when first block in first...
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeMoving constants into od_defs.h
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeAdd flag to remove the local average of the DC.
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeAdding code to od_intra.c for updating and printing...
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeRenaming CgPred to CgRes.
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeRenaming pred field to res in intra_stats.
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeUsing doubles to hold unmodified prediction data in...
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeSupport image files with no file names, fix rounding...
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggePassing B_SZ to printf's when printing intra predictors.
2013-05-06 Nathan E. EggeRefactoring image_files and image_data operations into...
2013-05-05 Nathan E. EggeAdding missing #define
2013-05-05 Nathan E. EggeRefactoring intra predictors into separate file.
2013-05-04 Nathan E. EggeAdding the intra_trace tool to visualize intra predictors.
2013-05-04 Nathan E. EggeFix bug in the online covariance update when weights...
2013-04-27 Nathan E. EggeFixing bug in intra_pred mask initialization
2013-04-26 Timothy B.... Make 2D TF steps orthonormal and reversible.
2013-04-26 Timothy B.... Fix an overflow in chroma-from-luma.
2013-04-23 Nathan E. EggeRefactoring pre/post filters, added simplex search...
2013-04-22 Nathan E. EggeAdding collapsed 8x16 auto-correlation matrix for subset3
2013-04-19 Nathan E. EggeFixing "constants" based on NE_BITS
2013-04-19 Nathan E. EggeAdding exhaustive R=t,D=t search for B_SZ=4 and B_SZ=8
2013-04-19 Nathan E. EggeAdding support for Type-III pre/post filters
2013-04-16 Timothy B.... Minor comment updates.
2013-04-15 Gregory MaxwellOptimize 8x16 lapped transform for 2d Cg on real images.
2013-04-10 Gregory MaxwellFix prefilter search boundaries for the scaling factors.
2013-04-10 Gregory MaxwellMisc. cleanups: asserts in /tools/, unused var in newdc...
2013-04-10 Gregory MaxwellInteger simplex search for prefilter parameters.
2013-04-03 Nathan E. EggeAdding collapsed 2D 16x32 auto-correlation matrices...
2013-04-02 Jean-Marc ValinCode cleanup: removes cdf_table.c and all code that...
2013-04-02 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of the last use of decayE[]
2013-04-01 Timothy B.... Revise comments obsoleted by d2cdb2a6.
2013-04-01 Timothy B.... Upgrade DCT constants to 15-bit.
2013-04-01 Timothy B.... Remove some old DCT factorizations.
2013-04-01 Timothy B.... Add an 8-point DCT with orthonormal scaling.
2013-03-31 Jean-Marc ValinConverts the Laplace encoder to use the new cdf table
2013-03-31 Jean-Marc ValinRewrite of the encoding of exponential distributions